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 Fbi blackmail, torture, murder
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Fbi, blackmail, torture, murder,etc.

Fbi/cia control the USA government by blackmail, threats, torture, assaults (mental and physical) and assassinations. Thus, as the people study the evidence without fear the clear conclusion of the present police state as forged by fbi/cia is that the United States government is overthrown from within, but with the full cooperation of the fools in congress and SCOTUS.

One might ask, “how is it possible for the fbi to so easily intimidate all employees in government and to control the general population?” The answer is that the congress and the courts (especially the federal district courts and the federal magistrate judges (fmj) are afraid to tell the fbi to stop their crimes against the people. The fmj who issued the fraudulently obtained order against me exemplifies the total corruption and cowardice of all fmj in the country.

The fbi fabricates a parade of ‘horribles’ on political dissidents, whistleblowers et al., and presents the alarming data to the fmj who sits highly paid in his ‘comfy’ office at the discretion and with the implied approval of the fbi. An example of fabricated and patently false medical report by a medical doctor who is an apparent operative of the fbi is here:

Other doctors operating as fbi associates also contributed false records on me at the direction of fbi (EG: Dr. Waldman, NYC). Additionally, the fbi plants evidence of a crime and places my name at the scene- see my reports on crimes against me by USPI Knipfing and Texas DPS Rodriquez. These two high level cops personify with their fbi handlers the police state USA, as they come into my home and threaten me and my wife in efforts to intimidate us.

See also the gigantic corruption at UT Harlingen where UT cops Bleier & Wilson join with the fbi in a decade long assault and battery against me in failed efforts to try to arrest me on any charge. See [link]
and parts a,b,c.
( note that a Military Intelligence thug assists in efforst to present false police reports on me on campus.)

I also learned that the fbi fabricates such false records against me and others and then presents the data to a fmj who eagerly issues his orders in secret for the purpose of forcing a final exit. Such abusive process is waiting for anyone in the fbi’s crosshairs. The implied threat of blackmail is another tool used by the fbi to control SCOTUS and congress. The fbi accesses the false records that they created and spreads the information everywhere against me. Even other doctors and dentists are provided with the fictitious data and are defensive and rude toward me. Examples:'sreports.html
Dr. McRoberts, Dr. Hernandez, Dr. Morocco, et al.

These are the kinds of crimes by fbi that threaten everyone.
For more lessons that I have learned about how the intelligence community seizes power in the USA see:

Introduction to Lessons Learned:


fbi’s Neutralization Horrors: the fbi uses a variety of methods to torture and discreetly kill Targets. I am still trying to determine how many of my ailments may be attributed to DEW (directed energy energy)/microwave/extremely low frequency soundwave attacks. Fbi sends terrorist message to me to expect in the end a heart attack.


Corruption of Media, including your favorite talk show personalities whose sickening smiles obscure their knowledge of atrocities that they are not allowed to mention on air in their fluff news entertainment shows:


Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the murderous plots and assaults of fbi/cia/police everywhere.

Overthrown USA Government:


 Controlled Media, can you hear me yet!
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This post seeks to remind all media chiefs of the significance of  their close cooperation with government killers.

_The above blackballed image is used by fbi,  Facebook et al., to illegally block the biographical data on this author._

For three decades I have repeatedly asked many media outlets, including cnn, abc, cbs, msn,fox, reuters, forbes,  et al., and their affiliates to cover my well documented reports of atrocities by fbi. All refused and blocked me from publishing in their online forums.

Facebook (f) now is included in the long list of despicable media giants whose leaders are shamefully  cooperating with the dirty torturers & murderers of fbi/cia.

 When f blocked the *biography of GERAL SOSBEE, written by our great friend and human rights champion 
f revealed their gross insensitivity to the pleas of many victims of fbi/cia high crimes globally. Such crimes include torture, repeated incidents of attempted murder, and innumerable other crimes such as extreme, cruel  and prolonged psychological operations against the best of our people.

In one instance I proved, inter alia, that fbi assassins tried to suffocate me while I was in the hospital in El Paso, Texas, recovering from surgery associated with a U.S. Army, **service connected, deviated septum. This attempted murder occurred shortly after I began my law career, and the attack may have employed  nurses or other hospital employees. 

See other documented attempts on my life via a synthetically manufactured kidney stone in me and a  bacterial infection implanted near my brain by fbi operative/dentist. 

See also "Geral Sosbee Presents' by my wonderful friend BARBARA HARTWELL  at:


...and consider my sworn affidavits 2007 & 2014 online 

...and my paper on topic  here:

...and my post on Neutralization Horrors (hacked by fbi) here:


So, f and their associates in controlled media are by sneaky and active assistance to government killers accomplices to their heinous crimes.

I quit f and I believe that f does infinitely more social harm than good, and that the abandonment of a sense of duty to victims of fbi/cia crimes against humanity is the everlasting legacy of f and their kind.




Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi/cia everywhere.

 Greal Sosbee Presents
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Geral Sosbee Presents

I have proven that the fbi engages in the following crimes regularly:

Torture by DEW, attempted murder by chemically induced kidney stone and strategically placed bacterial infection near brain, extreme psychological assaults and provocations as a method to arrest the Target (or to force final exits), repeatedly & for decades pump toxic gas into the residence of Targets, turn some cops into assassins and turn cops at every level into thugs who fraudulently threaten the Target with arrest, send infected operatives to spread communicable diseases to others (My own medical clearances are available online);
and evidence continues to mount that fbi threatens and achieves the following crimes against selected Targets: castration, blindness, deafness, etc., turn average citizens into thugs and potential killers at will & en queue .

For more data see my sworn Affidavit 2007 and 2014, my writ and my thousands of reports online.

Thus, one who studies my documentaries may reasonably conclude:

The police state USA is the biggest human rights offenders in the world due to an aggressive fbi/cia led coup of USA and a simultaneous threat to control other countries.

All controlled media are accomplices to fbi/cia crimes and atrocities globally. Recently, even so-called 'indymedia' groups such as those at Indybay, Barcelona & Ireland trash my submissions.

The fbi is made up of torturers, serial killers, professional assassins, psychopaths and criminals who are paid to commit a wide range of felonies against fbi's Targets. All other fbi employees are cowards who dare not expose such atrocities by their fellow fbi associates.

Congress and SCOTUS are complicit in fbi atrocities , as are all federal magistrate judges; , the fbi's crime spree which I describe are unprecedented in human affairs.

No remedy is apparent and no Target may escape the fbi/cia/USPI,etc. mafia type macabre offenses. See my post at


My efforts will continue until the end


and I expect that no one, except my superb friend BARBARA HARTWELL,


and a few others will speak out on behalf of victims of very dirty and inhumane crimes by the USA's intelligence community.

The above represents a summary and is further detailed in my sites at SOSBEE v fbi, [link] and other sites.

I am a former fbi agent and Adjunct Professional Instructor of Law:

Thank you and...

May Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi everywhere.

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This report seeks to capture my insights into the dark nature of man and my own responses thereto. As I try to formulate this post, the fbi ( hereinafter referred to as  the 'burro') hacks into my tablet and prevents me from typing. Then, the burro deletes the first rough draft. For decades the burro harasses and assaults me in public libraries when I try to use the computers. See my reports on the crimes against me at UT by fbi, police (Wilson, Bleier, et al.), and street thugs like Alonzo Yanez and Eusebio Contreras.

I have filed thousands of posts, articles, papers and reports on the topic of 'burro' & police corruption  at various sites, including my main website at 

and others at the following & related links:

Many other reports are posted  at various Indymedia locations,  such as this one:


The impetus for many of my posts  is the realization that murderous governments globally in alliance with the USA are on a globally crime spree unprecedented in human affairs, and that almost no media group addresses this phenomenon. The inhumanity of this  global crime wave is clear; yet, news programs routinely seek to entertain not to enlighten the public on the apparent lunacy, or insanity of the government's crimes ongoing 24/7/365 the world over. Many such high crimes by the burro, including covert atrocities, take place here in USA.

Most of my work online focuses upon the extreme corruption of laws and of society by the burro. As I have become a victim of and thereby fully versed in many of the torture tactics and murderous plans  employed by the burro, I consider myself a reluctant expert on (or at least a material witness to) the burro's  high crimes against me and others.

Together with cia and the police, the burro controls (and in effect has overthrown) the legitimate government of the USA, and no remedy to the stealth coup is apparent. See my report on the collapse of the constitutional government of the USA. See also my many documentations on the corruption of police who are trained by the burro to kill our people. Also the reader is invited to read my reports on how the burro sends high level federal & state cops to threaten me and my wife in my home and in my face. The two cops ( Knipfing & Rodriguez ) represent in their unlawful and retarded assaults on me the insanity of the law enforcement community which, as we see is our of control. Thus, the omnipresent criminal justice system is controlled by the criminally insane 

f b i, the burro.

Congress and the courts also submit to burro authority due to fear and cowardice. See my WRIT and my report on 'This congress will live in infamy'. Alas, the people almost always respond in awe to the very mention of the letters 'fbi', as though the burro is a kind of god. Indeed, as I have demonstrated, the burro, cia,nsa, etc., constitute a de facto global, soverign,  terrorist  state unanswerable to anyone and is a terrorist threat to everyone. So, their crimes of mass murder , torture, forced suicide, and assassinations are accepted as normal by an ignorant populace. The result of such unaccountability is the emergence of the most macabre public policy that the world has ever witnessed. The equally important conclusion from this murderous government's juggernaut of high and unconscionable crimes is that the entire human species, or the future of humankind, is being shaped by human monsters who enjoy great power over all and at the same time practice psychopathically their dark arts of murder, mayhem and torture .

Incidentally, Mr. Trump apparently intends to expand the march of humanity right straight to hell.

At long last I view my own suffering as an opportunity to leave a lasting word of advice to my fellow man: discover  the reality of quasi demonic rule by criminally insane thugs in power,  or leave your children and theirs to the increasingly and near  impossible task .

I also feel blessed to have endured a gauntlet of horrors thrust upon me by the burro continuing to date  because my life is enriched and my consciousness expanded by such experiences and by my association with dear friends such as the splendid BARBARA HARTWELL who, together with my beloved wife, teach me the meaning of love and sensitivity to all living things, great & small.

Finally, the human condition is worsened each moment that the people of the world ignore the evil perpetrated by the burro, the cia and their company. I offer no solution to this condition, except to invite readers to
A W A K E N.

Alt Link:

[link]  More >

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In many of my reports, articles and posts online  I have shown how the fbi ( i.e., the 'burro') subverts the laws of this overthrown government and how all law enforcement and other officials *tripartite  are also corrupted by the 'burro' at will.

Over the past 15 years that I have lived in South Texas, the 'burro' runs one illegal sting after another in failed efforts to arrest me. See for example my documentations of the mad Men in blue at the UT POLICE, including officers Bleier, Wilson, Earhart and others (i.e., thug Alonzo Yanez ); then, review my reports of the Detective Posada who engaged in a transparent cover up of cover ups when I and my wife tried to report 'burro'' vandalism of our car. Consider also my analyses of the Knipfing and Rodriguez caper where high level federal & State cops try illegally to intimidate me in my home on behalf of the 'burro'.

