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 My L I F E !
picture20 Aug 2016 @ 03:43
I experience a truly wonderful life in part because *others are interested in sharing my most profound thoughts, dreams and aspirations.

In brief this represents my ...

L earning ( in schools, universities, government, professions, army)
I involvement (every where I go and with every bit of energy in me)
F riendship (with persons from virtually every walk of life)
E excitement (non stop, but I mean with every breath & every station)

Thank you.

* August 19, 2017

The World


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 Message for YOU!
picture20 May 2016 @ 16:50

This message is for all the world's population, especially those who think that they have no responsibility to stop murderous tyranny as sponsored by USA,fbi,cia,police,mi6,surete,ss,etc: For those in stupor who do nothing in the face of evil encourage the unconscionable crimes that I outline.
Beware The Twiight

"As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air -- however slight -- lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness."
~ Justice William O. Douglas



Portland Indymedia (PI) wrongfully and anonymously plays games with my unique work (he hides them) as my articles are significant to all people on earth, now and in the future.

The word "rant" that PI uses to incorrectly label my work more appropriately describes the *PI's little verbal attack. He produces nothing while he pretends to criticize the events that I document regarding fbi's efforts to silence or kill me.

See the remarks above by PI moderator and note my additional comments here:

Portland Indymedia or Fraud falsely characterizes my reports, condescends and insults me. Above are his misguided remarks, as he presumes to slyly and falsely label my work as his own hidden agenda dictates.

Shame on PI for allowing such a small mind to assault me.

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 Fbi are the living dead
category picture13 Mar 2016 @ 03:04
Fbi, police and their operatives, judges, etc., are the living dead among us. We often see them advancing with arms extending, fingers pointing, mouths wide opening and evil proclivities protruding :

 Treason is the true name of the USA overthrown regime
picture12 Mar 2016 @ 02:25

The world pays attention, even if our own people do not:

Psychological warfare by fbi thugs  is inhumane and, as applied against me and many others,  represents a microcosm of this nation's murderous  assaults on all mankind:


*Overthrown USA regime now  attacks the very veterans who risked life, limb & sanity on the battlefield at the direction  of the filthy &  treasonous US officials who now seek to kill him.



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 Our stories present a puzzle for many
picture7 Mar 2016 @ 21:55
Our stories present for historical  review a kind of jigsaw puzzle for analysts to study. This means that the individual reports, articles and testimonials of our fellow citizens under attack by fbi,cia,nsa,police, etc., form a mosaic of unprecedented complexity never before recorded in one single work. Each member of the community of individuals targeted for death or destruction , if each  survive and maintain capacity for communication, may present in his/her own style an account of the grotesque assaults by the most detestable people on earth: the perpetrators of heinous offenses which include physical and psychological attacks designed  to incapacitate or murder the Target.

A small part of the picture, or story, which upon assembly of its diverse and sometimes irregular shapes, design or narratives reveal the true and macabre (quasi demonic) nature of all government employees  (and their citizen operatives) who participate in the modern eugenics program against human beings. 

I use the analogy of the puzzle because most citizens who hear bits and pieces of our reports generally do not comprehend the *big picture that we try to capture. Perhaps the next generation will pay attention to our individual reports of atrocities because in the end the sub humans  (as I name the assassins in the story) must, by their own perverted nature passed on to succeeding generations, continue to use and to expand upon their macabre and evil methods.

Now, I hope that the evidence we provide, often ignored in our time,  may tell the whole story of the disintegration of society and the degeneration of our species.


Thank you.

*Modern Eugenics :

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 A Writ Denied
picture15 Feb 2016 @ 00:53
My  'Denied Writ'  warned  of the collapse of this  corrupt nation in hopeless crisis:


The so-called *Justices who denied my Writ on October 1, 2001, and all of their successors and co-conspirators  are forever remembered as fascists in service to the overthrown and murderous government of the United States of America and to its intelligence  community  (fbi,cia,etc). 

All of the crimes committed by the fbi and company as I and others  have experienced and documented for at least a half century carry the imprimatur  and the blessings of the thugs on the highest court in the land. They, each judge of SCOTUS, are guilty therefore of treason and the ongoing and unending global crime spree (unprecedented in human affairs)committed by the fbi/cia against human beings everywhere.

