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 Another Compelling Issue On Election Day, USA
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Speak not to me of the need to lock up, imprison or kill persons accused of crimes, until this nation prosecutes all police and fbi employees & operatives  who engage in high crimes in domestic, clandestine operations. The Director of the fbi himself should be imprisoned along with hundreds of his secret agents, police  and operatives who engage in countless high crimes against me and many others.

Across the country the police and fbi often pursue imagined future misdemeants who are feloniously attacked or murdered by the fanatical and cowardly  ' boys and girls'  in blue. The carnage on our streets by fbi and cops is supported by the dark figures in black robes who sit  in SCOTUS. Many other crimes by fbi and police are hidden by media in sinister conspiracy with police and fbi.

Such offenses include torture, forced suicide while being monitored, false imprisonment, murder by trained homicidal psychopaths, extensive surveillance with  home invasions and dirty tricks therein which are designed to drive the victim insane.

In the real world of the USA police state the main street media is party  to the ongoing atrocities that I document. So are police, judges, lawyers, Chancellors,medical doctors, dentists and ordinary-coopted citizens. See, for example,  my reports on cops such as USPI KNIPFING AND HIS SIDEKICK RODRIGUEZ ( Texas DPS ),  UT police Bleier and Wilson, Brownsville Detective Posada,  Cruz, and thugs Eusebio Contreras & Alonzo Yanez. 

See my documentations of how otherwise well intentioned and quasi honorable people become accessories to fbi's treasonous and criminal conduct: parts 19, a,b,c, 20, of "My Story In Detail", beginning at 

(Note that Directed Energy Weaponry , i.e."DEW",  assaults against me continue  today and are severe and life threatening. Current additional symptoms include loss of balance and feeling faint from sleep deprivation, irregular heart beat and a jump in blood pressure, possible diabetes, loss of hearing, and cataracts.)

Also understand that the fbi ordered library officials at Brownsville Public Library to stay out of the way while one of the fbi's counterintelligence plans  was carried out by assassins who sought to provoke me repeatedly over a period of years. In one such instance the same fbi operative who pumped toxic fumes into my residence, trying to kill me and my wife, actually sat next to me at the computer terminal; another thug from fbi sat on the other side of me, and yet at least one other 'witness' for fbi sat nearby. When the aforementioned assassin entered the library (following me at the fbi's directions) my wife spotted her and knew what was going on; she came into the computer room with video running in efforts to assist me and to demonstrate to the clandestine operatives/assassins that we are two. Other similar instances have been repeatedly staged by fbi. 

"Unde's unul, nu e putere. Unde's dos puterea creste y dusmanul nu sporeste."

As I struggle against the effects of fbi crimes, including DEW, I understand that this is not the time to make kind gestures, nor political platitudes; so, I occasionally try to  coherently make descriptive metaphorical references to the very low, cut throat and psychotic assassins of the fbi/cia who have overthrown the government of the United States of America, who threaten me and by extrapolation all men/women, and whom I have come to know all too well over the past 30 years. 

The 'still sad music of humanity' is today made even more cacophonic from the screeching wails of the victims of fbi/cia/dod/nsa/nsc global atrocities and crimes against humanity the world over. Their cries echo throughout the infinite spaces because the Gods cannot rest until supreme injustices are answered in kind by a force from the heavens.

No man who ever in good faith  served with devotion to the USA may accept the unconscionable and truly  cowardly offenses of the fbi/police   whose foolish &  distorted notion of their  service to the USA  is to engage in countless felonious assaults against political and ideological Targets in our society. The men and women sent by the fbi to harm me and many others are unfit to be citizens here, and they should be locked up as criminally insane. See my report at,  at

This includes judges, doctors, lawyers, police,  academics and citizenry. I have previously  outlined specific examples to support these assertions. See my thousands of reports on line, at, my WRIT,  etc.,  including my sworn affidavits dated 2007 and 2014.  See also the outrageously false medical report from Dr. Holder who questions my sanity for reporting fbi crimes,  and who now is entrusted to care for other injured or disabled vetetans.

The fbi's  corruption of Law and Society that I have witnessed is so incredible that on some occasions I was reluctant to report the crimes because I thought that the USA could not survive widespread exposure of the pure evil and murderous  fascism that are represented in my descriptions of fbi heinous crimes .

Even now, after three decades of harassment, assaults, torture by DEW, and discreet attempts on my life, the fbi continues their painful high tech attacks and their inhumane psychological operations against me. So, I at long last conclude that society and our people join with the police community as though  Living Dead in mindless sadistic  pursuit of new victims to destroy. See my report at entitled, "Let My People Go".

We have a pathetic dilemma, election day 2016,  as common criminals in the employ of fbi, members of the public and insane cops wield and use  batons, guns and fbi badges, and with the authority  of corrupt  federal Magistrate Judges attack innocent people.

The authorities 

1)completely corrupt law and order

2)disparage the military and civilian records of men who supported and defended the USA and  human, civil, and constitutional rights guaranteed by the US Constitution

3)engage in psychotic episodes against the people for show, for sport, or for other secret agenda. See my papers at,

As I am one such political  Target, I proclaim that those who assist the thugs of fbi in attacking me are guilty of the same crimes as the fbi agents, operatives and street hoodlums who relentlessly and criminally assault me. So, as one reads my reports, kindly discover that our society is riddled with criminals who assist the police and the fbi in their own unconscionable crime spree. For this reason I state that we should not arrest anyone unless and until the fbi and their kind are held accountable for their covert crimes against us.

And who is this writer to bring such allegations against so many prople? I am one of a very few capable, qualified, experienced and equipped persons to indict the thugs of this country which include in their numbers  possibly even you who read this post.


Thank you and may Providence protect and allow confort to men and women who are abused or tortured or killed by fbi / cia/police community .

Geral Sosbee 

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 fbi/cjis Hooligans
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fbi/cjis hooligans and assassins

Submitted by gsosbee on Sat, 2016-11-05 04:23
The fbi and its cradled & fanged baby CJIS manufactures fictitious files on Targets and thereby intimidates or blackmails congress, the courts and millions of people globally. Indeed, most individuals and nearly all in government so completely fear the thugs of fbi that no objection is voiced even in the face of fbi's own widespread institutional fraud and corruption. Thus, the one event that is most troublesome for the psychopathic liars in fbi is t r u t h which represents the real intelligence of the messenger.

The person who is most capable of reporting the truth about the fbi and its CJIS is one who is in fearless pursuit of fbi tyrants. As J. Krishnamurti wrote, "That there is intelligence only when there is no fear, when you are willing to rebel, to go against the whole social structure in order to find out what God is, or to discover the truth of anything.".

The fbi has taken all from me, except my last breath, and they covet that event. When all the people stop fearing the fbi, then their files will be open and the world will discover Pandora's Box as never before imagined. By releasing the contents of the fbi/cjis dirty little files, the people may discover by inference additional macabre and devilish activities that the fbi cloaks under the term 'intelligence operations'. Only when all such data, written and implied, is revealed to the world may we learn that hope for mankind is alive.

As I have demonstrated for thirty years and counting, the fbi and its CJIS is the most vicious group of murderers and record keepers the world has ever known. Once the fbi indexes a name, that Target is potentially subject to a lifetime of harassment, intimidation, or worse. As the fbi agents are cowardly and thoroughly programmed to imprison or kill our brothers and sisters for no justifiable cause, all of us must put the fbi under a microscope for further examination. Their fraudulent stings for show, exploitation of power over political rivals/whistleblowers and illegal operations in efforts to fabricate crimes against Targets such as I are commonplace and must be exposed as quasi satanic. The fbi operates their crime syndicate globally and they especially enjoy the use of other governments, all police and Interpol in order to further their inhumane and sadistic games which utilize torture, imprisonment, forced suicide while fbi monitors and murder. Note that Federal Magistrate Judges are often guilty as accessories to many high crimes committed by the fbi.

Perhaps we may see someday that those of us who are targeted for torture, mayhem and death by the fbi, the police, prosecutors and judges, are by far more 'pure and chaste from afar' than those who destroy their lives and kill them.
See my report on the 'Age of Madness.'

See also my several papers, including my medical clearances, at .

In recognition of all who seek to expose the awful truth about the unconscionable activities of the fbi/cjis, I hereby express my eternal gratitude for the recent *momentum campaign begun by a person who supports my work to expose the fbi, their special agents, etc., as human monsters in the tradition of Nazi's Himmler, Mengele Goebbels and Goering (founder of the Gestapo in 1933, the same year J. Edgar Hoover created an American style secret Gestapo during the Roosevelt/Truman era).
ThE momentum effort is well received by sentient beings everywhere who recognize that our world cannot tolerate the incessant and ubiquitous inhumanity shown by fbi/cia and their cult of death.

The fbi thugs at CJIS are clearly fidgety by such attention (as shown in the momentum effort) to their crimes. The fbi/cjis routinely notifies me of their displeasure with my work, as shown in their several notices to me such as the one shown below. See my report here on the message previously sent to me by the retarded Fbi & their cjis who demand respect:

Here is yesterday's message to me from the murderous hooligans from their enclave in West Virginia:

IP Address 153.31.112.# (FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems)
ISP FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems
Continent : North America
Country : United States
State : West Virginia
City : Clarksburg
Time of Visit Nov 4 2016 3:37:29 pm
Last Page View Nov 4 2016 3:37:29 pm
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Search Engine
Search Words fbi agent whistleblower sosbee
Visit Entry Page [link]
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Referring URL [link]
Visit Entry Page [link]

Thank you and may Providence protect and allow confort to men and women who are abused, tortured or killed by fbi.

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 The USA of 100 years ago is no more
picture4 Nov 2016 @ 04:48
-------------------The USA of 100 years ago is no more---------------------

The real USA slipped away by traitorous fbi/cia

For three (3) decades the fbi in vendetta has attacked, tortured, terrorized and attempted to discreetly murder me. Their thugs particularly assaulted me by aggravating my war injuries; even my childhood weaknesses at Children's Hospital, Dallas, Texas, were reviewed by fbi assassins in order to also aggravate during their assaults on me in my home any congenital infirmity such as weak lungs.