All the while, the 'burro' tortures me with high tech weaponry  and in some instances tries to kill me (see ' My Story In Detail' ).

Now, I come to the central  point of many writings: that the USA that I once knew is run by  C O W A R D S & criminals  almost everywhere one turns a critical eye. The congress and the courts also ignore all crimes that I prove were committed by the 'burro'. 

In another series of crimes against me, the 'burro' sent the same assassin who tried to gas me in my home 15 years ago to now sit next to me and harass me in the public library, as I try to type my reports. My  most recent experience with the 'Beast' was further aggravated as the 'burro' also sent more thugs and provocateurs to stalk and assault me everywhere I go. These criminals are used by the 'burro' in order for their agents to claim "plausible deniability " of 'burro' involvement. I filed police reports on some such assaults. Note: Efforts to kill me by toxic fumes pumped into my residence continues for 16 years everywhere I live.

The data in this paragraph is based on my direct knowledge and other empirical evidence: The 'burro ' sent an Hispanic female operative to assault me in the library; subsequently she filed a fraudulent fd302 or similar false statement which was then provided to a federal Magistrate Judge. Her insane comments were also shown to library officials, to the city attorney and were used to paint me in an unfavorable light. 

 Subsequently, the library officials stayed out of sight while the 'burro' ran criminal assaults on me in the library's computer room. Security guards were also temporarily removed from the area. One library employee who admitted that he witnessed one such criminal assault on me  was also transferred to a different branch, so that he could not assist me in documenting the 'burro's crimes in the library.

In yet another instance the 'burro' directed their little sociopathic operative to try to provoke a response to his year long stalking and assaults against me and my wife  in many locations. When the thug failed in his assignment,  he made one last and failed effort to have a city or State official to have me arrested. These assaults are the basis for another of my police reports to local authorities.

So, one may see a pattern in the above and related cases of countless corrupt  officials as directed by the supreme fools of the 'burro'. I therefore conclude that the present regime that calls itself the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  is comprised at every level of men and women who are mentally sick , corrupt, and cowardly in their covert, criminal activities on behalf of the 'burro'.

I see no solution to the decadence that marks this nation (now engaged in a global crime spree unprecedented in human affairs) as a malignant cancer on the fabric of mankind and as a big fraud on the global political stage.

As I once naively defended this lost and bewildered nation run by homicidal psychopaths, I am today sad to recognize an universal and humanitarian necessity that compels me to respond.

Thank you,  and may Providence protect and allow comfort to men and women everywhere  who are tortured, abused, imprisoned and murdered by the fanatical and cowardly thugs of this nation that calls itself the United States of America. 







Who is this man, really:

United States Magistrate Judge Ronald G. Morgan  More >

 America Is Under Siege By fbi/cia/cops
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Preface: This report seeks to:

1) honor my very best friend in the world and the single most positive influence (aside from my incredible wife) in my life for over fifteen (15) years: the Splendid Barbara Hartwell

2) highlight the murderous insanity that sweeps across the country by the fbi and their minions in the so called law enforcement community (i.e., cops)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Barbara Hartwell


No man has ever appreciated more than I a lasting, abiding and wonderful friendship of the kind that I enjoy and cherish in the company of my friend Barbara Hartwell. The report shown in the above link by Barbara is another example of her loyalty to me and her constant friendship to a colleague under fire, me. Simply stated, Barbara Hartwell is a national treasure, a champion of liberty & human rights, a soldier of the highest order for all that is holy and graceful in the universe, and my f r i e n d.
Thank you Barbara, though no words may capture my eternal gratitude for your work and your closeness to my heart.

I have previously documented how the fbi corrupts the criminal justice system (CJS), all federal judges (& federal Magistrate Judges) at will, all cops and district attorneys/US Attorneys and others throughout government and the private sector. The fbi also co-opts citizens to engage in attacks on political Targets, and uses a variety of weapons to kill people. Such tactics include assaults with bio-chem-viral-directed energy weaponry and, of course, outright murder by firearms. The fbi trains and indoctrinates all police leaders in the arts of mayhem and murder.

This madness is punctuated by the absurd notion spread by the fbi with media assistance that the police and the fbi are justified in killing suspects. Indeed, the circuitous and fallacious reasoning regularly spewed on popular news programs tries to legitimize murder of our people by the cops and the fbi at every turn. Of course the SCOTUS also encourages such killings as per their law on the legality of murdering a suspect fleeing in his car. In this regard, if I see detective Posada, or Bleier & Wilson, or fbi serial killers chasing me from behind my car, my first impulse might be to run from the maniacs. Then, they can rely on the SCOTUS law to kill me ‘justifiably’.

No killing of a suspect by cops/fbi is ever justified because:

1) Other means exist for the arrest of a suspect
2) Cops and fbi are more deadly than most suspects because the law enforcement community regularly, habitually and often for sport pursue in felonious attacks their imaginary, possible future misdemeanants, all of whom are innocent, or presumed innocent 100% of the time
3) Cops and fbi are so completely out of control that something must be done to stop their madness; note that the media almost always bring forth the very criminally insane fbi spokesmen (such as former assistant directors) to defend the cops who kill our people


My last encounters with the criminally minded cops were as follows:

My hour long meeting with Detective Posada was a most humbling experience, as I sat there in a chair, next to my wife, as Posada threatened and insulted me repeatedly (I and my wife were trying at the time to report vandalism of our car);

My hour long meeting with USPI Knipfing and Texas DPS Rodriguez when they came into my home to threaten us for non- extant offenses that were actually orchestrated and perpetrated by the fbi as a ruse to send the thugs (Knipfing & Rodriguez) to threaten me; once again, I was required to be quiet, answer their ludicrous questions and suffer the indignity of their presence in my home, all such police activities were unlawful and criminal.

** So, let the world know that the United States of America is engaged in a foreign and domestic crime spree unprecedented in human affairs, even as the thugs in fbi/police communities seek to emasculate all men under their purview. I am not allowed at this point to add my personal advice to all men who find themselves in similar circumstances, except as I have written here:**

Thank you, Dear Barbara Hartwell

Thanks to all who study this material and may
** Providence protect, defend and give comfort to men and women everywhere who are threatened, harassed, tortured, imprisoned or murdered by the fbi and their kind globally.**


Related :

[link]  More >

 fbi assassins/friends on my case 24/7
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This report is predicated on the fbi’s continuing terrorist assaults on me including attacks 24/7 by Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW), psychological operations (‘psyops’) and constant assaultive surveillance and harassment by police and neighbors (viz: assaults by neighbors, remote manipulation of car’s robotic features, vandalism, etc). Note, however, that recent police responses to my complaints against the fbi thugs and their vigilante assassins have been more positive.

Other corrupt and apparently criminally insane cops such as those whom I have previously documented include USPI Knipfing & and his sidekick, Texas DPS Rodriguez, who came into my home to threaten me and my wife, knowing full well that the fbi is responsible for planting my name at the scene of an alleged crime in Dallas; to this day Knipfing continues to unlawfully refuse my request for Open Records access to his fraudulent report on me.

Also, the notorious UT cops Bleier & Wilson will always be remembered for their fraudulent “BOLO” by which the dirty duo energized the entire UT campus (library, police, security guards, janitor) against me for a decade.


See my other reports on Brownsville, Texas, Detective Adrian Posada who under the heavy influence of the fbi threatened to arrest me and my wife for in his words, “filing a false police report”. Posada exemplifies the complete corruption of the police nationwide en queue by fbi hoodlums, as he also instructs me to “take the medication”. The DA and his investigator Delauney also engaged in illegal operations against me as they stayed in contact with fbi thugs. Other fbi criminals include Alonzo Yanez who coordinated his criminal assault & battery of my person with the full cooperation of the UT police, fbi, et al.

See also the false medical report from a man who seems to be acting for the fbi as he creates his charts on me: [link]

Note that the same doctor also asked my wife on a separate date what she thinks of my fbi reports. He was apparently fishing for evidence that he might be able to use against this US Army veteran/ Target of fbi covert operations. [link]

The same doctor today works for the VA, caring for veterans who surely need to be very careful of their statements to the doctor.

The fbi continues their efforts to kill me by pumping toxic fumes into my residences everywhere I go. I have been forced to move close to 20 times in 15 years, four in the past 6 months within the same complex (including an upcoming move in December, 2017).


So, one might understand that I and many others have been and are today deprived of the essential liberties set forth in many laws, a few of which are listed here: [link]

See the Guarantees enumerated in the USA Constitution & the Bill of Rights

Consider Essential liberties as embracing:

Life, liberty & pursuit of happiness,

freedom from murderous government sponsored oppression ( i.e., torture, forced suicide, assassination ).

From my writ at the next link, note that today wicked men in high office and wielding life and death power over all people, are ambitious of their power, even as they display a contempt of law unprecedented in our country’s history.

Today our nation faces its darkest hour:

The names or descriptions of many fbi operatives, including cops, informants, et al., are found throughout “My Story In Detail” and their names will live in infamy for their dirty deeds. Many more are in your neighborhood.

Thank you and may Providence protect and provide comfort to all who are threatened, harassed, tortured, imprisoned and killed by the fbi and their murderous associates globally.  More >

 Fbi intensifies their treacherous crime spree
picture28 Oct 2016 @ 14:37
This report focuses on the fbi's cruelty and on their global efforts to prevent the people from seeing the awful truth of my reports.

Fbi's insanity shows in its own global threats against anyone who reveals the fbi's murderous ways.

The fbi, desperate to disparage and discredit my online documentaries, is busy globally placing fraudulent notices about in different languages; here is one example from fbi's Chinese linguist/operative (translation into English follows).
From: [link]


Sosbee vs. FBI就是Geral W. Sosbee的“FBI和CIA都是恐怖分子”的网页。该网站看起来似乎是一个精神病患者设计的,不过阅读一下这个网页你就会明白这是怎么回事了。在史上十大垃圾网站中Sosbee vs. FBI排名第六哦!
标签: 垃圾 恐怖 网页 精神病 阅读


"ChineseWebsite LOGO Popularity: 2612
Sosbee vs. FBI is Geral W. Sosbee the "FBI and CIA are terrorists" page. The site seems to be a psychopath design, but reading about this page and you'll understand that this is how it happens. In the history of the top ten spam Ranked sixth Sosbee vs. FBI Oh!
Tags: spam pages terror psychosis reading"

Wikipedia also continues a decade of hiding my material from their global, public database, despite efforts from persons who seek objective coverage of fbi's crime spree which include *torture & murder.

* The fbi over the past two weeks increases assaults on me (both physical and psychological ), particularly using directed energy weaponry (DEW) which frequently keeps me awake all night and in bed fighting for sleep all day. Concomitant with the sleep deprivation, the fbi engages in discreet 'gaslighting ' wherein the fbi deranged killer/psychopath who is assigned to monitor my reactions to torture 24/7/365 performs the following trick:

He sends a typical notice of impending sleep deprivation by changing channels on the TV at the very moment that I turn away from the TV . Other methods used to notify me of impending extreme sleep deprivation are: open trunk of my car by remote, interfere with my phone calls, let air out of my car's tire, drive nails/screws into the tires.
Additionally, the fbi routinely sends thugs to brush by me from behind as I walk in the mall shopping area. Provocations by assassins is ongoing virtually everywhere I go.