Thus, the people who submit to rule by such tyrants are now on notice that this evil government in all branches and departments (tripartite) is the arch enemy of mankind.

Eternal shame on America. 

May our Maker have pity on all who support this insane regime.

The fbi and the courts exemplify in their hideous practices the complete abandonment of ethical and legal responsibility to its citizens, even as government thugs engage in atrocities against the people with the Court's approval.

So, the concept of 'parens patriae'' (parent of the nation) exposes these government groups in power as subversive and murderous  scoundrels pretending to protect and serve the people.

To all such hoodlums in this quasi demonic government , I say...

"You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was  a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him."

John 8:44


] OCTOBER 2001 Rehnquist Kennedy Breyer Souter Stevens Thomas Ginsburg O'Connor Scalia [OCT.
2001]  More >

 The living dead
picture3 Feb 2016 @ 03:07
The 24/7 nightmare for many persons, aside from suffering torture by high tech DEW assaults imposed by low minded perpetrators & murderers, is the realization that our reports of unconscionable offenses by government hoodlums is delivered to a public that in the main is accessory to, participants in, or unconcerned about the horrors we labor to outline. Thus, we lay out our pleadings, or our demands, to a people who are an inseparable part of the same macabre society of the Living Dead as our tormentors.
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 A Song For Us
picture21 Dec 2015 @ 04:06
Those in our company search everywhere for an answer to the evil heaped upon us by torturers, misanthropes, and murderers whom we now recognize as almost inhuman; our profound love of life and shared sense of responsibility toward our fellow human beings provide the strength we need to follow the dream that our lives may someday be returned to us.
We appeal to them to stop; we humbly ask lawmakers and courts to address our legitimate needs; all pleadings are in vain and are answered by more attacks on our bodies and our minds.
Perhaps our suffering awakens in our souls a universal, but often muted, human quality that few ever fully know, or experience: an heightened sensitivity to all that is beautiful on earth, in the heavens and in mankind.
We therefore may rejoice during these holidays especially as we share with our special 'friends' in our journey of life the bond which is in a sense a song from the heart that stays with us 'for as long as we live'. God Bless Us All. Love To All.

From The Sound of Music:

"Climb every mountain,
Search high and low,
Follow every byway,
Every path you know.

Climb every mountain,
Ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow,
'Till you find your dream.

A dream that will need
All the love you can give,
Every day of your life
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 Our Lost Nation
picture10 Nov 2015 @ 03:46
While the people sleep with eyes wide open,the government of the United States of America continues a bloody and cruel crime spree globally.

Usa,dod,cia,fbi,nsa, police and allies are on a global kill, torture, & imprison spree unprecedented in human affairs. Often their atrocities also put our own soldiers and diplomats at increased risk of death /injury. Millions of individuals are displaced as refugees, thrown into cages, forced into suicide , and otherwise marginalized/demonized by the most evil regime ever on the face of the earth: the United States of America.

Thus, I consider the fbi's macabre and painful *campaign against me (life threatening though it be) as no more than a taxing inconvenience while I struggle to **expose the sub humans of the usa as murderous psychopaths without heart or soul. My own travails are reminders to me of the more serious sufferings of others around the world as directed by the tyrants who stroll in marbled hall ways in this God forsaken regime. Our countrymen who allow such abominations are hereby recorded as morally bankrupt and mentally challenged as they are hopelessly desensitized to the grief that they thrive upon.

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 This diseased nation
category picture2 Nov 2015 @ 03:45
History now records the unconscionable crimes by fbi,police, cia,dod, and their friends, against people worldwide and my documentations against the torturers & assassins of fbi also stay on the fabric of this overthrown and siick regime indefinitely. Cruel, sadistic and inhumane techniques used against us are accepted and at times cheered by the mesmerized populace and no explication of their atrocities & no apology could ever soothe the pain (physical and mental) which are intentionally & criminally inflicted on our people, on me and my friends, and on countless
unknown other victims of this ungodly quasi demonic culture. May the heavens ever echo the lamentations of those under attack and never allow the wicked ones to forget the macabre manifestations of their spiritual depravity


 why do fbi/police torture, imprison, or kill innocent men?
category picture18 Oct 2015 @ 01:44
The government has no just way to rule innocent men; so, the fbi. & police community just *kill, torture, or fraudulently imprison them:


Educate the people:


So, one may logically conclude that the true criminals among us are often those decadent minds of fbi and police who perpetually seek to kill or harm us.