The United States of America depends on the fbi and their friends in doj,cia,dod,nsa,etc. to defend this nation, but disappointment awaits this country that formerly had some degree of integrity and validity. See my report on the collapse of the constitutional government of the United States.

Understand, if one may, that the USA today is theoretically in shambles, as the fbi has corrupted every segment of government and much of society and most of our citizenry.
Here are my accurate and verifiable descriptions of all fbi agents, operatives, special investigators, informants, and associates in other agencies; within their ranks are:

Cowards, criminals, thugs, torturers, assassins, murderers, killers, robbers, pathological liars, hoodlums, perverts, psychopaths/sociopaths, burglars, sex offenders, rapists, child molesters, traitors, brutalizers of animals and humans, retarded fools, half wits, and egotistical maniacs.

I am sure that other persons who know the fbi personnel can add to the above list of traits. See my thousands of posts online for evidence in support of these comments. The USA that existed 100 years ago is no more, and the current Gestapo-type regime here invites all sorts of unfriendly responses from victims of fbi/cia heinous crimes, foreign and domestic.

The fbi in efforts to silence me also continue their 30 years of provocative assaults by their street thugs (such as Alonzo Yanez) and by ignorant cops such as USPI KNIPFING AND HIS SIDEKICK RODRIGUEZ (Texas DPS ), UT police Bleier and Wilson, Brownsville Detective Posada, Cruz, Army Intel Officer Wolf, and many others.

Note that the fbi and their friends in sport play deadly/macabre games upon and seek to aggravate all painful experiences that I encountered during my life. For this alone the fbi are clearly fiendish human monsters who use their vast intelligence resources for evil ends.


Thank you and may Providence protect and allow confort to men and women who are abused, tortured and killed by fbi and company.

About me:

Targeted by fbi:


Fbi history book:


What Would You do?
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picture19 Oct 2016 @ 22:58
Shortly after the fbi hijacked my life, I confided in a Dallas attorney with whom I had a professional association and we both attended the same high school together.  When he became a witness to the terror campaign by the fbi against me, his advice for me was, "you're not important and no one will help you, not Congress and not the Court".

He was right, but being important was never a goal in my life; hard work, study and serving my fellow citizens by meaningful work were (and are today) of great value to me from childhood to now. That attorney abandoned me, as did almost everyone else.

Below are more background data on me including the Salient Events which move me to show that the fbi today is a group of human monsters and sociopaths.

The first group of statements below appear on my high school page, followed by biography, an entry, Army DD214, the fbi history book, and transcripts of my academic activities.

I struggled for many early years to survive extreme poverty; I subsequently served the US Army and the fbi, and I devoted most of my efforts in study and work. Here are the other primary events of my life: ************************************************************

Geral is married. His schools include Woodrow Wilson High School, Texas Tech University School of Law.

.............GERAL SOSBEE, COUNSELOR AT LAW.............

This page does not represent a solicitation of any kind. Geral is not certified by the Texas  Board of Legal Specialization. - Geral's interests: destroy fbi/cia as they exist today. - This report is intended to reflect his many blessings:

From birth to death and beyond,  he feels  fortunate to have a  wondrous... *                                               L earning (in universities, schools, colleges, in war, & on the streets).

I nvolvement ( in every endeavor that I engage or touch).

F riendship (with individuals from all walks of life).

E xcitement (of a varied, compelling and not always pleasant kind).


Music he likes includes Beethoven Ode to Joy.


1) Man of LA Mancha:

"To dream the impossible dream To fight the unbeatable foe To bear with unbearable sorrow To run where the brave dare not go."

2) To Climb Ev'ry Mountain:

"A dream that will need All the love you can give Everyday of your life For as long as you live" -

Book he likes: The Age Of Madness, Thomas Szasz, 1974.

- Five  of Geral's  favorite statements  are:

1) A nation and its people who deliberately engage in the systematic conquest, subjugation, torture, imprisonment and killing of others must by the laws of physics and divine nature have the same calamities delivered upon themselves. Geral Sosbee

2) Beware The Twilight

"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air -- however slight -- lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness." ~ Justice William O. Douglas

3) Our world is under attack, not by aliens but by traitors with familiar faces:

  "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear." Cicero

4) Krishnamurti:: "Think On These Things"

"That there is intelligence only when there is no fear, when you are willing to rebel, to go against the whole social structure in order to find out what God is, or to discover the truth of anything."

*5) Agamemnon; Aeschylus

"He who learns must suffer And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget Falls drop by drop upon the heart, And in our own despair, against our will, Comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God."


One may consider  his articles, papers, WRIT  and posts on how the fbi/cia traitors have thoroughly infected and subverted the judiciary,  congress & executive branches (and administrative departments of this government.)

Sosbee's  'world in a box'  online and " Collapse of The Constitutional Government of the United States ".

Other reports are available at

academia.edugeralsosbee -

In our  Age of Madness this is not the time for political platitudes.

- News from geral at , Google Plus and other sites: Excerpts: October 14, 2016:

First the good news: I am doing well, thanks to my own perseverance and capacity to endure multiple, complex and sometimes  life threatening assaults on my life and sanity by fbi.

...not so good news:  Spearheading the overthrow of the US government and the mind control of the populace are the fbi, cia, nsa, nsc and company. Complicit in the stealth coup here where millions of our people are wrongly imprisoned, killed by cops/fbi, and otherwise marginalized in the everlastingly twisted and sick ideological regime of USA are the quislings of congress and the courts. Their members have sold out the people in traitorous betrayal. -

See my * report on "Creation of Artificial Kidney Stone In Vivo By Skilled Criminals with M, M, O" which was inspired and facilitated by my high school chemistry class with Mr. Hutchins. The report over time will continue to be analysed globally and no doubt will cause USA no slight degree of  embarrassment as experts and laymen confirm and verify  the facts in my report. * [link]

...and my October 10, 2014 paper entitled

"The fbi, Their Agents, Operatives, And Friends Are Seriously Mentally Ill" Excerpt: The word 'evil' does not adequately describe the extreme wickedness and moral depravity of the fbi which in turn affects all of our public and private institutions and often the people who associate therein.


For those who seek additional personal  information on me, note that I have never been accused of any offense (civil nor criminal in my life, that I am aware of), that I am an active attorney in good standing with the State Bar of Texas, and that my multiple medical clearances are available on my websites at sosbee vs. Fbi and at academiadotedu. - Notice: No legal advice is provided on any of my websites. -

Best Wishes To Each Person Here.

Thank you for sharing presence, until we meet again.



Biography, Courtesy of Mr. CLIFF HUYLEBROECK :


The cost of freedom for all  is paid today by a few, but the inhumane oppression by fbi hangs over the collective conscience of the nation:


DD214 and Army records:



fbi History Book featuring former Special Agent  







Medical Clearances:



The fbi operative at Portland Indymedia continues to trash all of my recent submissions:
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 Fbi as human monster
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Fbi as human monster
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Submitted by gsosbee on Tue, 2016-10-18 01:38

I have demonstrated for about half a century how the fbi subverts law and institutions in order to display their own power over and false image of indispensability to our nation. In virtually every fbi operation for the past century these thugs and killers seek public approval and sometimes adoration for their 'crime fighting' prowess. The truth is that the fbi is the most dangerous criminal enterprise ever in US history, and this assertion includes the threats against our people by the likes of Al Capone and his MAFIA . Today the fbi is the global federal MAFIA which in concert with federal Magistrate Judges torture, imprison, force suicide and assassinate innocent individuals under a complex system of laws and methods known only to the fbi and doj.

In my 30 years of struggle to stay alive while the fbi tries to kill me, I have learned that the fbi routinely lies, sets up innocent persons for arrest, imprisonment and death; when the fbi cannot find an ounce of evidence against a political adversary or whistle blower, the fbi goes all out using every dirty, illegal and unconscionable trick to destroy the Target through counterintelligence and extreme psychological operations.

The fbi goes to great length, sparing no expense, to silence this critic. When I tried to have the courts assist me in stopping the fbi crimes, all judges and so-called justices pretended that the fbi operated within the law.

That law is a complex cobweb of secret rules formulated to provide the fbi and company with complete freedom to entrap an innocent Target.

Only a creepy spider understands exactly where the beutiful butterfly rests on the web and only the human monsters in the fbi knows where, when and how their innocent victim is captured on their macabre web.

My suit was dismissed by a string of corrupt judges including the miscreants on SCOTUS:

SCOTUS denies my WRIT: WRIT 534US894

The implications of the denied WRIT are ominous for all people on earth:


Some of my papers on topic are here ( See also my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014)

As a result of the thorough corruption of the judiciary of the USA by the fbi, the horror story that I document continues now for 30 years and counting and perhaps for life.

I have proven that the fbi is on a roll of criminality unprecedented in human affairs:

See false M.D. report on me, serving the fbi serial killers & torturers:


*See the State Bar of Texas deliver an absurd notice to me, as does **police Detective Posada and other ***thugs in blue at all levels:

* [link]

** [link]

*** [link]

Regarding the obscure and illegal/outrageous laws secretly used by fbi, see the summaries below. Note that the fbi uses operatives and informants (often criminals themselves) to commit felonies against this Target. The fbi knows that their covert and inhumane assaults on the Target are impossible to prove; so, the fbi runs amuck in their crime spree. From some of the laws listed below the Federal Magistrate Judges fraudulently and with criminal intent authorize the fbi to drive the Target crazy , to torture the Target 24/7/365 and to discreetly assassinate him. I am one such victim of these attacks by fbi psychopaths. The goal is to silence the voices of dissent.

Thank you. Geral Sosbee


B) FindLawCodes and StatutesUS CodeTitle 18Part IChapter 119Section 2513
18 U.S.C. § 2513 : US Code - Section 2513: Confiscation of wire, oral, or electronic communication intercepting devices
Search 18 U.S.C. § 2513 : US Code - Section 2513: Confiscation of wire, oral, or electronic communication intercepting devices

C) Page 564 TITLE 18—CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE § 2510 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101(a)(22))) or an a - US Government Publishing Office › fdsys › pkg › pdf

D) Investigative Reports and Case File Procedures - US Department of the Treasury
US Department of the Treasury (.gov) › ...