Many dentists and doctors have abused, insulted, tortured, or refused me service due to fbi slander campaign. Two dentists also attempted to kill me.

I recently learned that at least one dentist paid an online group of doctors to release to that dentist all medical records on me. These records included notes from the fbi's own operatives acting as medical doctors. The records so released are patently false, but when medical records are provided to another doctor, he accepts the findings as factual. Besides, he pays for them and then insults me the next time I seek dental treatment.
Thus, efforts to escape from the fbi's libel campaign are useless. Only a few doctors ignore the fbi's reports that are delivered via fbi doctors.  More >

 USA under fascist & murderous rule
picture23 Oct 2016 @ 08:08
The Destruction of America By FBI And Their Associates

-Year 2000, SCOTUS case # 534US894-


From the time I left the fbi in 1978, to the  present, the fbi pursued a criminally motivated vendetta against me, even harassing me in law school. The details of the torture and attempted murder of my person are presented in my website, my affidavits 2007/2014, my WRIT,  and my thousands of reports online such as the paper entitled, "What Would You Do If".

Below are some of the highlights of fbi's corruption of courts, congress and other parties who could cooperate with and provide evidence on behalf of  this victim of fbi's unparalleled and incredible criminal campaign for revenge.

In my civil court case against fbi  in Los Angeles in the year 2000 the following facts are recorded:

On July 3, 2000, I presented my case and on July 6, 2000, the judge denied relief and dismissed the case with prejudice. SCOTUS later denied my WRIT.

The presiding  judge in LA federal district court was fully aware that the fbi conducted covert operations and blanket, assaultive surveillance and numerous crimes against me for a decade. He knew that the fbi McLean Affidavit was false and that government attorney Robinson pursued personal  attacks on me without properly  addressing the merits of my case. 

The hostile  decision by the judge, the unprofessional conduct of the US Attorney (USA),  the false declaration of fbi's McLean, the mean spirited  and secretive demeanor of the USA and the judge himself all suggest the complete corruption of the judiciary and all portend the destruction of America that we once knew and respected. That time is gone and so is the integrity of our three branches of government. 

In the next link visualize  how the fbi operative, Brian Doyle, could have proven that the fbi fraudulently pursued their covert assaults on me, but he  ignored my subpoena, failed to show, and subverted my efforts to present his evidence at the hearing. The judge scoffed at my objection to this travesty. Also note that certain police records were available in court which could have confirmed fbi involvement in forcing me to live on the streets, and were also kept out of evidence by the corrupt judge.

Additionally, the judge himself (as shown in the next link) tried to solicit irrelevant testimony from me, instead of providing me with a fair hearing. He thereby deviated from court protocol by engaging in open court harassment of me. After his little quasi harangue, the judge continued efforts to defend the very criminals  and torturers of the fbi (the defendants) who terrorized me then and who continue the same crime spree  now. See:


Dozens  of witnesses are mentioned or referenced in my reports that  confirm the fbi clandestine activities against me which the Court sought to obscure. 

The aggrieved plaintiff (me) continued for the next 16 years, (after the corrupt hearing in Real's court) to date and possibly for the remainder of my life to sustain serious injuries and attempts on my  life. The judge no doubt entertained ex parte meetings with fbi hoodlums and also knew that one of the Federal Magistrate Judges in his court house had authorized the fbi's crime spree that I tried to present in court.

Fbi's counsel Sara H. Robinson, having no defense to the criminals charges against the fbi,  speciously and fraudulently

1) attacks me repeatedly with  Ad hominem  smears and

 2) asserts her  irrational,  'even if ',  diatribe


Her associate on the same day feloniously lies for the 

f b i. Fbi's own  SA Monica L. McLean boldly and definitively swears that as of the June 16, 2000 no fbi investigation exists anywhere by fbi concerning Geral W. Sosbee. This statement was a complete and damnable lie.


Robinson  put on quite the show in unlawful efforts to discredit both my case and me personally. She and the judge exemplify the pure evil and fascist mentality that allows the fbi to commit atrocities in the USA with total impunity.

The court, contrary to the judge's assertion, did not consider the demeanor of the witnesses, nor the evidence because the judge and fbi  blocked witnesses from appearing, prevented the evidence in court from being introduced and prejudicially & unethically took over the hearing, thereby preventing me from presenting my case for a preliminary injunction. So, the judge clearly lies here:


Also, note how Judge Real incessantly and improperly asked me, " Why would the fbi be interested in you."  Judge Real was at those moments  a traitorous, quasi  'operative in crime'  for the fbi assassins.

Regarding the fbi counsel's spurious pleadings and subterfuge, the following instances are noted.(See above cited /pagea18.html ). Robinson's legal reasoning in part makes my case as she cites the law relating to irreparable injury.

The 'possibility of irreparable injury and the likelihood of success'  (in Robinson's words) of my case in chief would have been easily established, if the judge had not been so completely corrupted by fbi. See Robinson's pleadings where she inadvertently makes the legal point mentioned above that militates in my favor even today. She argues that I did not show irreparable injury. Of course no such showing would have been possible, if the fbi were successful in efforts to kill me. So, the law itself allows the fbi and the judge  to murder  potential whistleblowers, and Robinson thrives on that law.

The sworn, false  testimony of McLean also represents in itself the filthy corruption generally  of all the fbi's documents in many cases in which the fbi is a party. 

Covert fbi intelligence operations are conducted in secret by definition and Mc!ean knew it. Any person, agency or group, any operative, informant, or street thug who conducts activity at the direction of or with the implied consent of the fbi, actually represents the fbi as though the Director of fbi himself conducts the activity. We must not allow the fbi and their agents and operatives to turn into 'MAFIA, or the infamous demon, Mr. Hyde' (  Author‎: ‎Robert Louis Stevenson‎)  when convenient for the fbi to commit and cover up their heinous  crimes.

For more on the subversion of law, the high jacking of my life, the corruption of criminal law, etc., with the full  complicity of Judge Real et al., see my many papers at:

I conclude, therefore, from decades of fbi imposed suffering that the members of Congress whom I contacted  and members of the courts to whom I appealed are actually  (in their transparent cover up of decades of crimes by the fbi against me) guilty of treason and misprision of endless  felonies. These leaders in Congress include many 'respectable' members such as Cornyn, Becerra, Hutchison, Sessions, et al. The judges include Real, all who sit in the Appeals Court and all in SCOTUS. In a way all of these cowardly, power seeking officials are guilty as accessories to all enumerated  crimes against me continuing to date because they are on notice of said offenses. Judicial Immunity is a license for judges to engage in crimes against humanity by proxy.

They all bear guilt for the continuing  torture and attempted murder of my person by fbi over the past 15-30 years. They (i.e. courts & congress) are de facto criminals because I personally notified them of the fbi's heinous offenses, and  in breach of duty they did nothing and do nothing today. At this moment the inhumane attacks by space based weaponry continue against this veteran who innocently defended the evil United States of America on the battlefield. The main law enforcement group in USA are criminals who seek out victims to justify their miserable existence.


Alas, the Federal Magistrate Judges are among the most dangerous, highly placed human monsters among us because they, pretending to represent justice,  regularly wear their black robes to serve the dark and macabre agenda of fbi's own serial killers. All such federal Magistrate Judges  who assisted the fbi in terrorizing me from the time that I was an attorney in El Paso, Dallas, los Angeles, and the Rio Grand Valley, Texas, should be fired and face criminal trials for their Gestapo type, unconscionable crimes that I have fully documented. All other judges and government attorneys like Robinson should be required to speak the truth for once in their lives.

Thus, anyone who has time to study my material must conclude that the USA, under siege by fbi, is not a constitutional democracy; that  instead this nation is a murderous fascist state using thugs and assassins in fbi, USPI, local & state cops (including University of Texas cops 'Bleier & Wilson' and Detective Posada of Brownsville, Texas) congress & courts and ordinary street criminals to silence or to intimidate me.

So, the nightmare life forced on me and others  by the thugs and miscreants in the fbi, congress and courts  continues to this moment, while the fbi and their friends in government pursue their own petty agenda in pursuit of self enrichment. The USA is thus the most corrupt and murderous  regime in the history of the world. Meanwhile,  improvement of our human condition is of no concern to  the reprobates  referenced above.

I am at long last confident that all of my work, suffering and pain is worth the price that I pay  because 'Truth Is Priceless'  to men of good will and clean conscience (two qualities lost on the men who run this devilish  regime).

Thank you and may Providence protect and allow comfort to the men and women who are tortured and killed globally by fbi / police operations both overt and covert.

This report is delivered this date to USA's government agencies tripartite.  More >

 Fbi/police community are a threat to our people
picture21 Oct 2016 @ 06:05

Here is my report (alternate links) that all main street media would never publish, that (an apparent de facto fbi operative) continues to block as they also ban me from ever posting a comment, that most Indymedia either block, trash, hide, delete, or in clever way place in their infamous 'compost file'. Most citizens also fear the truth that I always present.

So, these words continue to haunt the cowards and fools who stoop to lick the boots of Gestapo fbi/police:

Krishnamurti:: "Think On These Things"

"That there is intelligence only when there is no fear, when you are willing to rebel, to go against the whole social structure in order to find out what God is, or to discover the truth of anything."




I will have more to share with the world as soon as I formulate my next theme which may relate to further evidence of fbi total subversion of all of our previously most valued and most respected institutions. Stay Tuned.

Meanwhile, may Providence protect and allow confort to men and women who are abused or tortured or killed by the fbi/police psychopaths all around us.  More >

 Shame on Portland Indymedia (PI) for trashing my reports
picture20 Oct 2016 @ 03:29
Portland Indymedia (PI) now confirms by trashing in their 'compost file' all of my recent submissions, including the one on my biographical matters.

The fbi operative at Portland Indymedia continues to trash all of my efforts to post on the issue of fbi high crimes.


I believe that the very thugs, torturers and assassins of the fbi who are the subjects of my articles and who seek to silence me have infiltrated PI and such an event portends ill for the USA, for freedom of speech, and for the lives of dissidents.  More >

 Horror Story In USA
picture17 Oct 2016 @ 10:15
See, or visualize the macabre horror story that unfolds today right under your nose.

Horror Story In USA

Submitted by gsosbee on Mon, 2016-10-17 05:48

Visualize this reality : the most powerful agency in the United States of America, the fbi, is a group of deranged psychopaths or human monsters, worse than Nazis Mengele, Himmler and Goebbels.

These fbi agents and operatives in concert with federal Magistrate Judges single out candidates for torture, human experimentation and discreet assassination with total impunity. Their victims know that they are trapped and facing bad death with no way out and with no response to their pleas to government officials, media and the general public.

The torture of the victims are both physical and psychological and the terror that is imposed on them is unspeakable. The leaders of our country including congress and SCOTUS are aware of the macabre program and participate in it by their guilty knowledge. The torture of the victim leads to his death after all experiments are finished.

Some of the unconscionable assaults on the victim include extreme psychological attacks and a complete, or cover, surveillance, attacks with microwave, assaults with extremely low frequency sound waves, and a variety of other torture methods used by the fbi agents, operatives and doctors from different fields.