To all, from 'We The Living':

*The United States of America engages in unconscionable & cowardly crimes
( torture,**forced suicide, false imprisonment & murder ) against our people with the implied support of the citizenry. So, 'por favor' do not sing in public about America The Beautiful, nor the home of the brave because you should keep such delusional dreams to yourself. Thank you.



Media boasts that most Americans approve the cia torture methods recently disclosed. Such truly twisted minds who approve of bestial & inhumane torture & killing of fellow humans reflect a macabre culture now spreading globally whereby heinous crimes by fbi/cia are deemed virtuous by public acceptance and insane rationality. I reject all such popular madness.


"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."

Isaiah 5:20

The violent government of this nation (the United States of America) is supported by the cowards in congress and the courts; the sanctioned tortures and murders by the USA are carried out by tens of thousands of thugs in the fbi,cia,dod globally as I have shown in many of my reports. Let the world beware that the media is also an integral part of the torture and killing machine (by hiding and not reporting atrocities and by misrepresenting the facts) that has seized power in the USA and that now threatens the world with even more inhumane methods than we have seen in the Nazi Germany era.

 The Living Dead
picture5 Oct 2015 @ 03:54
The living dead: fbi,cia,dod,nsa,police

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 Usa oblivion
category picture10 Sep 2015 @ 01:13
Much of the human suffering globally is traceable to intel operations of fbi/cia/mossad/MI6/Surtee and other western nations cooperating for financial gain and for political consolidation of power through wars, regional conflicts, mass murder/imprisonment, massive refugee migrations of desperate persons, torture, forced suicides, assassinations and enforced hopeless poverty. We must all bear some responsibility for high crimes committed in the name of the United States of America by fbi/cia. Otherwise, this nation is on a downward slide to blasphemous & hideous oblivion. For more, see my reports on fbi atrocities right here in USA under our noses. Thank you.



Falsus in uno, Falsus. In omnibus:

 The truth of our time
category picture3 Sep 2015 @ 00:25
The awful truth of our time: the leaders and rulers of the USA cannot ever redeem themselves because their evil transcends all known and forgivable human transgression and because in their monstrous & murderous crime spree (marked by torture, murder and inhumanity toward their brethren) they neither seek nor recognize any grand truth in their low existence. They and their supporters and followers are the enemies of mankind even as they flaunt with unfamiliar & hideous pride their depravity of heart, mind & soul.


After the above report is posted, the torturers & serial killers of the fbi hack into my NewCiv site (as they similarly expressed contempt for my law license update) and 'hide' the post from public view.

 descent into the abyss
picture22 Aug 2015 @ 02:54
America crumbles under the weight of uncontrolled, murderous corruption and, as the majority of people don't care about the progress & enlightenment of future generations, an evil & hideous force rises to dictate the worst imaginable destiny of our misguided species.

See evidence that the fbi (and company) spearhead the descent of this nation into quasi hell and at the same time exemplify in their daily macabre operations, the worst, the most bestial and ominously the most decadent characteristics of mankind.  More >

 fbi enters inflammatory statements on Facebook & attributes same to me
picture12 Jul 2015 @ 15:52
On the following Facebook page appears the following entry which I did not write and which the fbi fraudulently entered for their own smear purposes:

"kill people"

I filed reports with the Brownsville, PD (shown above) and with the FCC,

398307 fbi retaliation

See also fbi efforts to fraudulently label this whistleblower as a murderer:


My additional comments on the above report:

News hidden and covered up by main street media.

Fbi repeatedly attempts by fraudulent methods to publicly portray combat vet, whistleblower, as a threat to the general public. Where is the Army and where are veterans' groups hiding while this corrupt and sinister regime engages in such chicanery. See my reports, the latest of which shows how the fbi enters the words, "kill people" online and attributes such inflammatory exhortation to geral sosbee:


Federal & State Police fraudulently descend on my home as a result of such fbi 'cointel' operations:

Doctor enters false report possibly for fbi. Then, the same doctor is hired by VA where this vet seeks medical care for service connected injuries. Thus, this vet prefers to avoid VA clinic.