Maintain any other original case-related documents, not being placed into evidence, separately either in a .... and audio or otherwise recorded notes made during the course of or contemporaneous with an interview;.

D) federal rules to non consensual audio monitoring." Office Of The Treasury Inspector General 7-1-09

-Chapter 400 Investigations

-(400)-160 Technical Investigative Support

-160.1 Authority for use

-Electronic Tracking Devices

-Video Monitoring

-Technical Surveillance And Countermeasures

-Surveillance Platform And Undercover Vehicles

U.S.C. Sect 2510-2522


ID:21Rev 1)
Date: 2/14/01
Subject: Investigative and Enforcement Activities

ID: 22(Rev 2)
Date: 4/13/06
Subject: Consensual Monitoring of Wire and Non-Wire Communications
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picture23 Sep 2016 @ 14:41

Modern Nazism in the form of the fbi/cia/cops unconscionable police state lives today in fbi/cia:


--------- --------- --------- ---------

Ironically many Jews who labor to keep media focus on the Nazi Holocaust assist in the formation of a modern Nazi-type state in USA today:

In order to stop or discourage critics of fbi control over the people and government, the fbi resorts to blackmail, torture, arbitrary or false mass imprisonment, murder, forced suicide, human experimentation programs and public metaphorical lynchings of credible authorities such as the present author. See my paper at academiadotedu entitled "What Would You Do If". Also see " My Story In Detail" at SOSBEE vs.fbi and thousands of my reports online for the past 16 years.

Many fbi operatives online attempt to discredit the work of whistleblowers and at the same time to assault their character & attack their sanity. See my report on "Committed To Healing".

See, for example, the following transparent attack by anonymous assassin or supporter of fbi:



"Sosbee vs FBI website6. Sosbee vs. FBI
The internet is an incubator for conspiracy theories, and whilst some are compelling, some are just insane. Cue: Geral W. Sosbee and his “FBI and CIA are terrorists” page. It looks like it was designed by someone who belongs in a mental institution. Read the page, and you’ll realise it was."

For more on this topic see...

...False or fictitious reports from medical doctors perhaps acting as fbi operatives. Note that in the first case mentioned below the same doctor asked my wife what she thought of my experiences or concerns about the fbi. My wife was surprised at the absurd question. I inferred a more sinister motive to the doctor's unprofessional interrogation of my beloved wife.

Select government attorneys join in the fbi ad hominem assaults:

See AUSA Sarah Robinson's unprofessional and libelous assault on this attorney:

All of Robinson's conclusory assertions in her brief are proven to be lies by virtue of my documentations for the past 16 years. .

The fbi also deploys psychopaths online for the most outrageous and obscene verbal affront:
Fbi operative fraudulently announces that this Target of the fbi's torture & attempted murder campaign is a murderer due to his services on the battlefield in defense of the USA, and further that this Target is a possible mass murderer who must be watched:


In summary the fbi demands and wrongfully receives the obedience and subservience of almost everyone in this country. A kind of invisible *victory salute is afforded to the fbi who pretend to achieve 'victory' over crime. Yet, most people do not realize that crime is not stopped, but is in fact encouraged and engaged in by the fbi and their operatives, assets, street thugs and even police. See my sworn affidavits 2007 & 2014 and other papers online. And see:

*From Wikipedia:

"Heil, mein Führer!" (Hail, my leader!), or "Sieg Heil!" (Hail victory!). It was adopted in the 1930s by the Nazi Party to signal obedience to the party's leader, Adolf Hitler, and to glorify the German nation (and later the German war effort)."
Today, no one (even attorneys with a duty to indict the fbi) credibly challenge fbi authority or statements. Instead, the mere mention of the name, "F B I" , strikes fear, false respect, hypnotic trance, or complete silence in the parties involved, or a resigned approbation to 'anything F B I' in the minds of all, thereby signaling in demeanor and implicit acclamation , "Hail, my leader F B I".

The ultimate goal of the fbi and its police state is to...

Reduce mankind to a fearful trembling species :


Control earth & space I n h u m a n e l y :


One may understand through my work and the articles of others in the Resistance that the fbi also gains in their crimes the assistance of corrupt judges who grant in secret sweeping, illegal, deadly atrocities of the fbi Gestapo type apparatus. See:


For many victims of fbi's own crime spree, the fbi appears in our society as a federal MAFIA-TYPE syndicate, but the genesis for the fbi's pervasive criminal organization throughout the world is not unlike that of the Nazi Hitler era of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, as suggested above and here:

Actually, current presidential candidates Hillery or Trump both support the fbi thugs and murderers. With Trump we see the rejuvenation of mass hysteria in favor of expanding deadly intelligence operations against selected groups and persons around the world.
Note the parallels in this report between Nazi Germany and United States of America's quasi Nazi control of the people as intimated herein and also as also suggested below:

By the 1935 the fbi assumed control of the police authorities in the USA. From that time to now the fbi (with full cooperation of cia) systematically trained and programmed all police agencies in the country & at the same time seized control of media for propaganda purposes and exercised power over the three branches of government plus all administrative agencies. See my report on " The Collapse of The Constitutional Government of The United States of America ".

Today, Trump calls to "Make America Great Again" is a false slogan for the completion of the USA police state, openly and with popular support. Even extreme right wing murderous power brokers in the Republican party (i.e., the Bush clan) run from Trump because he intends to achieve ' in our face ' today the NWO power (over all people) that his predessesors sought to achieve more discreetly over time.

Further, for example in the tradition of Hitler, Trump and the fbi, et al., seek to deny citizenship or deport certain people and groups of specified descent, plan to indirectly nationalize (through devious taxation) some industries, support torture and increased violence against all who do not accept his vision of "Make America Great Again" and against those who do not "love us", expand law enforcement in the USA, increase the size of military and ensure more deadly attacks on perceived adversaries globally.

Hillery similarly approves of fbi/cia atrocities ongoing towards the goal of total subjugation of all. Hitler would no doubt be proud of and conscript both Trump, and Hillery into his regime of human monsters.

After all, the rallies at the campaigns of both Trump and Hillery resemble those of Hitler's public demonstrations of mass mania in support of a supreme Germany/USA. Hysteria, chants, and even violence punctuates the current rallies in USA. Fear reigns supreme. Neighbors distrust and often attack each other, while cops are on a kill campaign with the support of SCOTUS.

Today, Trump, like Hitler, also intends to lock up or marginalize opponents and other "undesirable" elements. Then, he hints or outright proclaims that he will imprison, deport or kill several millions. The tragic irony of the rise of Trump is that he exemplifies all the evil that allowed a few people (and the fbi/cia/police community) to turn the USA into the present juggernaut of fascism and colonialism where police state tactics promise to keep the rich in power and to enslave, imprison or kill millions. Such evil is often manifest in thirst for power through the extremes of greed, vanity, selfishness and fear. The masses of people truly don't have a clue.

See my reports at



The above report posted 9-20-16. The next morning the fbi thugs had received notice (from the agent assigned to torture and kill me) to send me notice of their revenge for the post. So, the fbi took over the hearing aids issued by VA for service connected hearing problem, and turned the volume to extremely high; that night the fbi hoodlum turned up the brain entrainment level to a ten (on a level of 1-10, ten being the highest & most painful). Sleep deprivation all night (via Directed Energy Weaponry, 'DEW') rendered me nearly incapacitated on 9-22-16 whereupon I suffered from loss of balance, extreme headache and other symptoms as set forth in part 19 of "My Story".

While I cannot be certain of the reason for the retaliation, I suspect that my reference to assaults on me by Israeli lunatics (in service to Intel groups fbi/cia/mossad/SS) may have been part of the motives.

Note that the USA's Intel community of mass murderers, torturers and assassins have members from all ethnic backgrounds and that the radical Israelis are not the only killers after me.

However, over the past 35 years, one M.D. gentile tortured me and five doctors of Jewish descent tortured, poisoned, maligned or threatened me on behalf of the fbi.

Many doctors and scientists from different origins, colors and creeds have followed the fbi's directives to slander me, deny me service and harm me via intentional scientific negligence and mal practice. One threatened to file a civil suit if I continued my reports on him.

Also, the DEW assaults cause almost total loss of hearing in my left ear and about 75% loss in right ear; the fbi always seeks to worsen my service connected injuries which are documented with the VA.

So, let this short comment on the above post further illuminate the total cowardice of the psychopaths who run the CJS in USA.
For more on the corruption of police see my reports on the fools with badges and guns named as follows:
*Knipfing, Rodriguez, Bleier, Wilson, Cruz, Posada

These are the types of men taking orders and directives from their fbi trainers and who are also killing our people on the streets, locking up innocent men and women by the millions, and converting USA into a police state.

* Knipfing continues today to monitor my writing online in order to follow up on his threats against me and my wife in my home in my face and in violation of criminal statutes on subversive actions of law enforcement. For three years Knipfing ignores my FOI request
and his chiefs insult me when I press for the documents every 6 months,

--------------- Not INDEPENDENT OF FBI THUGS
Permalink Submitted by gsosbee on Fri, 2016-09-23 00:16 often controlled by fbi assassins

*Portland trashes the above report on USA:INHUMANE and deletes the same report.


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 USA's fbi/MAFIA, a real life monster
picture15 Sep 2016 @ 04:21
USA's fbi/MAFIA, a real life monster
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Submitted by gsosbee on Thu, 2016-09-15 00:11

The fbi/cia/police community globally have created a self perpetuating murderous empire which requires the organization and funding of an army of secret assassins operating mainly in the shadows and in pursuit of new victims of their inhumane agenda. In order to gain the money and support for the evil program the leaders of the fbi/MAFIA must convince the public through control of media that criminals threaten all of us all of the time everywhere. So, criminals must be manufactured by truly bad men in 'black.'

In a sense this unbelievable development is now an industry which is colossal and pervasive across all departments and branches of government worldwide. The criminal justice system now encompasses or manipulates the entire judiciary, all in congress and most in private business & universities, and all in the executive offices of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA everywhere on earth. Nothing can be done to stop it; and by leaps and bounds the most gruesome and morbid machine ever imagined expands even into outer space.

Directed Energy Weapons,inter alia, are used by this murderous regime (and its street thugs) to attack me and others 24/7/365 for life with the full authority of corrupt federal judges, SCOTUS, Congress and the President of the United States.