No one in government, nor in the media dare make inquiry because the fbi shuts off dissent by threats, both expressed and implied. The gruesome program against the victim is performed by serial killers and is spreading globally in concert with cia, dod, et al.

For more details see "My Story In Detail" and thousands of my other documentations online at various sites. As the reader studies the material, I ask that calm and mature contemplation mark the response because this is truly a modern day horror story wherein only a few victims survive long enough to tell about it. In other words I caution, For Mature Readers Only.

Below are additional links to a few of my papers on topic, but the most painful and bloody episodes are not fully documented because they are extremely difficult to express and to re-live here. One should understand that the fbi watches in real time as the victims suffer, take their own lives, or otherwise die from the unspeakable torture. I am one such victim, and I pray that I may live long enough to capture the attention of others who might someday stop the mini Holocaust ongoing now just under the surface of polite society. Thank you.

What Would You do?

Mentally ill fbi:

Macabre Crimes by fbi:

Geral Sosbee :


I consider all groups, individuals and moderators who trash, block or hide my reports on fbi atrocities as parties or material witnesses to fbi torture and attempted murder of my person.

Portland Indymedia regularly trashes/composts my submissions.

 More >

 Sociopaths Among Us
picture16 Oct 2016 @ 23:52
This report is formulated in consideration of 30 years as Target of a gauntlet of assaults, torture, attempts on my life, and extreme psychological attacks on me by fbi's clandestine operations which continue at this moment (and known to all by virtue of my chronicles) by *deranged persons working for the fbi.

Central to this study, aside from exposing the fbi as criminally insane, is to briefly describe their peripheral supporters in the general population, including the media and all departments of government, and others.

All who benefit or profit from government atrocities, such as most doctors and 'well off' individuals, are often contemptuous of anyone who criticises the fbi/police community. Such friends of the established authority generally hold that the government can do no wrong and that law enforcement particularly are immune from real accountability because of the presumed danger of their activities. The 'government right or wrong mentality' is an implied admission by 'true believers' of the criminality and infirmity in their own minds and in the collective conscience of the general population.

The *list of sociopathic characteristics shown below exactly applies to those fbi and police agents, operatives and street thugs sent to assault me everywhere. One should note that some of these fbi hoodlums are serial killers, serial torturers and just plain homicidal psychopaths who find an exhilarating and comfortable home with many benefits in the fbi. So, the reader might see here that their support for the crimes committed by government agents and police may be attributable (right or wrong) to the people. In fact many citizens readily cooperate with fbi psychopaths in assaulting me.

As for all others in society who support the fbi and police community, the evidence is clear that our society is dominated by quasi evil people who have no regard for those of us who are targeted for termination by cops and fbi. In other words we live in a kind of war zone here in USA where the occupying forces are the fbi,police,cia, and many in the general population. See my reports on the fbi As living Dead and see perhaps your profile alongside of theirs.

Furthermore, in order for some citizens to avoid any conflict with the serial killers in the police community, most people who otherwise are decent and caring, present an appearance of 'disinterested' in the atrocities going on all around them. They pretend that all is well in heaven and on earth. NOT TRUE!

So, reports such as mine and others who are being secretly tortured, maimed and killed by stealth are easily ignored and dismissed by almost everyone. This harmful apathy returns ultimately to haunt our society because the evil that many of us report does not stop when we the victims die, nor when the killers die. Instead their evil 'lives after them' and is perpetuated and institutionalized across our society and around the globe. Such inhumane actions that I outline in my reports coupled with feigned ignorance thereof by our fellow citizens ensure that public policy favors a violent, unconscionable and monstrous culture orchestrated to control all. In this culture of popular indifference to the unnecessary suffering and bad deaths of people by fbi/police/vigilante death teams, all seems acceptable to our sociopathic neighbors until they discover that, WOW, "...and "Then They Came For Me."


As our fellow citizens show no interest in nor accept any responsibility for the crimes against humanity perpetrated in their name and on their behalf by government, I forsee a very dirty response globally from people with a different view of human progress and civilization. USA's unconscionable crime spree, unprecented in human affairs, cannot obtain.

Here is a picture in words of the character of individuals in government, including congress, administrative agencies, & courts (especially federal Magistrate Judges), and this same composite now also depicts many, perhaps most, in our society.

* [link]
Contemptuous of those who seek to understand and expose

Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them, though they are:

Seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired and compensated

Conventional appearance, except when on special assignment

Goal of enslavement of their victim(s), as I show in their torture program against me

Exercises despotic control over every possible aspect of the victim's life by using around the clock DEW (directed energy weaponry) assaults by low minded psychopaths

Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim's affirmation (respect). See fbi's message to me demanding 'respect': [link]

Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim ( I have frustrated both the fbi goal and evil intent)

Incapable of real human attachment to another

Unable to feel remorse or guilt, even as their psychopaths force suicide while monitoring their victims.

Extreme narcissism and grandiose demeanor, traits that I have witnessed in many of their assassins who assault me.

May state readily that their goal is to rule the world, and see my 'World in A Box' to discover that their goal is on track today.


Some of the sociopaths among us are in as they routinely hasten to trash my reports:

[link]  More >

 Implied Threats of Arrest & Imprisonment/Death Hang Over This Target
picture13 Oct 2016 @ 05:02
Implied Threats of Arrest & Imprisonment/Death Hang Over This Target

First Amendment. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petitition the Government for a redress of grievances."

On April 30, 2013, the United States Government as directed by the Director of the fbi orchestrated an elaborate and fraudulent criminal investigation of my person and sent two high level cops to my home to threaten me and my wife. The details of the illegal assault/threat by intimidation are recorded in the following link:


Today, over three years later, the USPI (Knipfing) under orders from the very same fbi who torture me 24/7/365, continue to violate the FOIA laws and to hold their phony investigation over my head. The apparent threat against me focuses on two items, one of which is a crime committed by the fbi in Dallas, Texas, where my name was planted at the scene. The other item is to follow my online reports, articles, papers, posts and emails to determine whether the government might be able to arrest and imprison me for reporting crimes by the fbi, USPI, etc. Presumably, sedition laws or Patriot Act provisions are presently used by the USPI in their secret yet clear threats against my First Amendment Rights as quoted above. See my affidavits dated 2007 & 2014 for more data.

The irony of the USPI crimes against me in concert with fbi's continuing felonious assaults on me and my wife are twofold:

1) I defended the USA on the battlefield, have  never been accused of any offense criminal or civil (that I am aware of), and served the fbi with excellent evaluations. Thus I am a patriot to the original USA, while the thugs of fbi and USPI are traitors and criminals as I have fully documented online. Regarding Texas DPS Special Agent Rodriguez, I consider the man a small minded fool.

2) While the two so-called investigators fly around the country trying to make a case against me, the fbi continues to commit multiple felonies similar to the ones that I have previously documented for over thirty years. Both Knipfing and Rodriguez scoff at my reports of Fbi attempts on my life, torture of my person, extreme psychological assaults, and destruction of my property. Indeed, after I published the *paper referenced below, the fbi entered my residence and tampered with my personal items in retaliation for my posting the report on their insanity; then, today, the fbi destroyed a tire on my car in additional retaliation for my reports.

Thus, I conclude that the fbi, desperate to find a way to imprison me, has directed the USPI Knipfing and his sidekick Rodriguez to continue their dual charade of investigating me while covering up the many serious felonies ongoing against me for over three decades. These two men, Knipfing and Rodriguez,  should be fired and prosecuted for their dirty campaign against me, especially as they keep me on notice that my Free Speech has a price tag. 

Regarding the fbi's unconscionable crime spree against me, the most painful are 

1) the psychological operations wherein the fbi monitors me every minute in every part of my residence and car as they also assault me with street thugs (some of whom I identified) and simultaneously conduct mental torture on me and on my wife daily. 

2) sleep deprivation 24/7/365 by use of Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) which keeps me exhausted and sometimes bed ridden. 

See the link below for more information on symptoms associated with DEW attacks. Note also, that the DEW attacks with pulse microwave and ELF (extremely low frequency sound waves) may have cause my complete loss of hearing in my left ear and about 75-80 % loss in my right ear, and cataracts in my eyes.

Sleep deprivation, electronic terror, etc.:


In summary, the traitors to the Constitution and to the people  (i.e., fbi and company) now seek to kill or imprison this  Patriot as I struggle to  expose them as criminal, human monsters. In the context of the high tech weaponry being used against me (including bio-chem-viral & DEW) and the extreme psychological assaults on me every day and almost everywhere I go, I consider the fbi/USPI crime spree continuing at this moment  as unprecedented in human affairs. 

*My paper on the insanity of the fbi, USPI, Texas DPS, UT Police, et al.:  More >

 Fbi Agents, Operatives and Friends Are Seriously Mentally Ill
picture10 Oct 2016 @ 03:08

This paper reflects a half century of my association with the United States Government; I particularly focus on my experiences as a Target of the fbi's illegal counterintelligence operations in their failed efforts to silence me. The information herein may be difficult for some readers to believe, partly because no one wants to discover that the US government and the fbi, et al. represent at once a malignant cancer on the fabric of mankind and a fiendish fraud on the world political stage.

Research Interests: Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Civil Law, Human Rights Law, International Law, International Criminal Court, Philosophy Of Law, Criminal Psychology, and Criminal profiling

The fbi currently employs an army of psychotics to discreetly destroy the life of the political Target (i.e. victim, ME) in a program as sinister and deadly in its application as it is cruel and unbelievable in its conception.

For the past thirty years I have posted at my website (SOSBEE vs. fbi) the details of the fbi’s unconscionable campaign against me. In present article with supporting links I intend to show that in fact these fbi agents and operatives who are assigned to silence me are criminally insane and are psychopathic personalities in pursuit of the fbi’s predatory and felonious agenda. These individual predators and all who assist them are operatives for the most powerful institution in the USA, the fbi; the perpetrators of the high crimes (including treason, murder, etc.) are “True Believers” in their mission and they delight in and share with others their power/control over the victim. I believe that they also make a sport of their deadly activities against me. They are government sponsored serial killers and torturers who appear to be nourished by their obsessive drives to watch the victim/Target suffer and die.

One may consider the victim of the fbi’s inhumane attacks as representative of the USA’s global assault on perceived adversaries everywhere. The tactics used by the fbi and the cia et al., are described at different sites listed herein, and the secondary purpose of this study is to show that everyone who is under the sway or influence of the fbi (in their kill, slander and torture programs) is a party to the crimes committed by the fbi against the Target. This means that all police, all ordinary citizens and all government officials at every level are implicated by their contributions to and association with the fbi’s clandestine (i.e. covert) operations. The US Congress and all of the courts are by their guilty knowledge participants in the crimes perpetrated in the name of the fbi/USA. See my report on the “Collapse of the Constitutional Government of the USA.”