Recent assault in mall by fbi operatives/mental health professionals:


On 7/12/15 I filed the following report with the FCC:
Gsosbee Today at 17:28
The fbi is regularly hacking into my Facebook and other sites to post illegal material and attributing same to me .The apparent motive is to portray me as a public threat. Most recent false attribution to me is , "kill people."


[link] Opens a New Window.

Facebook fraudulent entries: Opens a New Window. Opens a New Window.

overview, alt links:

[link] Opens a New Window.

[link] Opens a New Window.

Gsosbee Today at 18:25
Also, please note that the fbi operative also hacked into my FACEBOOK and entered the following: Opens a New Window.

"did you know that I am gay

who want's to go out with me?"


Update:July 15, 2015

All police authorities, including the FCC refuse to investigate fbi crimes. Below is the FCC response which is followed by my original complaint to the FCC:

[FCC Complaints] Re: fbi retaliation

FCC via

to me

Please type your reply above this line -##

This ticket (#398307) has been updated.

FCC Consumer Complaints (FCC Complaints)

Jul 15, 11:35 AM

Thank you for filing a complaint with the FCC’s Consumer Help Center. Congress granted the FCC general regulatory authority over certain communications services contained in the Communications Act.

While we appreciate the concerns expressed in your complaint, we regret that we are unable to take action on your complaint at this time, because the issues raised do not fall under FCC regulatory authority.


Jul 12, 7:51 PM

Background data:


Jul 12, 7:25 PM

Also, please note that the fbi operative also hacked into my FACEBOOK and entered the following:

"did you know that I am gay

who want's to go out with me?"


Jul 12, 6:28 PM

The fbi is regularly hacking into my Facebook and other sites to post illegal material and attributing same to me .The apparent motive is to portray me as a public threat. Most recent false attribution to me is , "kill people."



Facebook fraudulent entries:

overview, alt links:



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 I and my pledge are alive
picture26 Jun 2015 @ 03:01
Thirteen years ago I promised to fight the subhuman assassins and torturers of the fbi. This post reaffirms that pledge.


On 2/21/2002:I wrote a pledge as summarized below.

... that I will not stop my efforts to destroy the fbi and the cia (in an intellectual sense) as long as I breathe and have life in my body (barring any debilitating infirmity); and further, that I feel no compulsion to so work to my death because I consider this labor an honor and in a sense a gift from the deities; so, the fbi and the cia thugs and assassins may hereby take no claim to have weakened me, as I am filled with the energy of an eternal Spring.
I welcome the challenges ahead with an expectation that the most difficult episodes of fbi/cia terrorist assaults are yet to come my way....

Since then I have endured multiple attempts on my life, extended sleep deprivation continuing to date, assaults by fbi street thugs and police in efforts to provoke an unlawful response in kind, and extreme psychological assaults designed to drive me mad.

History now confirms the crimes committed against me and many others by the fbi and their police/vigilante associates; as this fundamental cultural corruption must not be allowed to continue, I am confident that our work to stop the atrocities against selected persons is gaining speed by the awakening of the people and by the grace of God.
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 Patriotism Lost
picture30 May 2015 @ 20:14
A patriot is never afraid to aggressively expose his government as murderous and overthrown, but is always saddened to do so.

All Americans who knowingly aid or condone the stealth coup of USA, or who otherwise ignore their duty as citizens to object to the overthrow of the government by the intelligence, police and military communities are cowardly traitors who benefit from the fascist state that seeks world inhumane domination at any cost.

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 In Brief
picture28 May 2015 @ 02:01
Economy of words abundance of meaning :
One veteran against the murderous, traitorous government of the United States of America.



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 Surrender to evil is not an option
picture23 May 2015 @ 23:09
As the *darkness is forced on the world by the assassins of the United States of America (fbi, cia,nsa,dod) all men must realize that this is an historic moment in civilization and that **surrender to evil is not an option.


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 Source of violence and suffering
category picture16 May 2015 @ 17:10
The violence & indignities forced upon sane men by mad ones are the primary source of suffering and conflict in the world.

Top secret: fbi,cia treason and atrocities [link]

 From the heart
category picture18 Mar 2015 @ 03:03
To my friends, associates & supporters wherever located: We embrace the terrible challenges closing in because that's what we have always done and because we know instinctively that our efforts will echo in the infinite spaces far beyond our time here for the eternal benefit of all mankind. Thank you for your heart from mine.