The government, furthermore, must create criminals in order to feed the monstrous, 'flesh eating machine' which is the Invisible war on * liberty everywhere.


The assassins mentality dominates our global culture and this is exactly the milieu within which the fbi and the cia ( and their supporters, operatives, handlers)draw nourishment for their mental illness.

Innocent men are set up for imprisonment, torture and assassination; many persons are trapped in secret government experimentation programs which are painful, macabre and unconscionable. Meanwhile, the lowest thugs in society are paid to kill the best among us. This is the United States of America today and the world tommorrow.

See my reports online where I often name individuals working for the fbi who are actively engaged in terrorist assaults on me in order to imprison or kill me: "My Story In Detail", WRIT, Reports on US government and local police thugs who pathetically assist the federal hoodlums in hostile and illegal pursuit of GERAL SOSBEE, thousands of posts online authored by me and others...


...and my papers at

* Age of Madness:


Finally, a summary about me:

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 Wicked men of the fbi
picture29 Aug 2016 @ 04:24
The following represents a summary of my life under fire by fbi who represent evil incarnate.

Wicked men in fbi, ambitious of power with hatred of liberty and contempt of law engage in torture, imprisonment, forced suicide and assassination, routinely monitoring the defenseless victims; the fbi's psychopaths also employ discreet methods to murder their Targets and the fbi thereby seizes and maintains control over our government and over the minds of our people.

Below are some summaries that support the above statement. For specific and sometimes itemized examples of fbi atrocities see my thousands of reports, papers, articles, comments and posts online over the last 16 years. Note that the complete and unmitigated corruption by the fbi of congress, the courts and administrative agencies render any viable efforts at reform in the USA all but impossible.
Such a horrid state of affairs now exist in the United States of America and creeps globally via USA's allies and other conforming nations that submit to orders.
While my work to destroy the fbi by applying reason (and the force of evidence) is the most rewarding, yet painful life, that I could ever have imagined, I realize that others will need to take up the task where I leave it upon my death. A peaceful soldier's work is never done, especially in an Age of Madness.
Today, after 30 years of criminally fiendish assaults on my person, intensifying at times in apparent response to my successful communications, the fbi extends the psychological and physical torture by methods almost indescribably ferocious in their effects and in their
Only a man who understands the fbi's macabre tactics by using them or by experiencing them firsthand as a victim can fully comprehend the descriptions of same that I often try to present.
Indeed, some of the cruel acts against me and others are as painful to endure as they are nearly impossible to describe. As strange as this may seem, I am embarrassed for my country (the overthrown regime of USA) and for my fellow man to try to relay some events because no one in our society wants to believe, conceive, or envision, that our government would permit or condone such inhumane attacks by the
de facto human monsters of the fbi whom I struggle to portray.
Thank you.  More >

 Fbi hoodlums and criminal sociopaths at work 24/7
picture6 Aug 2016 @ 05:25

The fbi assassins continue for 30 years to date around the clock harassment against me by mind games, vandalism of my car and property, home invasions, and extreme DEW assaults causing sleep deprivation. The fbi thugs, for example, take control by remote of my car's features and open the trunk in cleverly timed moments; the fbi thugs also let air out of my car's tires and destroy the valve stems. In the past the fbi has destroyed several of my vehicles that were not under warranty. Everywhere I go 24/7 the fbi tags along looking for and finding ways to harass me in a most cowardly and criminal manner. This fbi operates under the authority of DOJ and the President of the USA himself.

Today, the fbi again hacks into my account at OPM, and I asked Congressman RUBEN HINOJOSA to assist in restoring my account. Here are my messages to OPM and to the Congressman :


Dear OPM 'COMMENT' & 'Technical Support' groups:

Please see if you could restore my access to my account which is apparently hacked by unknown parties for reasons not fully clear.

At the bottom of this email is the message that I sent to US CONGRESSMAN RUBEN HINOJOSA tonight wherein I requested his assistance because two OPM employees could not assist me today, after hours of holding to talk with them separately.

I have never had a problem until recently signing in to OPM, and I regularly accessed the account on line to keep it active. The temporary password delivered to me today by OPM via US mail did not work, and I hope that no one at OPM has tampered with my account.

Note that about a year ago I documented with OPM and SAMBA that someone fraudulently cancelled my SAMBA health coverage. My former employer may be involved in some of my online difficulties. Another example of hacking my accounts is shown in this link:


Here is my email tonight to the Congressman:

"Email Me - Thank You
The following information has been submitted:

Name: Mr. geral sosbee


Telephone: ×××

Issue: VET

Message Text:

I am a 60 % disabled combat veteran and a former fbi agent. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) presently blocks me from accessing their website for reasons unknown. My previous password quit working a month ago and my new password issued to me today also does not work. I tried to clarify the blocking of my OPM account with OPM representatives today telephonically, but they could not assist in unblocking my OPM account file # xxx. I sense that possibly my account at OPM is hacked or tampered with by someone for reasons unknown.
Could your office please contact OPM at, or at 888 767-6738 on my behalf because I need tax data, etc., which are available online. Note that I have exhausted all other means to ask OPM to respond. Last year, I also documented a similar hacking at my insurance account at SAMBA health coverage. My dob:08/30/1945 Thank you for your service and Best Wishes for your future success and retirement plans. Geral Sosbee xxxx."  More >

 Fbi, police, army intel, et al are often criminals
picture31 Jul 2016 @ 16:05
For evidence of crimes committed against me by fbi, police, army intellingence,, see my reports on UT COPS , Army's Wolf, & fbi at parts *19, a, b, c; see also my documentations of corruption in the Brownsville, Texas Police Department ( including my posts on on defective Detective Adrian Posada).
Read the material also to learn how attorneys lie to try to justify withholding data from me that would further prove additional crimes committed by the law enforcement community and their half wit informants and operatives in failed efforts to arrest me.

More reports are shown in the following titles:

Note that a lunatic federal magistrate judge authorizes and empowers fbi and associates to torture, force final exits and kill activists like me.

upcoming events available
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Wed 27 July 2016
Fbi destroys America
Mon 25 July 2016
America's Promise & The Grim Reality
Wed 20 July 2016
Fbi / MAFIA seize America (and PI Helps them)
Sun 17 July 2016
Fbi, carnage, media & police state USA
Tue 12 July 2016
Murderous Police & Their fbi Mentors
Fbi are human monsters
Mon 11 July 2016
Sat 9 July 2016
Obscene fbi profilers on tv
Mon 4 July 2016
I delete my Facebook account because Facebook is corrupt
Sun 3 July 2016
fbi & their big four falsely denigrate records of war vets
Recent reports for edification
Thu 30 June 2016
The wolf pack that is the fbi
Fbi illegal trades
Wed 29 June 2016
Wars, human suffering, torture, murder= NWO
Fbi friends in cybercrimes
Tue 28 June 2016
Fbi influence on internet
Biography Blocked By Bullies: 'burro', i.e.,fbi/Facebook/Google
Fbi, Facebook and Google team up in evil effort
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 America's Promise & The Grim Really
picture26 Jul 2016 @ 04:42
Republished from my dear friend BARBARA HARTWELL :


Be it remembered, however, that liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker! But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us at the expence of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood.

—And liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them understandings, and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers.

~ John Adams, Essay on Canon and Feudal Law (1765)

Following are several excerpts from the reports written by former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, both old and new.

In particular, Geral gives updates on the grievous injustices committed against him by police and others to whom he reported crimes, including felony stalking and vandalism, against him and his wife.

These crimes are part of the decades-long campaign waged against Geral Sosbee, in attempts to neutralize him. Such criminal actions by the authorities are meant to wear the Target down via relentless stress and trauma, as he is constantly forced to act in his own protection and defense against the demonic forces arrayed against him.

When the Target reports the crimes, he is ignored, his sanity is impugned, he is dismissed by authorities as if he were but a nuisance, and may even be ridiculed and his life is destroyed, piece by piece.

He will be ostracized by society at large, and abandoned and/or betrayed, even by some of those closest to him. People will not want to “get involved”, for fear that they too may be targeted.

When you are stalked, harassed, threatened, libeled/slandered on a regular basis, with no remedy to stop the madness of the perps, who are in fact criminals doing the bidding of the government, your life can become a nightmare from which there is no waking, with no relief in sight.

Geral Sosbee and I have been discussing and exposing these neutralization campaigns against Targets (We the People) for many years. We have written (either separately or in collaboration) hundreds of reports documenting the many and varied offenses, both civil and criminal, perpetrated against us and others we have known.

The truth is, there is no protection for government whistleblowers, even though “retaliation against a whistleblower” is “supposedly” against the law. But what laws can we expect to be honored when our nation has become lawless?

Geral Sosbee has remained standing against the evil of the criminals, reprobates and lunatics which comprise our government, while most others who claim to be “patriots”, or “activists” or “whistleblowers”, have caved under the pressure and/or compromised principles in favor of pragmatism and self-serving motives.

I have never in all my life had a greater honor bestowed on me than the solid and unwavering friendship of Geral Sosbee. He, who defends what is right when others flee in fear; he, who refuses to compromise, but stands firm for Liberty, no matter the consequences; he, who consistently pursues Justice, even in the face of the terror and torture visited upon him by demonic liars and evildoers.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 6, 2016


"And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender or submission"...(JFK) to the murderous tyrants of USA's fbi/cia/*dod/police and their backstabbing mental dwarf-operatives/assassins.
Geral Sosbee on behalf of Everyman.



Whereas the present government of the United States (feigning leadership) openly and without the slightest pretense of respect for human life and in complete disregard for universally accepted standards for basic human rights, engages under color of its national flag in murder, torture, imprisonment and terrorist practices against the peoples of the world, NOW THEREFORE SHOULD BE DECLARED AND HEREBY IS DECLARED A CRIMINAL AND ILLEGITIMATE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY (THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) and as such deserves not a respectable place among the family of nations and more significantly merits nil when the final account of Humanitarian efforts be tabulated by all that is holy and graceful in the universe. 
In My Humble Opinion.


Below are a few of the crimes committed by the United States government against “We The People”; for more specific examples of the overthrow of our constitutional government see my hundreds of reports on the subjects on line.