Also, see for examples my reports on the officials of the University of Texas (UT), including the Chancellor, legal counsel, and police officials such as *Bleier and Wilson et al. See other records online regarding Detective Adrian Posada of the Brownsville, Texas, Police Department; Doctor Holder, and countless other individuals in “My Story in Detail”. All such individuals assisted the fbi in efforts to provoke a response (or by entering false data) in their failed and illegal efforts to arrest me. Note especially the criminal assault and battery on my person by fbi/UT police operative, one Alonzo Yanez, at the UT campus where he was hired as a temporary janitor for UT with the specific assignment to stalk, assault and commit provocative battery on me in the men's restroom. All documentations are available online. See [link]

Note also that the UT police department with the full awareness participation of the UT Chancellor, legal counsel, library staff, security guards and other top officials cooperated with the fbi for a decade of harassment against me on campus in efforts to prevent or discourage me from the use of the campus library computer. The police illegally and insanely threatened to arrest me for a non extant offense and the library staff and security guards harassed me continually on campus for about a decade. *These crimes against me are punctuated by the fraudulent “BOLO” in the year 2009, issued against me on campus by police acting as fbi operatives.


For the other crimes committed against me by the UT police and their friends see part 19 (a,b,c) of “My Story”.

Another report on topic is here: [link]

See also my affidavits on line dated 2007 and 2014 wherein I set forth the specific crimes committed by the fbi against me and other innocent Targets globally. Particularly note that the fbi orchestrates by fraudulent means assaults on me and my wife in our home and in my face by USPI and Texas DPS police officials Knipfing and Rodriguez (K & R) respectively. The fbi also extends their illegal harassment scheme against me and my wife internationally. On many days the fbi used Mexican nationals in Mexico to assault us and to interfere with our work there.

These cops K & R continue today to refuse to honor my lawful FOIA requests whereby they know that I will publish their findings online when I receive them.

The macabre program mentioned above is designed to torture the fbi’s victim and to vitiate his work, including his legal action in efforts to stop the fbi’s crimes spree. See my WRIT online for details. The fbi agents who engage in the dirty program to drive the victim to distraction are quite the deranged psychopaths who we read about in the history of the evil killers of the world, [link]

These fbi agents and operatives are trained by the fbi professionals on tactics used to destroy the physical and mental health of the victim. The fbi thugs are rewarded for their work and under an elaborate mind control program designed especially for them:


The psychosis of these government assassins is then somehow transferred to the individuals who assist them in their crimes against the victim. Even neighbors join in the provocative harassment scheme and become accomplices to offenses against me and my wife. For more on the subversion of law and society (and related topis) see the following site with subjects mentioned below:
1)Macabre Crimes Committed By fbi, Tacitly Approved By Congress/SCOTUS
2)Overthrow Of United States Government By fbi/cia
3)what would you do if?
4)Corruption of Law & Society By fbi
5)Explication Of Salient Events
6)Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi
7)Fbi psychological operations
8)fbi's "Future Crime" Project
10)My Affidavit On Recent Police Abuses Against Me

Universities and colleges also join the crime spree against the victim:


In this regard see my statements on line that our most respected institutions and leaders become common criminals:


and our country is then a criminal enterprise:

Some of the actual methods used by the fbi and their accomplices are often referred to as gas lighting operations:

The use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) on me and others are atrocities ongoing now against countless individuals; see:

These assaults and psychological operations continue against me at this moment and are the more painful because the country that I once naively defended on the battlefield is sadly a big, murderous fraud.

Also, see reports on secret assaults with ‘invisible bullets’ by fbi serial killers who use bio-chemical-viral agents and DEW on the defenseless victim:


As the fbi uses high tech weaponry in concert with extreme psychological operations, I view their crimes spree as unprecedented in human affairs, and I label the fbi tormentors as the ‘Living Dead’:


Finally, the USA is the primary source of violence on earth and is guilty of innumerable crimes against humanity. As the people allow these assaults on mankind to expand, we as a nation are the most deplorable and sick ever to claim membership in the human race.

About Me, Courtesy of Mr. CLIFF HUYLEBROECK:


After I published the above report in the public library, the fbi psychopaths entered my residence and vandalized personal items in their typical gas lighting operation.
This crime further exemplifies the fbi's complete subversion into a state of psychosis and evil.

See Also: Mind Control:


This paper reflects a half century of my association with the United States Government; I particularly focus on my experiences as a Target of the fbi's illegal counterintelligence operations in their failed efforts to silence me. The information herein may be difficult for some readers to believe, partly because no one wants to discover that the US government and the fbi, et al. represent at once a malignant cancer on the fabric of mankind and a fiendish fraud on the world political stage.

Research Interests: Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Civil Law, Human Rights Law, International Law, International Criminal Court, Philosophy Of Law, Criminal Psychology, and Criminal profiling

See Also: Mind Control  More >

 Creation of Artificial Kidney Stone In Vivo By Skilled Criminals with M, M, O
picture7 Oct 2016 @ 23:13
In the year 2006 I presented evidence online that the fbi manufactured by chemical combination a synthetic kidney stone (KS) in my body. At that time I had no third party, objective scientific studies to support my claim. I based my idea on the following:

The fbi thugs and assassins have M,M,O.
1) The Motive
2) The Means
3) The Opportunity ... execute such an atrocity by their corresponding
1) vendetta against me,
2) their scientific laboratory experts with conjunctive scientists in their employ, and
3) their fraudulently obtained, corrupt and abusive civil court order to medicate me.

The fbi with the full knowledge and authority of a federal Magistrate Judge regularly poisoned me in my home, in restaurants and in coffee shops for the past two decades. Evidence online supports these statements.

Shortly after I left the hospital, following the removal of the stone, I sent out requests to universities and scientific labs regarding whether or not one may produce in vivo a kidney stone. I included in my request the data obtained from *Part 16 of "My Story In Detail" and related links, wherein I presented the details of who I am, of the fbi vendetta, the narrative of events surrounding the kidney stone in me, the doctor's findings, the hospital laboratory findings, and all other information in my possession on topic. I also studied topics in scientific journals relating to kidney stones and I recalled my high school chemistry class wherein we created stones in test tubes by adding specific chemicals together.

** I received no quick response, but after several months and years I received this answer to my question that I sent out as referenced above: Y E S !

All fbi agents, judges, congressmen, operatives, assets, scientists, et al. who were involved in the felonious assault on me by the KS are guilty as principals in assault with a deadly weapon, assault causing serious bodily injury, and an assortment of other crimes including violations of civil rights and conspiracy laws.

Finally I have learned that, as an apparent result of my reports online regarding the fbi's KS caper, many persons around the world now suspect fbi/cia similar unconscionable behavior in intelligence efforts to incapacitate or kill adversaries. Some such countries include India, Thailand, Pakistan and Turkey.

*May, 2006:


**In the following year and in 2014 I discovered the following described study online:



Journal of Endourology

Published in Volume: 22 Issue 1: January 22, 2008
"Conclusions: We present ... technically simple procedure for the formation of artificial kidney stones of predetermined size and shape.


Project Sixteen, Investigation of Kidney Stone, Formation and Dissolution:

Published March 10, 2014:

Note that I first learned of the " Project 16 " Study from a Sheriff's deputy at Cameron County, Texas, as he investigated my report that the fbi also tried a dirty attempted criminal sting against me online. My report on that incident is here:


The "Project 16" study is available online and is authored by Ashley Haney, Zack Howard and Alyssa Lamb.
See Also:

Intelligence Report: "Castration of The Enemy":

[link]  More >

 ...And Then They Came For Me ............... fbi is today's Nazi Gestapo
picture4 Oct 2016 @ 23:20
From: Holocaust Encyclopedia :


"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

Fbi is today's Nazi Gestapo

The fbi and their trained & programmed police everywhere must create criminals because the mandate is to lock people away, to torture them with exotic weaponry (i.e., DEW), to force them into destitution and suicide, or to kill them. The police/fbi do not concern themselves much with any particular method of creating a criminal because any actual allegation with accompanying police activity against an innocent person are the tools of a fascist type government which is manifest as a behemoth commonly known as the USA's Criminal Justice System (cjs).

As the police and fbi are today out of control, killing/torturing/imprisoning people arbitrarily, few speak out against the apparent criminality and insanity of the cjs; so, the unconscionable acts against our people escalate before our eyes. See my reports online regarding the criminals who run the USA: [link]

See also my reports on The Age of Madness and the Collapse of The Constitution Government of The United States.

The mindset of the fbi, police, legislators, judges et al. is clear: when one is accused of any type of unacceptable conduct, whether proscribed in criminal code or sanctioned by civil rules and statutes, that person is railroaded by the juggernaut of hostiles (in the cjs) into prison or is killed on the street. Whether the victim of police gone mad is innocent or is denied fundamental protections under human, civil, or constitutional provisions is irrelevant; almost no one objects to such atrocities committed by fbi/police. For more on this topic see my papers on, "What Would You Do If?", and, "A New, Unheralded, illegal, Quasi Criminal Justice System, Forged By fbi" and other reports on topic at

See also my reports online where the fbi commits crimes, attributes them to me, and then causes police at every level to consider me as a criminal: My reports on the very dangerous cops at the University of Texas ( Bleier and Wilson ) who put out a fraudulent BOLO on me for years, and USPI Knipfing (& sidekick Rodriguez ) who came to my home to threaten me.

In summary, when the fbi in its vendetta commenced a terror campaign against me, no one (but I mean no one) came to my defense as the fbi covertly and criminally hijacked my life. See my paper mentioned above on "What Would You Do If?". Then, consider "My Story In Detail" online.

The significance of my documentations of crimes against me and others by the very officials responsible for defending against government abuses has at least two important aspects:

1) A public policy of deference to unlawful and often inhumane practices by cjs (its police/fbi/judges) in all matters of law enforcement invites extreme corruption of those in positions of power in the USA. See my reports at for evidence of how the fbi completely corrupts civil courts and judges in order to commit horrendous offenses against their Target. See also: [link] and my WRIT.

2) Reminiscent of Hitler's Nazi movement in Germany for three decades, the fbi and their associates threaten all Americans (and others globally) with Gestapo tactics which I have outlined in many reports online. This means that Jack booted thugs of fbi & police de facto seize control of our society with the full awareness of the ruling class. These hoodlums can now use phony informants, operatives and officials as a basis to break down your doors in the middle of the night, to threaten, harass and imprison, and to shoot you while you walk down the streets or drive in your car.

So, who is responsible for allowing the police state to grip this nation? All in the cjs, all main street media and most professional journalists, all religious leaders who do not speak out, and all of our citizenry who are afraid to become Targets such as was MARTIN NIEMÖLLER in Germany.

Thank you.



Note that in addition to many felonious assaults on me by fbi, I now have evidence that the fbi threats to render me deaf and blind were not idle. I have lost all hearing in left ear, 75 % in right ear (due to ELF assaults), and an ophthalmologist recommends surgery for cataracts in either eye
( apparently caused by microwave impact on lens).
September 3, 2016



and:  More >

 Today's Police/fbi Traverse the Lines of Human Decency
picture2 Oct 2016 @ 05:17

See my reports and discover the reality of a system of laws and law enforcement that are irrationally brutal and often inhumane as presently applied.

*Outlaws are better men

Outlaws are generally men and women who seek gain or profit from the labors and at the expense of others. Law men and women seek to imprison, torture or kill outlaws.

Of the two categories I have learned that, aside from the Mafia, psychotic and pure evil human beings, Outlaws are on balance better people.