 My Odyssey
category picture10 Mar 2015 @ 06:01
Perhaps many who  now read  these impressions have similar sentiments regarding our odyssey:

My journey has been long, arduous, painful, adventurous, insightful, exhausting &
the illusive  rewards incalculable & infinitesimal: [link]

 Can You Hear Me Now!
picture7 Mar 2015 @ 06:43
As the Congress, SCOTUS, President, fbi/cia all sit down at the unsteady table for their high class gala event, they discover that I am the 600 lb gorilla at the occasion (and staring them in the face) whereupon everyone wonders, but not out loud, what's next as the world awakens to the usa sponsored murders, tortures, and assorted atrocities that I and my many dedicated associates introduce in detail at the ceremony, just when all the invited international dignitaries begin delusionally to feel so good about their inhumane control over the world's subdued population. I cannot whisper.

See My Powerful Report:  More >

 The Rainbow
picture6 Jan 2015 @ 08:12

Often in life one must walk alone, as though lost in a 'distant & savage land.' By the grace of God such a challenge also may offer to the alert soul an opportunity to present 'his true account' which could not have been possible without the painful travails.

Whereupon, the sojourner in the cultural abyss
that ultimately catches us all in one way or another opens his eyes for the very first time to discover his true and worthwhile calling. Against all popular ideas he or she awakens (even in the midst of a storm) to a new & unfamiliar world where a rainbow of unique possibilities emerge just over the next horizon.

Follow the dream and thereby deliver for the benefit of mankind the best from within, the most that a human being may produce in this life; and then in the final moments, days or years realize that after the tumultuous and often painful journey of life, you A R E the rainbow that you once perceived on the distant landscape of your adventures.

Such is my vision for all of us who share our dreams & frustrations with one another. For surely no greater beauty exist than the one issuing from the pure heart of a human being driven to fulfill a universal goal which is, for some of us, to become one with the rainbow.


Famousio. After every storm, there is a rainbow. If you have eyes, you will find it. If you have wisdom, you will create it.  More >

 A New Perspective, Let My People Go
category picture26 Dec 2014 @ 20:39
The Murderously Corrupt America That All But A Few Now See:


The United States of America fails its people and all the world by engaging in mass murder, wholesale imprisonments, selective assassinations and tortures of human beings globally and other atrocities; and no better time than now seems appropriate to address the most serious problem facing mankind: man's inhumanity to fellow man, especially as evidenced by the United States government's ongoing crimes against humanity.

*As with my other recent post on the evil and murderous men & women in the fbi, cia, nsa, dod, etc., this brief report is about a half century in the making:

Allow all people to walk in the light, to escape the darkness, and to realize that each life is glorious and filled with the blessings of our maker and the good will of us all toward all.

Remove the criminal codes (penal & procedural) from existence; convert to a civil merit system where all mistakes are addressed by a program that seeks to make whole both victim and perpetrator and where no human is killed, tortured and caged by the government.

Tear down all jails and prisons. Remove from power the most heinous offenders in society, those for example in the fbi ,cia, police, dod because these groups of misanthropes and killers have ruined our society, threaten our nation's security, and prevent in a sense the effective survival of the humanitarian spirit of our species.

Disarm all police and stand down the military. Release all prisoners from confinement and launch a full, rich employment initiative for all who were confined and for all guards, wardens, jailers, defense attorneys, judges, probation/parole officers, and all others trapped by employment (such as psychiatrists) in this ungodly criminal justice system which has gone mad. Only rapists, homicidal psychopaths and torturers (such as we see in the fbi, cia, police) will need special and alternative management.

End the inhumane system that seeks to force men and women to lose hope, personal dignity, and love of life. For wherever people are treated as animals/criminals , wherever they are tortured, maligned, marginalized, rejected, they are likely forced into despair and even antisocial reactions. Neuroses often manifests in our mistreated brothers and sisters when they are intentionally provoked by the current law enforcement community which in turn also forces our people to live and to walk in darkness. Correct such injustices and we begin to truly walk together in the sunlight now and for all time.

Then, as the true leader of the world, as the protector of human and inviolable God given rights, and as a beacon of hope that may reach all human beings suffering everywhere on earth, this nation may for once in its existence live up to its leadership potential through its everlasting endeavor toward the betterment of our species ' In God We Trust.'