Every American is promised the sanctity of these fundamental and
unalienable Rights: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Reality:

The United States government, as spearheaded by fbi, cia, dod, nsa, nsc, police,etc., engage in the following practices against our fellow Americans:

a) imprison millions in a capricious and illegal manner

b) threaten and harass individuals in order to provoke unacceptable responses

c) torture and force suicide

d) beat, strangle, poison, murder, assassinate or kill by firearms or by discreet undetectable methods

e) attack individuals with directed energy weapons (DEW), including extremely low frequency sound waves (ELF), microwaves, voice to skull transmissions, etc.

f) engage in pervasive, lifelong psychological warfare (psychological operations-‘psyops’) against individuals, often employing subtle and discreet tactics (‘gaslighting’) that are designed to drive the individual insane

g) use chemical and biological agents to kill or to incapacitate selected individuals

h) blackmail the congress, the courts and all in government service in order to maintain control over all operations


We live in a most terrible age that some correctly call The Age of Madness.

The USA is killing people around the world, while the fbi/police/judges are busy here at home practicing their macabre handicraft which consists of threats, harassment, torture, false imprisonment, forced suicide, and coast to coast killings/assassinations against mainly innocent men and women including selected political and ideological Targets.

No end is near to the madness because the public blindly accepts their murderous leaders and unbalanced government officials, and because this overthrown government (as spearheaded by fbi, cia, dod) cannot allow themselves to lose their inhumane grip on the world.

So, for many of us a compelling dilemma emerges when the homicidal cops and their filthy mentors in fbi come after us.

We must all recognize the insanity of the regime that threatens us and we may need to adjust our approach to the cultural storms that gather right in our faces .

Those of us who refuse to open eyes to the decadent practices of this 'assassination nation' (Seymour Hersh) contribute to the unconscionable crimes committed in our name .

In this way we in our indifference define and perpetuate
The Age of Madness.


All authorities ignore my reports of crimes and cover ups against me, my wife and property by fbi and the police.

High officials in state and federal agencies completely remove themselves from the torture games and attempted murder that I have proven (and submitted to authorities) over the past 15 years.

The police leaders, DA, AG, Texas State Bar's CDC, legislators (federal & state, and others in power) all show fear of or subservience to the assassins working for the fbi.


I have exhausted all apparent avenues to stop or to slow down criminal assaults by fbi operatives, but with no success; even today the fbi sends their little mouse-type thug at me in the public library as I seek to use the computer.

The fbi has in fact hog tied all authorities at every level and also undermines private companies at will.

E.G.: Jon Freier with T MOBILE ignores my *email wherein I show the repeated destruction of my tablet by fbi hackers.

DEW assaults are at times incapacitating and other psychological operations continue. Clearly, our nation is overthrown by assassins and terrorists working as fbi, cia, police, and their criminal operatives. All persons jailed by these tyrants are victims of the most evil and corrupt regime ever devised to rule over men.

Email to Mr. Freier:

my T-Mobile phone number is 956 xxx-xxxx

Geral Sosbee


January 28, 2016, 12:42 PM

Mr. Freier,

Please permit this summary and question:

I am a former fbi intelligence special agent and I am now considered a whistleblower.

The fbi has an extensive harassment, torture and attempted murder program against me.

One type of harassment is the destruction of every computer that I acquire.

A few months ago I received a free T-Mobile Tablet (tab) with a service agreement for two years. I enjoyed the tab, but I experienced many problems with the tab as an apparent result of hacking by the fbi. I tried to report these events, but the T-Mobile representatives could not address my concerns about fbi hacking.

The fbi apparently destroyed three such T-Mobile tablets every time I reported to T-Mobile that the tab quit working. T-Mobile sent me a total of three tabs over time.

In the end, T-Mobile refunded the fee to my account, and I decided that I am not allowed by the fbi to have neither a computer of any kind (except my smart phone), nor a tab.

My question is this:

Is there any way I could purchase a T-Mobile tab with a complete lifetime warranty, so that I am protected from future problems. Please note that the fbi may be less likely to destroy or incapacitate the tab if I have a full warranty from T-Mobile.

Thank you, and thanks also to your superb manager at the T-Mobile Corporate Store at the Brownsville, Texas, Mall, FRIEDA, who has always assisted me and my wife in her store.


Over The Past Three Months I have presented evidence of crimes and cover ups by fbi, police and other high officials. Here is the latest installment.

The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office refuses to investigate my reports of crimes committed by the Brownsville, Texas police, even as the DA and his investigator insult me and ignore the compelling evidence that I have presented regarding Detective Adrian Posada's actions and inactions adversely affecting me and my wife . Thus, I have shown over the past thirty years that the corruption of our entire legal system and the fbi's CJS render this nation a de facto police state.



"... he is absolutely right when he says that the corruption of the police, under the orders of the FBI, has turned this nation into a terrible place, where citizens' rights are routinely violated, and where we cannot trust those who are public servants to carry out their appointed duties."

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA
Posted by Curriculum Vitae at Saturday, February 06, 2016
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 Fbi, carnage, media & police state USA
picture18 Jul 2016 @ 01:50
Fbi, carnage, media & police state USA
by Geral
Monday, 18th July 2016
Police & Prisons
Certificate Image

This report reveals the evil that is the fbi in our contemporary global society
and the methods used by fbi,police,media to mislead the people and to keep them uninformed.
The fbi now prevents me from commenting on many forums and news media; Facebook harasses me and blocks my biography by falsely claiming a *security concern.
Meanwhile, the fbi tortures me with 1) unrelenting DEW assaults which are very harmful 2) psychological operations which are at times difficult to sustain.

The police are on a 'global kill and imprison' rampage as taught by fbi at National Academy.

The media artfully hide these truths from the public and the fbi provides their own hand picked commentators to appear on tv, etc., to focus attention on the need for law and order in this nation. Yet, subversion of law is secretly achieved and, at the same time, assassinations are SOP in the fbi's murderous culture.

The police are not fully aware that the dangers facing them are of their own making and that the fbi loves the carnage.

See the following link (& the link on government must create criminals)
for more data:


Remember that the fbi is responsible for chaos on American streets today and that the forging of a macabre police state is a necessary tool for achieving the new order that this evil regime seeks at any cost.


Facebook now blocks the following link and also joins with Google, Yahoo, Bing in hiding and removing the link from search engines:
Here is the phony reason provided by Facebook for blocking the biography:

"The content you're trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:


Please remove this link to continue.
If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know."

Finally, here is my recent report on the unethical conduct by the big FOUR (Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing) in concert with the traitors and assassins of fbi:

[link]  More >

picture12 Jul 2016 @ 03:46
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Submitted by gsosbee on Mon, 2016-07-11 23:36
I know the fbi to be the most cowardly group of assassins, torturers and inhumane monsters (disguised as USA employees) in our world today.
The evil and macabre techniques used by the fbi to expand their criminal grip on the people requires the creation of a police state here and around the world.


In the following and related links I show how the fbi miscreants use gaslighting to drive their victims mad; then, another author presents more evidence of the related topic of psychological operations (i.e. 'psyops) wherein the fbi is exposed as quasi demonic. I am a witness to and victim of the fbi's extreme unconscionable attacks referenced here.

Gaslighting :



Psyops and high tech torture:


In the next link I present two affidavits, dated 2007 and 2014, wherein I offer irrefutable testimony with extensive supportive evidence (in my logs, etc.) of the MAFIA-type organization that is the fbi now.



Finally, the people here in USA cannot stop the spread of the murderous fascist empire now being forced upon people globally.



Thank you.

The fbi are psychopaths, dead in their sensibilities.

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 Obscene fbi profilers on tv
picture10 Jul 2016 @ 00:10

As the police and fbi kill and imprison our people in our face, the fbi sends their mind manipulators onto the news media to further frighten us into submission to their corrupt & murderous authority. Returning war vets beware, as I have shown the fbi uses your brave service against you and labels you and I a 'murderer' for our service.

Regarding the mind manipulators, two are mentioned below. One is a fanatical and irresponsible *fbi profiler
and the other is Congressfool Pete Sessions who refused to respond to my appeal to stop fbi assaults on my life in 2004.


His statements on tv today that police and fbi should protect only law abiding citizens is a fraudulent cover for fbi's own crime spree against law abiding citizens. Sessions is as big a hypocrite and liar as any public figure ever to disgrace American politics.


* A very strange fbi female profiler comes on tv telling the world that she has the secret to violent and aggressive mass murderers & terrorists.

She describes the fbi's own killers and torturers precisely, but unwittingly.

Then, the news anchor, who allows this fool to manipulate fraudulently public opinion against normal human beings, proclaims what an expert she is.
Wow! Such irony that this evil regime's worst human monsters (fbi,cia,police) accuse us (their employers) of being potential criminals who may commit the atrocities which this corrupt regime commits 24/7/365 eternally.
Never mind that the most dangerous thugs among us are the fbi, police and their apologists such as the profiler herself.
See my 2008 report on fbi's clever but evil plans for future Targets here:


Fbi is profiled:

For three decades the Fbi tortures, urges a final exit and threatens to kill me. Then, the USPI, on orders from fbi,
comes to my home to threaten me:

Both the fbi profiler and Sessions are very dangerous operatives for the fbi/Mafia.

Such trickery by fbi profilers are a part of fbi's psychological operations which are in themselves purely diabolic.
The fbi and company are on a macabre & global crime spree of proportions unprecedented in human affairs.
May our Maker help us to stop them.

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 fbi and their big four falsely denigrate records of war vets
picture3 Jul 2016 @ 20:48
Sgt. SWEENEY (left)

This report is directed to the following governmental misfits and institutional thugs in their respective associations as listed below, and is submitted to counter the false remarks by anonymous fbi operatives and agents who try to discredit a biography written on my life by *Mr. CLIFF HUYLEBROECK. Note that the the big four, GOOGLE/ BING/ YAHOO/ FACEBOOK, all block or hide the HUYLEBROECK biography AND all accept as fact the fbi’s fraudulent efforts to discredit because these social media and search engine titans are controlled by the very torturers and assassins who have terrorized me and others for decades:

Fbi, cia, dod, army, congress, courts, fbi assassins such as named below, USPI Trey Knipfing (a man who , ignoring all the crimes committed against me by the fbi for decades, threatened me and my wife in my face in my home for my criticism of the US Army and for a crime he knows that I could not have possibly committed) and his side kick Conrad Rodriguez (Texas DPS), cops: Wilson, Bleier, Posada, etc. and all who have and continue today to assault me.Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook (‘GYBF’)

The biography written by Mr. Huylebroeck reflects many events in my life and also shows Mr. Huylebroeck's interpretation of my service to the USA in the US Army. He uses the phrase, “decorated Viet Nam war veteran” because he considers that description to be accurate as per my DD214 Army form.