For anyone who demands evidence of these observations, see "My Story In Detail" and related links, articles and papers online authored by me. See also: This country is governed by de facto criminals:


Those who regard themselves as reasonable and with the credentials of government ( police, judges, legislators, f b I ) pursue their macabre objectives confident that their reasoning (defective as it most often is) justifies their unconscionable tactics, and the lawmen then often exemplify the age of madness:


And when one actually pierces the veil of secrecy that hides the character of cops/fbi/cia, then one discovers that the true criminals among us are by definition those (with badges) who routinely and pathologically kill, torture, force suicide while the victim is monitored and imprison their fellow man. These lawmen are your cops, fbi and the judges and legislators who facilitate crimes in the name of law."I suspect that all the crimes committed by all the jailed criminals do not equal in total social damage that of the crimes committed against them" Karl Menninger, M.D. The Crime Of Punishment.

Indeed, we have so far traversed the lines of fairness and human decency in our society that those who are most entrusted with the use of deadly force and with *limitless power over all, are the very worst human beings on earth and represent the single most devastating source of evil ever recorded in our species. This discovery should move every sentient being to protest against lawmen everywhere in our times for the cruel and bestial violence perpetrated against our fellow humans. As we are not moved to protest...

...We at least discover in our studies the dilemma facing us in this life:

See my synthesis of thirty years of study and personal efforts against the criminals in the fbi and the judicial officers who join with the fbi in unlawful and often inhumane crimes. USA is in fact run by criminals.





*Lord Acton, 1887:

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. *Great men are almost always (evil) men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it."

*Police State & Outlaws Are Better Men:


USA Governed By The Lowest Form of Cowards:


The Living Dead: All Who By Act Or Omission Support Police & fbi:


and fbi/DOJ admit to guilty knowledge:

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 Counterintelligence Operations Against A Target Are Global
picture24 Sep 2016 @ 15:09
The fbi orchestrates verbal, physical and psychological assaults on this Target globally, 24/7/365, and these low minded maneuvers have the aura of intelligence operations intended at once to disparage and to ostrasize their intended victim (me). 

All such thuggery fails. Below is an example of a coordinated effort by a group which has no apparent reason to come after me, but does so in cooperation with the fbi/cia assassins who have made multiple attempts on my life and who torture me all the time. At this link I offer my comments on the data below, but many Indymedia groups trash the report: 


The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network Begins Gratuitous Attack
geral 01 Aug 2008 20:20 GMT
fascist uSA 
The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network Begins Gratuitous Attack, thereby revealing its racial prejudice and global war-like intentions.
The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network Begins Gratuitous Attack

The following message is delivered to Sosbee from:

"... here’s another class-A freakazoid, with a strange paranoid rant about the CIA and the State Department and the FBI ... geral sosbee’s Blog: COLLAPSE OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA....
Cue Twilight Zone theme.
(Hat tip: Adam.)"

Sosbee responds:
Now be it known that those on the so-called *"The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network"
who often decry verbal assaults on their members, begin a bizarre, unwarranted and pre-emptive verbal attack on Geral Sosbee. This low minded, mean spirited and ill advised move by "The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network " is hereby documented as representative of that segment of their closed and decadent community which seeks to intimidate, discredit, or disparage any author who does not first pay homage to their phoney leaders and pretentious cause. Thus, as events unfold that tend to confirm the unholy alliance between the dual axis of evil- the United States of America and "?Isreal"- let the above words of the coward (perhaps the bestial fool Adam) on the 'The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network' be the symbol of their flawed character and hopeless depravity.

geral sosbee
* The above verbal assault begins after several visits to my reports by Israelis as reflected by the following site meter entry:

By Location > Visit Detail
Country : Israel
Time of Visit Jul 8 2008 10:31:02 am
Visit Entry Page  [link]

Further, the "The Jewish and Israeli" verbal assaults are fraudulently conceived (and presented) and politicaly motivated, as my reports are not unlike the journals and diaries of victims of the Nazi death camps which the world still has fresh in mind. Specifically, I document cruel non-consensual human experimentation, torturous assaults, and attempts at murder on my person. Few seem interested in my reports; similarly over the last half century (or so) the world has come to learn that few people reached out to help those in the German death and torture camps spread across Europe; many ignored the atrocities; some even pretended that the torture programs and mass murder did not exist; a few even mocked or discredited those who attempted to bring the fascist murderers and torturers into public focus. Today, the very group that calls itself "The Jewish and Israeli" is a contradiction of its own history by engaging in Gestapo tactics against modern day experimentees and torture victims. As "The Jewish and Israeli Network" reveal in their pathetic verbal assaults on this author, all are reminded that the Israelis (& The Jewish and Israeli Network)seek to dominate and rule the Middle East by violent and murderous methods; in this way Jewish law and standards are thereby forged into many parts of the world by over zealous and militant Israelis who often brag (in their documentaries) about their abilities to identify, track down, torture and murder their perceived enemies/adversaries globally. The USA is seen by the Israelis as fertile ground for the indoctrination of this populace in the area of Jewish law and standards. Anyone who is perceived as a viable critic of the lunatic and homicidal fringe (such as those in "The Jewish and Israeli network") is subject to verbal or possibly murderous assault. For more on the identities of Israelis engaged in crimes against Humanity and torture episodes do a little research; see my article at this site dated and entitled as follows:
18 Mar 2008 @ 18:45
Also note that the intelligence services of the Israelis and the Americans now work together so closely that the interests of one are inevitably shared by the other; the net result is that the two nations( the uSA and '?Isreal') are in lockstep toward achieving the common goal of world inhumane domination. However, the Israeli intelligence service is light years ahead of fbi/cia and are in fact masters of the universe with regard to techniques used to subjugate their targets.
The Israeli terrorists are funded and supplied by the United States of America.

The following Indymedia groups (under the control of the fbi/cia and Israeli Intelligence) regularly reject, hide, or prevent coverage of my articles, including the above report; note the fraudulent characterization of my report as
**"anti-semitic" , an expression used frequently to shield the
terrorists of Israel (and their supporters)
from responsibility for their own
racial prejudice aganist non-jews:
Hidden with code "Other"
News :: Anti-War/Peace
"The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network Begins Gratuitous Attack"
U.S. | Anti-War
"The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network Begins Gratuitous Attack
by geral ( gsosbee [at] ) Thursday Jul 10th, 2008 12:11 PM".
**Anyone who defends against unfounded Israeli or Jewish assaults (both violent and verbal) is conveniently labeled by their corrupt supporters as 'anti-semitic'. The real prejudice lies in the warped minds of those who encourage such summary slander in order to obscure the true racial prejudice of Israelis and Jews against all who refuse to accept their murderous agenda globally.
The following additional response to the above article was written in response to my response; note that the poor language skills and faulty reasoning below reflect in all probability that the same cowardly fool from 'jewish and israeli blog network' continues his dirty little attack -- for original, see:

The corrupt DC group removed the following entry, but not before I copied it:

"Re: The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network Begins Gratuitous Attack
11 Jul 2008
by Anonymous
Reply to this comment
You can tell he is off his rocker, nobody even mentioned anti semitism or defended anything! He is making up arguments out of thin air as usual. The tr00thers don't have a leg to stand on after their precious Loose Coins documentary was further proved false and dumped by all the tr00thers even though not that long ago they were practically orgasming over the fucking thing! "

Also note that the dc indymedia delete favorable responses to my report as shown in the following info that I copied (and now paste here) from the dc indy site prior to their deletion:

"Re: The Jewish and Israeli Blog Network Begins Gratuitous Attack
11 Jul 2008
Date Edited: 11 Jul 2008 03:32:32 AM
by Anonymous
Reply to this comment
This doesn't seem at all racist and 9/11 tr00th nutish at all. (note heavy heavy heavy sarcasm!) ".


Britain Terrorists Israeli Doctors

Breaking News July 3 2007

By Tom Heneghan

It can now be reported that two of the alleged Terrorists Suspects in the United Kingdom are Israeli Mossad Doctors that worked in Kurdistan, Iraq under the Command and Control of Israeli Intelligence.


"... Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that Iran should be seen as a menace to the entire world."
Sosbee ...said that '?isreal' should be seen as a menace to the entire world...,
and that current usa/'?isreal' effort to isolate Iran has a boomerang effect on the two evil nations (usa/'?isreal') who spin their 'menacing' idea around the globe.

  e-mail::   homepage::   phone:: 9563715210  More >

 Fbi illegal methods and criminal agenda exposed
picture17 Sep 2016 @ 05:39
The fbi are masters of deceit and fraudulent manipulators of public opinion.

The fbi, though, seldom if ever documents its  own provocative crimes committed in pursuit of Targets. So, as the fbi fabricates records on political Targets, no record is made of the unconscionable felonies committed by fbi agents/operatives in their efforts to arrest or kill their most credible adversaries. I am one such 'hostile' witness to the criminal insanity of the fbi- the single most corrupt and murderous agency (cia excepted) in government; and paradoxically the fbi are the chief educators and trainers of USA's brutal & homicidal police leaders.

For a record of some of the fbi's crimes that you won't find in fbi archives, see my websites at, my WRIT, my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014, my papers at

and my thousands of posts online for the past 16 years. 

Note that the fbi in its creative writing exercises enters false records such as the one described in my Affidavit 2014 and summarized in the  next link. Then, the fbi hoodlums send that fraudulent data to their hatchet associates at CJIS who release the parade of horribles to their former fbi colleagues in the private sector. 

Then, the thugs in so called research and private think tanks sell the data to the public in order to complete the demonizing and ostracizing of the Target. The group of former fbi agents who now have the phony records on the Target (me) claim high credentials such as PHD, MD, JD, MS, in the fields of Human behavior and criminology. 

They fancy themselves as experts and final authority in profiling and labeling human beings according to their contrived records. In other words these dangerous sociopaths with fbi affiliation draw up the raw data unlawfully superimposed on a Target, use it to create a fictitious  criminal profile for their future crime project, and issue the report to seal the fate of their Target who has no say in the matter. 

The fbi then arranges (for show) a separate police group to 'go out and fetch' the very records which the fbi agents, operatives and street thugs plant. No record exist of the torture, destruction of property, and attempts on the life of the Target by fbi.

The Fbi thus for good measure illegally sends federal & state cops to threaten me in my face in my home for offenses actually committed or orchestrated by fbi.


The fbi proudly  trains as killers all police leaders in the USA and other countries. In my experience such police chiefs and officers (programmed by fbi NA) are quite mad once they act on the raw data fraudulently drawn and illegally disseminated. See the following links for more information on this topic.

Public trust is violated repeatedly for years, continuing to date, by University of Texas police in concert with thugs of fbi's covert intelligence operations:

UT and fbi join in crimes against me:


Fbi/MAFIA, real life human monsters are among us:





See also my reports on how the fbi and company use their filthy reports to mislead and prejudice the  entire law enforcement community, including the DA, the DA investigator, local police, et al. in order to prevent me from effectively documenting fbi's crimes against me;


The icing on the fbi's corrupt cake against a Target (such as me) is the federal Magistrate Judge or Judges who, eager to please fbi assassins, buys all of the trash submitted to him in secret against the Target. The judge then issues secret, sealed, civil, corrupt, sinister orders to grant the fbi anything thing they want against the helpless victim.