Thank you kindly.


Additional Notes:



 Fox guarding hen house while sitting ducks are being picked off.
picture20 Aug 2014 @ 15:40

The following article is republished (& edited) from my 2006 report shown at


fbi/cia world inhumane domination
Posted on November 8, 2006 at 01:15:22 PM by geral

fbi/cia world inhumane domination; the world's people are sitting ducks.
geral sosbee | 08.11.2006 16:41 | Globalisation | London
The media presently prevents the publication (by this former intelligence officer of the uSA) of evidence of fbi/cia high crimes and misdemeanors *globally. The indymedia groups, such as indymedia ireland, are also beginning to show signs of mainstream media tyranny. The article that follows is in the form of a parable and hurts no one, except perhaps the assassins and torturers of the world's most hideous group of thugs: the fbi and the cia.

The indymedia ireland banned and made unavailable the following article for the reason:

"Document Not Available
Sorry, this story has been removed due to a possible breach of the editorial guidelines and is under review by the editorial group. If you think that this story should be allowed to remain on the newswire, please check our editorial guidelines and if you think that your article does not breach any of these guidelines, you can contact the editorial collective to make your case. "
[Sosbee responded as follows: permission to publish from cowardly fools.......NOT.]

Little Noticed and Ominous Headlines:
"FBI steps up probes of politicians, might run sting
Chicago Tribune - Nov 06 5:12 AM
The new chief of the FBI's criminal division, which is swamped with public corruption cases, says the bureau is ramping up its ability to catch crooked politicians and might run an undercover sting on Congress. "

"Bill would put all warrants in FBI system
Boston Globe - Nov 07 1:08 AM
Governor Mitt Romney filed legislation yesterday that would require local police departments to put all felony and serious misdemeanor arrest warrants into a national FBI database.

This would enable any police department in the state to check quickly whether a suspect has a recent history of troublemaking or violence, the governor's office said. "

The fox is guarding the hen house:

The Fox (fbi) is guarding the hen house (congress & courts), while the nervous sitting ducks (viewed by foxies & hens as potential troublemakers) often look for a rare commodity in this violent & dangerous world: Friendship. [link]

All "troublemaking" is a new category of federal offenses and subjects the accused to a new and non erasable label . The corrupt police in all jurisdictions can now destroy or otherwise 'set up' any person who discloses governmental atrocities or misconduct. Troublemakers beware.

In concert with the ever increasing and far reaching authority of the federal authorities over all local law enforcement, the fbi and the cia now expand their menacing presence inside the halls of the legislature (a formerly separate and now unequal branch of government which had originally been established to safeguard the constitutional rights of the citizens against possible abuses by the other branches of government). The parable of the fox in the hen house (the foxes being the fbi and the cia thugs, referred to below as foxies) takes on a new meaning as the foxies enter the House to force (by blackmail or threat of arrest) compliance upon the high flying hens:

The foxies now enjoy a kind of free for all frolic at the funny farm where the hen house (occupied by members of congress and the so-called justices in the courts) has become a very dirty and corrupt culture removed from the rest of the world by the luxuries afforded the occupants therein. On the outside, the sitting ducks go about their lives, largely unaware that soon they too may be targeted (around the globe) for imagined offenses (such as trouble making, or activism) in all jurisdictions and in all countries; the foxies after all now enjoy by their global reach a certain unimpeachable authority wherever their guile may take them.


Indeed, many sitting ducks are now being clothed in fox attire and receive pay and other benefits as operatives from their ruthless benefactors (the fbi and the cia shrewd foxies). As expected therefore, as one glances at the broader landscape, many other sitting ducks are now living in prisons, in war zones , or in poverty, all at the direction of the foxies and their little rat companions (i.e. foxies clothed as ducks but imbued with the minds of rats).

Those sitting ducks who have not yet attracted the attention of the foxies are oblivious to the suffering all around them; for they have their lucrative employment, their comfortable dwellings, their fancy vehicles, and other perks to keep them mesmerized. These hypnotized sitting ducks (i.e. operatives) sometimes violently attack their brethren who may from time to time try to highlight the great suffering brought about by the liars and traitors who constitute the band of frolicking foxies and their little rat companions.