Now enter the GYBF and their cohorts at fbi who claim that GERAL SOSBEE was not decorated.

The record shows that I have never made a claim to have been decorated; indeed, on the second ** link shown below I set out from the beginning the exact trinkets delivered to me by the US Army via US mail. The awards speak for themselves.

However, any man who served in combat on the battlefield with boots on the ground in the face of the enemy and in the most adverse circumstances of war is as worthy of a so-called decoration as any other soldier in service to the USA for any other proclaimed reason of demonstrated valor or heroism.



© 2016 Cliff Huylebroeck, Belgium

**My service


Today, many veterans (including combat vets) return home to be treated as criminals and human experimentees; they often kill themselves, or are homeless and unemployed and are left on the streets as vagrants. Meanwhile, the USA pays big salaries to fbi assassins, thugs and agents who engage in unconscionable offenses against our veterans, as I have outlined for decades. Now these same fbi hooligans have the audacity to appear online to verbally attack this combat veteran who is also a fbi whistleblower. See the links below where fbi anonymous assassins fraudulently and falsely exclaim that, as GERAL SOSBEE is a combat veteran “he is therefore a murderer and a possible mass murderer”; then see in another context where the fbi assassins and torturers of GERAL SOSBEE tell him to “kill yourself” and absurdly state that SOSBEE received no army awards.

Such is the state of the USA today: a nation in crisis because no man of conscience accepts the murderous agenda of the psychopaths and cowards who presume to rule this nation. So, let the record show that the US Army, the fbi, the quislings of congress and the courts, etc., all contribute to the unconscionable denigration of the very men who made the fbi and company’s ascent to power possible: the combat veterans and soldiers of the US Army.

No decoration is needed because

1) no one is qualified to deliver a decoration to the brave, patriotic men who were lied to and sent into battle to suffer and die for a corrupt nation that knows not the meaning of military service.

2) the men who served in army combat are the ultimate and perhaps last examples of heroes in the USA and any alleged decoration that seeks to elevate such a man falls short in this country because only the combat war veteran himself knows the meaning of his unequalled sacrifices.



• The award of the Combat Infantry Badge and Combat Action Badge.

The CIB was established at the dawn of World War II, and today is authorized for Infantry and Special Forces soldiers in the ranks of colonel and below who engage in active ground combat while serving with an infantry, Special Forces or Ranger units at the brigade-level or below.

Kill yourself geral sosbee:



Pick Ur Boogyman

Liar and Fraud on this thread: geral sosbee

10.Apr.2013 14:57


“The links to your 214 just prove you didn't receive any individual awards whatsoever.”


Fbi anonymous assassins shout:


“The most incompetent government agencies in the world

26.Feb.2013 13:30

paint me doubtful


Millions upon millions of dollars and man hours wasted watching this imbecile and no results. What in the world justifies spending so much time and money watching this goober? They must think that he is planning an act of terrorism, or maybe he is getting ready to shoot up a school or theater. I think it is time to find out what the fbi knows about geral, and why he is such a danger to the public. He is obviously mentally incompetent, so maybe, just maybe another mass murder will be prevented by this surveillance. “

Fbi says, combat War Vet a murderer and possible mass murderer:





Facebook now blocks the following link and also joins with Google, Yahoo, Bing in hiding and removing the link from search engines:
Here is the phony reason provided by Facebook for blocking the biography.:
"The content you're trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:
Please remove this link to continue.
If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know."
Finally, here is my report on the unethical conduct by the big FOUR (Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing) in concert with the traitors and assassins of fbi:
[link]  More >

 USA failed leadership
picture28 Jun 2016 @ 23:29
This post is a republication and is written to dishonor the fbi/cia terrorists and their friends and *supporters who have assaulted, threatened, tortured and tried to kill me over the past 30 years.

* Knipfing/Rodriguez/Bleier/Wilson/Posada/Holder/ and countless street thugs and psychopaths, all of whom define the present regime that fraudulently calls itself the United States of America.

2 years ago...

... I wrote the following report on the corrupt and murderous global practices of the assassins in fbi/cia. So, Mr. Trump need not pretend that he wants to know, "What the hell is going on" !

USA presence in other countries, in real & cyber spaces:

fbi/cia are always deadly *Trojan Horses in other countries.

Modern Eugenics, A Secret Global Holocaust Enterprise:



*Time line of cia atrocities:


See my 10 point summary of my efforts to survive fbi clandestine assaults and at the same time my victory over the world's most heinous assassins in fbi/cia.



This is not the time for beautiful platitudes or political mouthing off. The main issue facing civilization is the murderous barbarism of USA and its allies.
The assault on mankind is spearheaded by fbi,cia, dod and their homicidal and evil associates globally such as GB, France, Germany, Australia, "?Isreal", etc. So, get it straight: continue to live in fear and to hide from the ugly reality of this government's bestial conduct and you (the reader of this message) thereby contribute both to the inhumanity that envelopes us as a species and to the Nazi type Gestapo regime, now super charged, that is the United States Of America today. All sidebar issues are of little consequence when humans are reduced in perpetuity to chattels & slaves of the ruling class.


Trump says regarding those who would attack the United States of America,

"Fight fire with fire";

...yet, isn't that idea also used by those whom the fbi/cia and company slaughter murder and torture globally!  More >

 Usa is run by the criminally insane
picture21 Jun 2016 @ 05:39

As I prepare to publish the following report over the past few days, the thugs and assassins of the fbi deliver via gaslighting their threat by tamperings with my car and my tires. The fbi has repeatedly damaged and disabled my vehicles countless times over the past 30 years. The message is a MAFIA type threat which is always carried out when I do not conform.


The evidence that I have gathered over the past 30 years shows that the fbi agents, operatives, handlers, at the highest levels of government are criminally insane. See the following report for a general overview of this absurd state of the nation:


Gaslighting is a technique used by the low hoodlums of the fbi in efforts to drive their victims to distraction:


Psychological operations are an integral part of fbi gaslighting maneuvers which are devised and executed by psychopathic minds of fbi employees, including fbi street thugs.

"Murderer".In the following link the insane fbi employee anonymously appears on line to fraudulently announce that this victim of fbi 'hit' teams is a murderer :


For all who wonder why so many people globally seem to hate the USA, see my documentations of fbi's
assaults using bio-chem-viral agents and DEW on me.

See also this report that summarizes the macabre fbi assault program:


Other fbi Targets around the world are also reporting strange and apparent clandestine attacks on political activists.

For about 16 years I have asked congres and the courts to see the evidence of the overabundance of unchecked abuses of civil and criminal laws by the very officials in the fbi who are charged to preserve and to protect such laws. All governmental authorities refuse to address the issues.

Those in high office are cowardly quislings who have sold out our country to the fbi/MAFIA thugs whom I devote my life to expose.

The traitors in all branches of the USA government show no interest in promoting the animating contest of freedom:


Finally, persons from many countries now compare my notes with others who have been, are being, or might become victims of fbi/cia high tech torture and kill games which employ chemicals, etc., in efforts to incapacitate the Targets. Below are a few such individuals who are aware that fbi/cia actually attack their adversaries with kidney stones (ks). Other visits to my material from Thailand, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, etc., suggest that the world's population now discovers that I and they prove by overwhelming circumstantial evidence the criminal Insanity of these human monsters in the employ of fbi/cia.

DOJ sends me notice of my excellent work against fbi assassins :
Domain Name ? (U.S. Government)
IP Address 149.101.1.# (US Dept of Justice)
ISP US Dept of Justice
State : District of Columbia
City : Washington
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Country : United States  (Facts)
State : New York
City : Rochester
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Search Words lab results with kidney stones
Visit Entry Page [link]

Domain Name ? (Commercial)
IP Address 203.109.104.# (Iqara Telecom India Pvt Ltd)
ISP Iqara Telecom India Pvt Ltd
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Page Views 2
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Visit Exit Page [link]




June 21, 2016:
Following the threat mentioned in the above report, the fbi attacks me with extreme DEW assaults.



[link]  More >

 Recent assaults cleverly perpetrated by fbi
picture20 Jun 2016 @ 04:52
Fbi corrupts law and society at will:

Fbi engages in cowardly assaults:


Evil men, gaslighting, dilemma:


Purge in crime free zones:


Fbi future crime report:

*Low minded operatives create via choreographed assaults a false reality &
use high tech weaponry:


*See police report # BPD 1605-4806
June, 2016, Brownsville Texas Police.

Meanwhile the fbi drives me out of my residences:


Neighborhood thugs live in the fbi's cesspool of sinister assassins:

[link]  More >

 Gaslighting, The Devil's Pitchfork (and often the fbi's preferred weapon)
picture17 May 2016 @ 13:04
The fbi regularly and ritually slays their victim by first incapacitating him by DEW, chemical poisoning, or other extreme assaults that render him defenseless; then, watching the victim react to the inhumane physical attacks, the fbi brings down an avalanche of concurrent psychological operations which are intended to force the victim to seek a final exit.

In my recent articles, papers and reports I have shown how the fbi in furtherance of their gaslighting games actually employs police, medical doctors, assassins, a federal magistrate judge, and members of the community to pile on against a given Target. See for example my report on 'gaslighting' at this link:


Then, consider how the fbi, in efforts to cover up their crimes against the Target, also recruit as accessories to fbi's crimes the DA, the DA Investigator and police officers who insanely threaten the Target for trying to file a police report on the crimes. The police then insult the victim by saying on the record that no offense occurred, and telling the victim of fbi/police felonies to, "take the medication ". So, the illegal and unconscionable gaslighting methods that are designed to drive the victim crazy have no limits in this society.