Finally, I have exhausted all measures to stop the fbi torture program which now robs me of more than just my good name, my lifetime of work/achievements, my profession, and my health; I am tortured by Directed Energy Weaponry  (DEW) 24/7/365 for life and held hostage in my bed up to 15 hours night and day via the extreme sleep deprivation caused by DEW. I am confident that my life serves all mankind because the real fbi and the evil elements of government that they serve are hereby exposed to the sunlight once and for all.

Thank you.

------------------------- deletes the above report with the following notice:

Your article (506507) entitled "Fbi illegal methods and criminal agenda exposed" has been removed from the newswire by the moderation group.
The deletion code was: Other.
The following comments were noted regarding your content:
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 My message to the US JUDICIARY
picture7 Sep 2016 @ 23:39
Shortly after I arrived in Brownsville, Texas, from LA in 2002, the Federal District Court, Southern District of Texas, notified me subliminally on line that I am under Court supervision. I then suspected that the fbi also corrupted federal judges or magistrates in El Paso, Dallas, and LA.

Today, I received an invitation to submit comments on the reappointment of a federal Magistrate Judge, and I submitted my suggestion that all such appointments should be more carefully scrutinized (than ever) because the fbi often seeks to subvert law by enlisting in secret the cooperation of federal judges in the fbi's  politically motivated and unlawful vendettas.

Below is the message that I send today to the Court in efforts to ask the judiciary to clean up the corruption of some courts by the fbi at will. I make no allegations against any judge, and I offer  the comments in good faith and in the spirit consistent with an Amicus Curiae.

Here is my message to the Court:

The following communication is also sent, this date, via United States mail to the courts indicated in the letter:

                                                September 7, 2016            



Stewart, Carl E., Chief Judge

300 Fannin Street, Suite 5226

Shreveport, LA 71101-3074




600 S. Maestri Place

New Orleans, LA 70130-3408

Re: Notice of Reappointment of Magistrate Judge Ronald G. Morgan


Your Honor,

I invite the federal bar to more carefully screen the re-appointments of federal Magistrate Judges to insure that any unethical, prejudicial, or unlawful activities between said judicial officers and the FBI  be discouraged. In the above referenced matter I request that Judge Morgan be asked about any ex parte or secret meetings between him and the fbi concerning Attorney GERAL WAYNE SOSBEE, Texas State Bar number 18855625.

The basis for this request is that I am the object of an intense decades long political vendetta (under the guise of civil law) by the fbi concerning my whistle-blowing activities. Other federal magistrate judges in Dallas, Los Angeles, El Paso, et al., should also be similarly queried about *FBI’s apparent subversion of law with the secret imprimatur of Magistrate Judges, or Judges. I have no other avenue to investigate how the fbi is able to engage in unending crimes against me (for almost 30 years), except by instant comment to the re-appointment of incumbent judges such as Judge Morgan. Today the blanket surveillance and human experimentation program spearheaded by the FBI continues against me.

Thank you and

Respectfully Submitted

Sent via:

 Signed by



DOB: 08-30-1945

*Please see:

Evidence of a new, unheralded, illegal, quasi 'Criminal Justice System' (CJS) forged by fbi:

P.O. BOX 3834

McAllen, Texas 78502




Fbi/cia terrorists

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 Our World & People Under Attack
picture6 Sep 2016 @ 14:57
Our world is under attack, not by aliens but by traitors with familiar faces:


“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”


More information from Janet Phelan on topic:

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 Global Mandate To Stop fbi/cia from their  torture & kill programs
picture4 Sep 2016 @ 20:07
The following reports should be read globally by all who seek to stop USA's murder & torture crime spree and the attendant assault on our sense of morality/human decency:

From: NEO, New Eastern Outlook

"US: Torture Without Borders"

See Also:


"Macabre Crimes Committed By fbi, Tacitly Approved By Congress/SCOTUS"  More >

 Macabre Crimes Committed By fbi, Tacitly Approved By Congress/SCOTUS
picture3 Sep 2016 @ 17:03
Macabre Crimes Committed By fbi, Tacitly Approved By Congress/SCOTUS

This paper is about fifty years in the making and is a work in progress. The focus of my studies is on the fbi’s macabre and criminal assaults which intensified in the year 1988 and continue today; I intend hereby to prove by irrefutable direct and circumstantial evidence that fbi agents, operatives, assets, contacts, federal judges/magistrates et al. engage in a vendetta (1) using high tech tools and spaced based weaponry in the hands of low minded and homicidal sociopaths in their efforts to torture, maim, injury, incarcerate or kill me.

The fbi routinely and ritually use the following high tech tools in their invisible assaults: Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW), chemical/biological/viral agents and psychological operations (‘psyops’).

All such inhumane crimes by the fbi are condoned by the other branches and departments of government (such as the courts and the congress) and at times are authorized by members of the judiciary (in El Paso, Dallas, Brownsville Texas , Los Angeles California, Honolulu Hawaii) and are largely ignored by the misguided, general public. (2) See also my comments below on the fact that the people dismiss atrocities by their own government.

While this report is based primarily upon my own experiences with the fbi, the reader may by extrapolation understand that similar offenses are committed against others globally by the intelligence services and their associates. The significance of this study, other than any historical value, is to document offenses by this government (particularly the fbi and their police community) that tends to show at once a widespread disintegration of basic human decency, the commission of unconscionable crimes against our people, the loss of all sense of propriety and any sense of shared humanity in our world, and the wholesale violations and subversions of law by law enforcement personnel. (3)

The list below includes attacks on me and some of the injuries sustained therefrom. Many of my experiences as an experimentee by the fbi assassins are documented online in “My Story In Detail” (4). When viewed in the context of all of my documentations, the present reports are most compelling:

-Attempted suffocation while I was in the hospital being treated for a service connected injury

-The synthesis by chemical combination of an artificial kidney stone in vivo in my person; then fbi also manipulated the hospital staff to insure that an incompetent doctor would be assigned to treat me

-The forced and illegal entry into my skull for the purpose of implanting life threatening infections, tracking devices and other scientific devices ( see tooth 14, 31, 3, et al), all causing mastoid effusion, cerebral vascular disease, general sensory neuropathy, etc.)

-Chronic bronchitis suddenly precipitated by gas pumped into my residence which sent me to the doctor with an attack of acute bronchitis, requiring medical treatment
-Diabetes indications as noted by a VA medical doctor

-Assaults 24/7/365 without cessation by DEW, causing extreme sleep deprivation and other symptoms which a medical doctor/operative for the fbi uses in his notes to fraudulently label me paranoid and delusional (5)

DEW assaults caused 95% loss of hearing in my left ear, 75% loss in the right ear and have also damaged my vision by causing cataracts in either eye (this particular injury was previously threatened by the fbi in an anonymous email to me where the fbi announced that I would be blinded)

-Multiple and continuing attempts by the fbi, police and a federal Magistrate/Judge to try to provoke me into responses that might justify the arrest and imprisonment of my person. See some of my reports on this topic as I document threats and crimes against me by Knipfing, Rodriguez, Bleier, Wilson, Posada, Cruz, etc.`
Many other felonies are committed by the fbi daily as shown in my affidavits dated 2007 and 2014:

-Indications of possible neurosis may ensue as a result of constant, inhumane, nonconsensual cover research and human experimentation on my body and mind (6). In this regard ‘Psyops’ are conducted in concert with ‘gaslighting’ (7) techniques which are intended to cause the intended victim (GERAL SOSBEE) to experience a nervous breakdown from stress.

Note that as I typed notes for this paper in the middle of the night, the fbi followed my typing online and then took over control of my TV set to send notices that I am being monitored every second and that, by inference, the fbi does not approve of this report.

My additional comments:

-On the wicked fbi:


_Americans Dismiss USA's Atrocities:


_Fbi hijacks my life: The Odyssey Begins

_About me:


_Biographical data


_ Reports on human rights violations and on fbi’s sociopathic operative online


_How the fbi et al. circumvent laws intended to protect human rights:

_ Anonymous report on Psychological Operations :

"That's the MO. People...In the NSA, the Army, the Navy, the entire Intelligence Community. Question authority, report corruption: get ready for Psych Evaluations, get ready for Surveillance, get ready for Targeting."

Additional testimonials by others on topic:





Docket for 01-182 - Supreme Court › 01-182
01-182, Status: DECIDED. Title: Geral Wayne Sosbee, Petitioner. v. Department of Justice, et al. Docketed: Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. July 31, 2001, (00-56179)



fbi’s violations of:

United States Constitution
Fundamental Human and Civil Rights ("I am not an animal")
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN General Assembly passed and published Resolution 217A (III) on 10th December 1948) [link]

E.G.: Some precepts include

" Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,
Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want..."

Article 3 Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 5 No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Article 12 No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.


Some symptoms related to DEW assaults:


_Medical Doctor’s false report on me:


My report with Barbara Hartwell on similar assaults:




See also:

The United States of America is an overthrown regime run by murderers and torturers in pursuit of world inhumane domination at any cost, and the American people are helpless to do anything about the catastrophe thrust upon us by the fbi/cia, etc.

[link]  More >

 The Reach of
picture31 Aug 2016 @ 01:46
Submitted by gsosbee on Tue, 2016-08-30 20:57

The people expand their interest in my reports on the overthrown regime that calls itself the United States of America (USA). Few reports other than mine exemplify the murderous, fiendish and filth of the fbi/cia psychopathic assassins in our global village. Truth always comes forward and my life is dedicated to accurately depicting the human monsters of the fbi and their methods to torture, force suicide, imprison and murder our people (all people everywhere).
The graph below shows this day's progress in enlightening the world to the horrors imposed now and into the future on mankind by the criminally insane rulers of USA.

August 30, 2016, visits to my material at :





[link]  More >

 Biographical Data on Geral Sosbee by Mr Cliff Huylebroeck
picture27 Aug 2016 @ 17:21
Biography of Geral Sosbee by Mr. Cliff Huylebroeck (edited by geral sosbee )
Primary tabs
View(active tab)
Submitted by gsosbee on Sat, 2016-08-27 12:53
Many articles on the topic of government stalking programs globally have been hacked and deleted by fbi/cia/mi6/mossad/surete/SS et. al to prevent the public from learning more about torture, forced suicide and assassination programs; gangstalking and murder events as excellently reported by Mr. Cliff Huylebroeck (and others) are deleted from the Internet by the same government hoodlums in the intelligence community.

I am grateful to CLIFF and the readers are indebted to him for all of his tedious work on behalf of Targeted Individuals everywhere.

The biography of GERAL W SOSBEE written by CLIFF HUYLEBROECK is also deleted, but I recreate some of his work as shown below.

Many of the documents and other bona fides of SOSBEE which were hacked by the fbi from CLIFF'S work are available (or verifiable) on line at these links:






Bioigraphy written by CLIFF HUYLEBROECK, edited by GERAL SOSBEE


Former Adjunct Professional Instructor Geral Sosbee (attorney)


Serving the U.S. Government
Selected comments

Geral Sosbee

Viet Nam war veteran:

National defense service medal,
Combat infantryman badge,
Vietnam service medal,
Vietnam campaign medal,
Sharpshooter 81 millimeter mortarman,
Marksman badge,
former Instructor at Amber University and Webster University,
former FBI agent,
three Letters of Commendation awarded by the Director of the FBI,
Doctor of Jurisprudence,
former judge.
He was born on August 30, 1945 in Carlsbad, New Mexico as Geral Wayne Sosbee.
He was raised in Dallas, Texas.
He worked for the Dallas Market Center.
In 1966 he volunteered for the war in Viet Nam.
He served 2 years.
He returned to the Dallas Market Center.
He earned a BA and MA in English at the University of North Texas.
From 1971 to 1978 he worked for the FBI in Tampa, Florida.