In essence today, only the disenfranchised and the imprisoned ostensibly stand to gain anything by attacking the standards established by the foxies. The vast numbers of sitting ducks refuse to see the encroaching enslavement of their kind for all times , as forecast by the troublemakers. Never mind that the foxies are themselves murderers, torturers and terrorists; never mind that the future of the world and indeed the destiny of the human species is presently being shaped and defined by the lowest form of human intellect as reflected in the characters of these foxies. The sitting ducks thus leave to their offspring the ever worsening task of dealing with the miscreant foxies and their little rat associates.

For now, the foxies are in complete control; and for as long as the sitting ducks at large remain lethargic in the face of widespread suffering and chaos, the concepts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are long forgotten and unfulfilled promises once concocted in the hen house for the purpose of appeasing the troublemakers.

[link]  More >

 Police/fbi message to Targets: We Intend To...
picture18 Aug 2014 @ 17:43
The police and the fbi have this message for all of their victims/suspects/Targets:



The fbi trains police leaders at National Academy. Why does not the media address the fundamental issue of our time: * the overthrow of the government by the intelligence community and the simultaneous formation of Police State USA!

fbi/nsa high tech secrets to torture, force suicide, murder Targets:


Evil, insane fbi operatives unveiled:


Dangerous main street media:


fbi's torturers, terrorists and assassins:



 More >

category picture14 Sep 2008 @ 18:31
The United States Armed Forces Announces Military Supremacy Over All Spaces; I Reserve The Spaces Of my Brain Free From USA Control.

admin: get your own fbi/cia terrorist badge at:

This week the United States Armed Forces announces complete military supremacy on land, sea, air, outerspace, cyberspace and any other space required to enforce and maintain said supremacy. This means that the personal space of individuals, hetetofore deemed off limits to government assassins, are subject to invasion and control by remote manipulation, programming, cooking, or **entraining the human brain; thus, the military seeks to override the traditional cognitive abilities of the human brain by which faith in the Deity is possible and from which the greatest imaginative powers of the universe have been tapped. Meanwhile, the Pope, his followers, the Evangelists and their minions , and the Jews and Muslims and other religious leaders largely ignore the threats now posed by the Enemies of Mankind : The United States of America and her arch ally ‘?Isreal’. The torturers and assassins of the fbi/cia, etc., insure that no human being may resist the satanic force now in play.

See :


See :




See Sosbee's call for global spiritual/intellectual uprising to stop the United States from achieving its insane objectives of world inhumane domination; after all, if one attacks my brain, then all options are considered viable; it's a no-brainer:
The above article stirred great interest; see the hate mail from persons who fear the report:
and See:

* Propaganda site (for the public) sponsored by the fbi/cia, military industrial complex, and their terrorists/assassins:
(latest traitorous article:"INTELLIGENCE: FBI Unleashed")
**See the following sites for USA admission that the country engages in Brain Entrainment and oher atrocities ( as I have reported for the past decade):


 A Modest Proposal
category picture19 Oct 2004 @ 17:27
The next vote should be cast globally, by each and every human being alive on the face of the earth, as though one nation encompasses all ; the issue to be decided may be framed somewhat as follows: Please vote 'Yes' or 'No' to the following proposition:
End by moratorium all war/conflict/violence on earth now and for all times , with no exception, no strings attached, and no room for negotiations.

Each person must let his/her vote be made public and each child is given the vote of "Yes" by the universal recognition that if not corrupted by parents, teachers and governments no child would vote in favor of torture, imprisonment, death, or war.

Please remember that our Maker (& Sons and Daughters of the Holy Spirit)
require that each of us, consistent with our capacity and experience, stand up to and intellectually confront with love in our hearts and with a brave soldier's resolve, those persons who torture, imprison or kill our Brothers and Sisters everywhere on this earth; we may not,for the most part, simply hide under the image of the Great One whom we pretend to worship and thereby presume to live eternally in God's graceful company.
To Billy Graham and others like him :
You are in spiritual and intellectual default as frauds against Humanity/God for sucking up and idolizing the most corrupt and homicidal regime ever known on earth.See this date the following statements by Graham:

Billy Graham on the death of Satan's Own 'Jesse Helms':
11:59 AM Sat, Jul 05, 2008
"Jesse Helms, my friend and long-time senator from my home state of North Carolina, was a man of consistent conviction to conservative ideals and courage to faithfully serve God and country based on principle, not popularity or politics. "

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