Report on fbi's Corruption of police, DA, et.,al.:


Fbi Corrupts entire CJS:


Fbi corrupts a doctor who writes a patently false medical report in order to enhance the gaslighting assaults on the victim and to provide the police and others with a fictitious cover for their own crimes against the Target.


For additional examples of the crimes associated with gaslighting, see "My Story In Detail " and

The disintegration of society and the collapse of any sense of human decency are evident in the way the fbi and company torture and ultimately murder the Target, often using the gaslighting phenomenon as a fulcrum upon which to launch other life threatening assaults.

Thank you.


See Also:


[link]  More >

 Fbi continues its practice of the dark art of gaslighting on me
picture17 May 2016 @ 02:34
The fbi's use of gaslighting on their innocent, political Targets is among the most heinous methods used in covert intelligence operations.

After my recent articles and posts on the criminally insane fbi, their thugs perform their ritualistic *gaslighting to remind me of their great power over my life. The most recent example of the fbi mind game is reported in the end of my short article at the following link ( note that the fbi engages in these inhumane mind games in order to induce paranoia or madness). Today, I discovered the fbi's infamous gaslighting game upon return home from the doctor.



More on gaslighting:

Gaslighting takes many forms and includes many of the assaults described in “My Story In Detail” at The psychological effects of gaslighting can be harmful. Such low maneuvers may also include theft of identity, destruction of my car and other personal property, home invasions and tamperings therein, extensive and blanket surveillance, repeated medical and dental malpractice of a serious nature, widespread calumny, attempts on my life, etc. For more information on truly evil gaslighting by fbi, see my reports on the kidney stone assault and substandard medical care, etc., at the two links shown below; note that fbi efforts to kill or maim their victims are often impossible to prove; only a slight 'little' light points to the ** human monsters in the fbi who practice the dark art.





Below is a portrait of the real fbi, a group of psychopaths who enjoy supreme power in the USA and who are answerable to no one. Their kind seeks to spread their terror globally in pursuit of world inhumane domination at any cost.

[link]  More >

 Fbi continues its practice of the dark art of gaslighting on me
picture17 May 2016 @ 02:34

The fbi's use of gaslighting on their innocent, political Targets is among the most heinous methods used in covert intelligence operations.

After my recent articles and posts on the criminally insane fbi, their thugs perform their ritualistic *gaslighting to remind me of their great power over my life. The most recent example of the fbi mind game is reported in the end of my short article at the following link ( note that the fbi engages in these inhumane mind games in order to induce paranoia or madness). Today, I discovered the fbi's infamous gaslighting game upon return home from the doctor.



More on gaslighting:

Gaslighting takes many forms and includes many of the assaults described in “My Story In Detail” at The psychological effects of gaslighting can be harmful. Such low maneuvers may also include theft of identity, destruction of my car and other personal property, home invasions and tamperings therein, extensive and blanket surveillance, repeated medical and dental malpractice of a serious nature, widespread calumny, attempts on my life, etc. For more information on truly evil gaslighting by fbi, see my reports on the kidney stone assault and substandard medical care, etc., at the two links shown below; note that fbi efforts to kill or maim their victims are often impossible to prove; only a slight 'little' light points to the ** human monsters in the fbi who practice the dark art.



Below is a portrait of the real fbi, a group of psychopaths who enjoy supreme power in the USA and who are answerable to no one. Their kind seeks to spread their terror globally in pursuit of world inhumane domination at any cost.

[link]  More >

 A review of fbi's own crime spree
picture6 May 2016 @ 22:10
A Review of fbi's own crime spree hidden by media and captured by this material witness/victim:

USPI and Texas DPS  at the direction of fbi continue the charade of threatening me for unspecified crimes which were set up by fbi. DPS Rodriguez fancies himself a supreme profiler, but I recognize him and Knipfing as quislings and fools

( see also a comment by fbi assassin, aka 'James Duval'):



Fraudulent investigation launched by UT at the direction of fbi assassins:



Fraudulent BOLO (2009) issued by UT at the direction of fbi assassins:



Fbi/police thugs engage in provocative assault and battery of my person with police standing by and hoping to arrest me on behalf of fbi, if I defend myself (2009-2010):



Painful DEW assaults continue for the past 15 years 24/7/365 apparently for life:



Brain entrainment technology used by this fascist regime against many veterans who defended the USA in war:



Full scale, illegal operations and crimes against me by fbi/police/DA, etc.:


Thank you.  More >

 The CJS and its members truly gone mad
picture6 May 2016 @ 14:17

This report is directed to astute readers, students and teachers in law, pre law and social science.

The fbi, police and judges at all levels (and their assorted comrades in covert government sponsored crimes) are on a roll, a crime spree against our people which is unprecedented in human affairs and in law.

In the few links below I invite students and teachers to discover the murderous tenor of the Criminal Justice System (cjs), its members and at times the general public (including jurors). In short the fbi, police, judges, etc., have gone *mad.

If the victim of their crimes tries to seek any form of judicial relief, then he/she will likely be further threatened by the powerful federal judge, tortured by the sick fbi assailants and maligned by the public which is mesmerized and discreetly subdued. For examples of their crimes against me see my sworn affidavits, dated 2007, 2014, and see

The members of the CJS are, as I have demonstrated, often guilty of more serious crimes than most of the defendants sent to prison, or sentenced to death. See additional examples of unconscionable crimes committed or covered by reputable officials who pretend to serve as police and judges in our country:


The fbi cleverly and with no objection from lawyers developed its own secret, illegal and abusive quasi CJS that no one can challenge:

*Madness of our trusted officials:


Thank you.  More >

 A police state USA unfettered by moral / legal constraints
picture29 Apr 2016 @ 03:15
A police state USA unfettered by moral/legal constraints:

I have shown for about the past 30 years that the nation that calls itself the United States of America is in reality an *overthrown regime in the tradition of Germany in the 1930-40s; that all the signs of a murderous and cruel group of thugs in historically overthrown regimes are present in today's America: wild imprisonment, torture, forced suicide, selective assassination, control of media, global expansion, macabre human experimentation,  shooting down innocent people on the streets, etc.

The primary culprits in the secret out of control government are the fbi,cia,police,nsa,dod, et al. As I am intimately familiar with the homicidal sociopaths in service to the tyrants in power, I have presented evidence of the crimes committed by the evil men in the fbi and of the atrocities committed in the name of the American people. See my 

'World in a Box':

See also and my papers at

The fbi in retaliation for my reports on their mayhem, torture and killing activities have engaged in severe assaults and attempted murder of my person repeatedly and incessantly. The high tech electronic weaponry available to the fbi/cia at once empowers and enables the fbi and company to 'get away with' torture, forced suicide and murder perpetrated invisibly on a wide variety of their Targets/Victims. The fbi and their associates are on a stealth &  global crime spree unprecedented in human affairs. Perhaps such a dirty and unconscionable program  is partly responsible for the 911 attack on USA.

In domestic operations the fbi is the unquestioned force whose authority is law, even when the fbi and their police comrades break the law. Indeed, the entire law enforcement community is now corrupted by the fbi and engage in crimes on behalf of the fbi, often in efforts to cover up the  fbi's own crimes. See, for examples my reports in the following link on this subject:


One  problem facing  this overthrown and unsustainable regime is that men of conscience may not always accept decadent and murderous mandates of this police state; then, some  brave men may find that conscience and circumstance  move them to rebel, whereupon with their integrity and sanity  yet  intact they face  a 'life event' decision:


In my case the fbi has taken all from me, except my last breath, and I feel blessed to peacefully work against them to the end, especially in concert with other talented and similarly motivated humanitarians; and, as I understand that my purpose in this 

world is apparently and irrevocably  defined, against my will, by the lowest form of human beings on God's good earth (i.e., the fbi ), I am privileged to labor for decades until death, if necessary,  to intellectually destroy the fbi for the benefit of all. At the very least, I will be listed with others who sought, in the words of my friend Lissa Mires, "a Humane life" for all.

See my report dated 2002:


The responsibility for the  collapsed government of the United States is described here:

In the fbi's campaign to destroy all semblance of my normal life, the assassins of the fbi turn all authorities against me; then, their quislings everywhere hound, harass, threaten, malign and sometimes criminally assault me in my home on behalf of the fbi. Here are a few federal  agencies whose employees have assaulted me:










Census Bureau 






Senate/House of Representatives 

Sergeant at Arms, Senate/House

Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts






Department of  State

               "            Energy

                *          Treasury


National Geospacial Intel Office


State agencies also rob me of my rights as a citizen and are directed by fbi to harass me at every turn:


For information about my life and work, see:

my affidavits 2007 & 2014 at:


and personal data:


My medical records :


Thank you.  More >

 World attention to fbi/cia crimes
picture13 Apr 2016 @ 03:03
The Chinese find this information particularly revealing of the fbi macabre agenda and the willingness of Americans to support the atrocities :"srcid"%3A"www_normal"%2C"order"%3A"3"%2C"tplname"%3A"www_normal"%2C"t"%3A1460516092007%2C"xpath"%3A"div-a-h3"%7D  More >

 Lies by CIA, etc.
picture10 Apr 2016 @ 22:14
Evidence of lies, crimes, and cover ups, by CIA and other government agencies including the Congress/Courts on behalf of fbi's assassins :

CIA repeatedly lies in the year 2000  in efforts to assist fbi thugs by denial of my strategic services to USA ( and a copy of US Passport of Geral Sosbee):


Geral Sosbee, special agent served  fbi in  foreign intelligence & espionage 




Geral Sosbee,  featured in the 1996 fbi history book:


Geral Sosbee reports to US Embassy terrorist assaults by fbi et al in 1999 in Thailand:


CIA et al study my material in a frenzied efforts to explain their complicity in fbi crimes against Geral Sosbee :


My service in US Army:


SCOTUS gives its imprimatur to all terrorist assaults on Geral Sosbee :


Summary of my legal actions against fbi in efforts to stop their attempts at assassination of my person:


The corrupt congress of USA  is so busy with furthering their own self interests and unlawful insider trades that they knowingly permit fbi/cia atrocities, especially as each member is impliedly blackmailed by fbi/cia.