From the book Society of former special agents of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, published in 1996 by Turner Publishing Company:

Geral Sosbee in the 'History of the FBI' book

He’s certified to instruct at the FBI academy.
Things went sour when he disagreed about the arrest of a suspect.
This case became a precedent.
It’s still being used to falsely imprison innocent people.

Rodriguez case

He was bullied out of his job.

He became Doctor of Jurisprudence at Texas Tech University.

Geral Sosbee

He worked as an attorney in El Paso, Texas.
He was a part-time judge.
From 1983 to 1988 he taught English at Amber University in El Paso, Texas.
He taught Law at Webster University until 1991.
In 2003 he was bankrupt at age 58.

He made a website: = Sosbee versus FBI.

On this website, there are about 250 pages and 2,000 images that document his efforts to get his situation resolved before a court.

Geral Sosbee at his desk


In this case the reason for the harassment is clear. When he tried to help Rodriguez, it was clear that he might help a target, but their system doesn’t work if there are people who help targets, so he had to be terminated.

Serving the U.S. Government

He describes his experience of serving the U.S. Government.

I served in the Army during the Viet Nam War; upon return I also served the FBI as a Special Agent. My service in the FBI was terminated after I reported crimes by the FBI.

Subsequently the FBI began an extreme vendetta against me toward the goal of incapacitating or killing me. Additionally, the directed energy and other assaults by the FBI aggravated the injuries I sustained in Viet Nam in 1967, including injuries associated with Agent Orange.

The FBI also added insult to injuries by mocking the service connected injuries that were and are today disabling; the FBI sent insulting messages to me regarding the injuries, even while the criminal assaults against me by the FBI continue to date for over a decade.

I realize that the Army does not care about my reports of FBI/CIA crimes against me; however, the young men and women who seek to serve their nation might care if they cannot determine which United States Of America that they are considering serving: the real United States of America, or the overthrown fascist dictatorship USA held in hostage by the intel services (FBI/CIA).


He believes that the Mafia has infiltrated the FBI and CIA.
In this way they are responsible for gang stalking and electronic harassment.

The FBI parades Mafia murderers around the FBI academy for the education of their agents, police, etc. The Mafia serial killers (hit men) are homicidal sociopaths and are often in the witness protection program; the FBI learns from them how the Mafia uses violent, deadly and inhumane practices against Targets.

Never co-operate with secret services. The first thing they do is turn you into a murderer (by making you accessory to their crimes).


He wrote about psychological operations against a targeted person.

As we are born into a complex world that changes from moment to moment in terms of advances in technology, science, law, and contemporary standards for human conduct, no single individual can keep abreast of all the strictures (or expectations) that are brought to bear on our modern lives; even though we may think that we are experts in our own culture, we are not. Medical doctors do not know all the answers associated with causes for illnesses and diseases; lawyers often have no fast clue to finding remedies for legal issues that evolve from fast changing social mores; engineers and scientists must forever adjust design and focus of their work to deal with ever changing technologies, new discoveries and emerging societal forces and human needs.

The average individual human being may at times find himself adrift in an unfamiliar and alien sea filled with incalculable dangers. We have discovered that we cannot always cope with the stresses that we encounter on a daily basis. Returning war vets, or otherwise traumatized persons sometimes seek advice, treatment and comfort to ease medical conditions or psychological pressures. When no effective assistance is available, some of our fellow citizens may suffer, collapse and die, even while we watch on some popular cop or quasi news shows. In extreme cases the confused or disoriented citizen is imprisoned, tortured, forced into suicide, or shot dead by the very same government agents who pretend to defend our liberties.

This is an important point because no one among us is immune to neurosis when tragedy strikes. We should therefore reconsider our societal relationship with those we condemn (to prison or death), lest we abruptly someday join their numbers. Actions against a citizen by government agents and their citizen action committees often provoke the Target into wild conduct; such intentional assaults are intended to cause the Target to respond violently so that he may be arrested or killed.

We see examples of this on our streets almost daily; and I have presented numerous instances of such intentional provocations in many of my reports. Further, no attention is focused on psychological operations against a targeted person even though a growing number of persons worldwide now testify that they are targeted by ruthless and painful campaigns. No law exists that may stop the type of violent activities in which the FBI and the CIA engage regularly against their Targets, foreign and domestic. Even civil court judges routinely ignore the criminal actions of police and FBI against the accused. Thus the person portrayed as a madman on some TV shows is in reality a product of a corrupt public policy standard that authorizes the torture, imprisonment and killing of a given Target.


He’s the highest qualified target so far.

Geral Sosbee

His short resume:

Geral Sosbee’s short resume

His long resume:

Geral Sosbee’s long resume

Recommendation letter from Amber university:

Recommendation letter from Amber university

Certificate of law enforcement officer:

Certificate of law enforcement officer

Certificate of police instructor:

Certificate of police instructor

Report of performance rating:

Report of performance rating

Recommendation letter from Webster university:

Recommendation letter from Webster university

Admission to practice law:

Admission to practice law

Certificate of appointment as associate municipal court judge:

Certificate of appointment as associate municipal court judge

Qualified as attorney and counselor for the Supreme Court:

Qualified as attorney and counselor for the Supreme Court

Geral Sosbee


Here is the link to the original biography which fbi and Facebook hacked and deleted:


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 Medical Clearances of GERAL SOSBEE
picture24 Aug 2016 @ 01:27
My medical clearances:





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 A Dim View
picture16 Aug 2016 @ 06:32
Geral Sosbee presents in thousands of reports a cogent review of the decadent human condition as shown in the impoverished obsessions, calumnious tongues, and diabolical predispositions of many leading figures in contemporary society.
The most powerful men among us (& often the most pompous and self consumed) are among the most murderously corrupt, pathetically hypocritical and hopelessly evil representatives of our species.
This condition, as we know, does not commence with the assassins and torturers within the ranks of the fbi/cia, police and their followers (including doctors in all walks of life) whom I describe in my work, and will not end when a new generation of thugs with vacant minds replace them.
Rather, the destiny of mankind is being shaped irrevocably and vehemently by the most loathsome and bestial creatures that nature has ever brought forth on God's Green Earth:
the sociopathic, homicidal and purely egotistical
............... ( *insensitive) homo sapien..............
Those of us who recognize these traits are not eager to claim membership in the human race. Predictably, many men of conscience seek to stay out of the way of such heathens; therein lies the 'rub'.
For evidence in support see sites at

and other locations.
Thank you.

* See attached photo

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 fbi are human monsters
picture12 Jul 2016 @ 18:10
For those who do not yet realize the basis for my referring to the fbi as human monsters see the following data.

Assaults by the fbi are the most sinister and purely criminal that I have ever seen or read about in my life. Psychological Operations (‘psyops’) by the fbi are achieved by sociopaths who watch the victim (me) 24/7, follow him everywhere, destroy his property, make him homeless, and other atrocities that I describe in many of my reports.

I have survived these assaults for almost a half century. These animals watch and record their victims who are told by the fbi to, “kill yourself”.
During the past thirty years the fbi has also repeatedly *devised ways to try to illegally ‘set me up’ for some kind of fraudulent civil or criminal process; a corrupt federal magistrate judge (m/j) helps the fbi with secret court orders authorizing various assaults and crimes against my person.

Indeed, I now recall that the federal m/j from the southern district of Texas sent me a notice about fifteen years ago that I was and am subject to federal court administrative handling. This type of judicial crime is an abomination and the judges (m/j) in LA, Dallas, Brownsville, El Paso, etc., should stand trial for authorizing the unconscionably felonious offenses that I have described. The fbi uses street thugs, police, gang members and drug dealers to physically assault/provoke me; I have documented many such crimes online and in police reports over the past three decades.

*In one instance the fbi entered the El Paso hospital where I was in surgery for a service related injury of deviated septum; the fbi changed the nurses’ notes from “no food for 12 hours” to read, “FULL MEALS IMMEDIATELY”. I ate and vomited, nearly suffocating from my own bodily fluids, as I had no way to breathe with the nose sealed off. Later the fbi made fun of the incident in their online assaults. This and other similar events are mentioned here:

In another crime the fbi used the m/j corrupt civil process to illegally ‘medicate’ me as an opportunity to run another human experiment on my body: the fbi concocted by chemical combination a synthetic kidney stone in vivo which nearly killed me. The fbi also made sure that a doctor on call would be incompetent and at the very least the fbi sought to cause me trauma, kidney loss, or death.

While I was in another hospital for treatment of the same kidney stone the fbi vandalized my car again, so I would have to deal with yet another problem while recovering from the surgery. Such vandalism has been extensive and has cost about thirty thousand dollars of out of pocket losses and much stress. [The kidney stone reports are available online in part 16 and related links of “My Story”].

Many other assaults on my person are achieved by the fbi’s directed energy weaponry (assaults by DEW include extremely low frequency sound waves and microwave) which cause extreme sleep deprivation and many other symptoms described in part 19 of “My Story In Detail”. I am certain that other problems are related to the DEW assaults, including the following:

Several years ago the fbi notified me by anonymous email that I would be blinded. Today I have been diagnosed with cataracts in either eye and surgery is recommended by. The natural lens of the eyes are particularly sensitive to heat which is caused by high levels of microwave radiation. Such heating of the lens can cause cataracts. The DEW assaults continue on me 24/7/365 for the past fifteen years.

The DEW assaults are also used to punish me by increasing the sleep deprivation when I write reports that the fbi finds particularly damaging. In this respect the DEW attacks are a part of ‘psyops’ further described in the following link and at my papers at **

Diagnosis of diabetes (a condition found by VA doctor that I try to alleviate by diet)
Ear Aches are apparently associated with the tinitis.
Here are a few other medical disabilities documented by doctors:
Cerebral vascular disease
Mastoid effusion
Internal organ damage
Severe hearing loss, either ear
Infection near tooth 14, life threatening due to proximity to brain
Sleep apnea
General sensory neuropathy


Facebook now joins many other media groups in the fbi’s harassment campaign by blocking me from posting the following link:

For their fraud and service to fbi assassins, I quit Facebook.

Finally, for specific data on other fbi crimes see “My Story In Detail” on line, and see the false medical report from a MD apparently serving the fbi at part twenty of “My Story.”

Thank you.

Currently the fbi continues to pump toxic fumes into my residences in efforts to aggravate preexisting lung condition.
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 Fbi & their big four unlawfully block biography
picture4 Jul 2016 @ 13:17

Facebook now blocks the following link and also joins with Google, Yahoo, Bing in hiding and removing the link from search engines:


Here is the phony reason provided by Facebook for blocking the biography.:

"The content you're trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:


Please remove this link to continue.

If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know."

Finally, here is my report on the unethical conduct by the big FOUR (Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing) in concert with the traitors and assassins of fbi:

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