My recent work:

About me :
[link]  More >

 Modern day Logan's Run
picture9 Apr 2016 @ 06:33
See how the theme in the movie Logan's Run parallels my story of fbi murderous assaults.

Today's corrupt criminal justice system and the secret version of the cjs forged by fbi captures millions of Americans (innocent & guilty) for removal from society, or for torture and death.

Another method of removal from our streets the unwanted  political dissidents and activists is even more secretive  and is never spoken of in polite society. That hidden program is shrouded in mystery and is so horrendous and unconscionable in practice that even the boldest journalists dare not shine a light inside the macabre subculture that executes its agenda.

 Yet, we have a glympse of that hidden, awful, and murderous program (which today is the offspring of the fbi's counterintelligence operations) in at least two productions:

First, see  the film Logan's Run (1975), starring Michael York and note the similarities between that plot and the one I present to the world online over the past 16 years.

As in Logan's Run, I show how the fbi uses ultra high tech electronic weaponry (Directed Energy Weaponry, aka: DEW; and extremely low frequency sound waves,  aka elf) to attack the subject or Target. When 'your time is up', or 'your clock is to be punched', you are 'finished' as far as the authorities are concerned. You can run, but not far. You can hide, but not well. All abandon you, unless you have a special friend who recognizes the hidden plan against you and stays with you despite the risks.

In many of my reports, such as the 20 parts of "My Story In Detail ",  I show how the supreme enemy of mankind (i.e.: the fbi) pursues me relentlessly with assaults, both physical and psychological, and how these apparent maniacs of the federal government coop police and street thugs..., doctors, lawyers , and mechanics... and many others in various industries and segments of society  to assist in efforts to drive this Target  to distraction in order 'to finish him off'. For more on the subject of the 'Enemy Within' see


As alarming as all of this may  appear, a most painful part of the dark reality of this nonfiction thriller  is the realization that so many people are eager to join in the crime spree sponsored by the  fbi. I sometimes refer to them all as the Living Dead (i.e.:LD).

No matter how far I tried to go to avoid the LD, and regardless of my unending efforts to recapture my normal life, the assassins used a tracking device (i.e.:TD) implanted in me in order to never stop the assaults on my person ; the fbi also provided all criminal associates of the fbi globally with the opportunity via the TD  to assault me literally 24/7/365 for life. I sometimes refer to the fbi's band of hoodlums

 as 'fbi/MAFIA.'  The goal of the fbi operation is always the same:  to incarcerate, force a final exit, or discreetly kill me. 

My experiences are real and also real are the stories of  many others who  have perished in their own unique form of 'Logan's Run' and whose stories may never be told. Perhaps this post can help to slightly address  that wrong.

The significance of my documentations is not difficult to comprehend, but one must be interested in the subject and generally not fearful in order  to visualize the truth that emerges in my and others'  stories:

The fbi's secret tools used to force a Target to run, or to give up on running and die,  are quite impossible to overcome; I managed longer than many others to survive because of my training and my nature; today, when a new Target is chosen (as for example presented in the case of 'Logan') he/she is most often  forced to live on the run, both physically and psychologically. 

Finally, as I did not always run from the fbi thugs (i.e,: agents and operatives ), but I often charged them intellectually, they were and are today caught off guard and somewhat stymied in their attacks. Maybe  the popular theme of 'Logan's Run' (now known to many) or the adventures of this writer as presented over a decsde and a half can offer an insight into the sordid fbi killing program that continues to this day, from sea to shining  sea, in the USA the land of the free.

While no solution is apparent  to the ritualistic  program of the fbi's selective assassination hit squads, my reports reveal the existence of the filthy operation and the criminal nature of police , fbi and media in hiding the atrocities from public view.

Thank you.

About me:


See also my report on World in a box available at

[link]  More >

 Davy Crockett speaks to us
picture7 Apr 2016 @ 23:51
Davy Crockett  ( Davy) , died at the age of 49  in the year 1836 at the Alamo. However, he lives on today through his insightful & universally applicable expressions, as we here in our cause for freedom from  murderous oppression may also live for the next 100 years due to our heartfelt  exclamations in rightful defense of liberty and humanity against the hoodlums and assassins of the fbi/police & their kind globally. 

 Now, I invite the reader to imagine that Davy spoke directly to us in 2016 when he said

(Note that the following statements are from Davy, except the word 'corrupt'  in parenthesis below  is mine.)

"Be always sure you're right — THEN GO AHEAD!

... I am no man's man. I bark at no man's bid. I will never come and go, and fetch and carry...

The time will and must come, when honesty will receive its reward, and when the people of this nation will be brought to a sense of their duty, and will pause and reflect how much it cost us to redeem ourselves from the (corrupt) government....

I know not whether, in the eyes of the world, a brilliant death is not preferred to an obscure life of rectitude. Most men are remembered as they died, and not as they lived. "

Finally, I remind the reader to tread with great care in this Age of Madness because this decadent culture that supports and feeds upon the sufferings and deaths of our people at the hands of psychopathic police/fbi /jailers presents  incalculable risks to many of  us for our entire lives.

The dilemma:


The demented trick used against us:

(See especially the unheralded, unlawful, quasi CJS as forged by fbi thugs)

Thank you.

World in a box:

[link]  More >

 The end of fbi is near
picture13 Mar 2016 @ 22:42
As the people learn of the murderous and criminal minds that dominate all fbi operations, that dirty agency ceases to exist.

The fbi cannot continue to exist as the people learn of the murderous and criminal minds of its agents, operatives and employees. Indeed, all so called law enforcement in USA is corrupt, decadent and unfit to serve the people *because the cops at every level are programmed by the homicidal sociopaths of fbi.

From inside the belly of the bestial fbi, I report:



The fbi retaliates against me in a most 'grim' manner:


Thank you.

Books on Google Play
Society of Former Special Agents of the Fbi, Inc

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Turner Publishing Company, 1996 - 256 pages
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This is the compelling, never before told story of the FBI. Explore the adventures of former Special Agents through the personal stories that could only be told by them. This volume includes the history of the FBI & Special Agents, biographies & photographs of former Special Agents, personal stories, a roster containing more than 7,000 names, awards & decorations, memorials, index & hundreds of photographs.
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What people are saying

My review - Edit review
This book contains some biographical information on geral w. sosbee, and in the context of [link] the fbi history book also serves as foundation for 1)establishing the bona fides of Sosbee (one of the few living former agents featured in the book)as a credible fbi whistleblower and 2)understanding the perceived need for the fbi to discredit, torture and ultimately kill Sosbee who is currently a Target of fbi/cia goon squads for reporting the widespread criminal activities and macabre culture of the fbi/cia.
Turner Publishing Company (TBC) cannot properly continue to prevent the viewing of the 'Sosbee' page in the book, and therefore TBC should restore the full article with photo, etc., on line for public viewing, now. In the alternative, Turner Publishing Company may want to follow the Nazi tradition of a public burning of all books and articles which feature legitimate critics of the fbi/cia sociopathic personnel and homicidal hit squads.
[link]  More >

 USA as overhtrown by fbi/cia
picture4 Mar 2016 @ 19:37
Alt link:

usa as overthrown by fbi/cia:

The two premier murderous agencies in the world, the fbi/cia, in their dirty deeds are so far beyond control that no one, no legislator/judge/president, citizen can disrupt or challenge their destructive and murderous methods and rule. All other authorities in the USA (including the police) submit to cia/fbi authority as needed.

The chief tools used by the fbi/cia to control people globally are: threat of retaliation, torture, forced suicide, harassment, character assassination and killing/mass murder. The Iraq/Afghanistan wars are examples of how the cia (in the name and by the authority of the USA) caused close to a million and one half deaths, including thousands of US soldiers. The wars were based primarily on cia ( intelligence operations which were coated with lies and fraud. The current Middle East crisis where millions are displaced, suffering or dying are the awful consequences of the work of cia and company, including those listed on the *Memorial Wall .

The secret agenda of the cia requires that the cia remain as an unheralded/unspoken nation unto itself, answerable to no outside authority and no individual.

In furtherance of the cia propaganda machine the cia maintains a special place of so called honor to celebrate and exploit the deaths in service of their own agents, operatives, assets and assassins. That place of so-called honor is the

*Memorial Wall which is ostensibly created for this purpose:


In reality the cia and their celebrated dead serve the overthrown regime that seized control of the USA by a secret and stealth coup which appeared in the form of a cia intelligence operation which to achieve the objective depended on the fbi. Today, these two groups imprison, torture, and kill people at will globally as though they, not we, are legal guardians of inalienable rights to life, liberty and property. I see no honor in such atrocities.

From time to time the cia thugs, punks, section chiefs, etc., send messages to me that they do not like my work as set forth in the link below. Last night, for example I endured severe assaults by DEW and today the usual cia 'punk' who regularly cyberstalks sends me the message that my report here ...


... is considered "fbi misconduct" and that I may infer that the increased torture by DEW is in retaliation for that report. The two links within the above Austin Indymedia post (entitled 'A Secret War Against USA by fbi / cia' ) are the Barbara Hartwell article on the cia and my post on the collapse of the constitutional government of the USA. The contents of the two links are the topic of wide spread discussion on the internet, as are my thousands of other reports on the crimes committed by the fbi/cia.

The overthrown regime of the USA just cannot seem to comprehend that they cannot get away with their plan for world inhumane domination, that men and women will not surrender to their tyrannical authority, and thugs of those two USA agencies have failed... (as mentioned by my dear and best friend Barbara Hartwell) ... "In this war for hearts, minds and souls".

I must remind the reader that these two filthy groups of men and women (fbi/cia) have destroyed the USA and threaten all the world with their unconscionable and homicidal methods; that no man or woman of conscience yet endowed with an ounce of self respect and human dignity can submit to fbi/cia brutal control.

Finally, I like to believe that I (and many of my friends and associates online) are living examples of individuals who resist the outrageous schemes and crimes committed by the sub humans in fbi/cia (including those listed on their 'Wall') all of whom I also sometimes refer to as the Living Dead.

The cowardly cia visitor to my site delivers her message of "fbi misconduct" in reference to the Barbara Hartwell report referenced above in my Austin Indymedia post.


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