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 Fbi has no real Academy at Quantico
picture6 Mar 2016 @ 22:11
Fbi has no real Academy at Quantico

I urge people everywhere to investigate what is really going on at the fbi's killing school.

One must understand that the center of  training for all fbi agents and all police leaders in the nation (and for many other cops around the world) is at Quantico's fbi Academy. The word 'academy' is a euphemism for the actual assassination indoctrination facility that creates serial killers, torturers, abusers, pathological liars and traitors. No other learning occurs there.


My experience with fbi, police and their kind in this nation reveals one central academic truth: that the USA is today a  murderous police state because the people are clueless about the true agenda of this government which is  world inhumane domination as sponsored by fbi/cia/dod, et al.

See my papers at academiadotedu. Then, review if appropriate the evidence of crimes committed against me for 30 years by fbi in its vendetta -EG: UT police thugs, chancellor, president, dean, employees as I show in parts 19 (a,b,c) of 

"My Story In Detail"-.

Thank you.

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 usa, war, violence, hatred, mortal enemies, etc
picture27 Dec 2015 @ 03:39
USA's fbi,cia, dod, and police champion the continuation of mankind's most heinous & universally recognized decadent follies: torture, imprison, and assassinate those who defy murderous oppression. Such thugs presume 
to lead and rule the world, but the truth of such hideous and subhuman activities must open an unfamiliar door for humans where a new age of enlightenment and a civilization free of war, conflict and violence invites our participation. 
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." — Albert Einstein

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 fbi controls forums at will and limits free speech
picture5 Aug 2015 @ 03:04
Notice to media:


Fbi now controls and improperly removes 5 of my recent comments. This type of censor reveals the growing encroachment on free speech by online forum:  More >

 fbi demonstrates a cowardly toughness, but...
picture1 Aug 2015 @ 16:34
The fbi manifests intention to hound & torture this whistleblower into the grave as an example, but beyond is my turn.

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 China & other nations awaken to USA murderous corruption
picture22 Jul 2015 @ 05:42
USA frequently criticizes China for human rights crimes.
China, however, discovers our work here that shows how the USA is now the world's main perpetrator of *crimes against humanity. This fact can no longer be hidden or covered up because the truth of our articles on topic rings as a clarion call to humanity reaching every corner of the world. Beijing reveals below, for example, that Geral Sosbee, with the metaphysical force of a big bad guerilla,
has the attention of fbi/cia assassins : [link]

* The macabre fbi imposes on all the world their assassins' shadows which convert light, joy and life into darkness, sadness and death. China is not the only nation to see this truth.
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 fbi has a problem
category picture18 Jun 2015 @ 01:09
The torturers and assassins of the fbi have a little uncontrollable 'problema'. : our reports (yours & mine) are reaching decent people in every corner of the world and they obviously don't like the way the thugs in power kill and torture people at will and with total impunity. Evidence:


 fbi corruption of Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines at will
picture3 May 2015 @ 19:13
I present two fraudulent entries in Google Search results under the search words, “Geral Sosbee, Announcement” ; they are in the form of false attributions, are intended to mislead the reader and are listed below:

1) • portland imc - 2013.03.21 - FBI/Police Create Social Upheaval

Mar 21, 2013 - newswire article, announcements • global, 21. .... Feb 21, 2013 - Geral Sosbee wrote about hearing voices, voice to skull, electronic harassment ...
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• fbi operative identified as presumed serial killer | Austin IMC

Aug 28, 2014 - by geral | 06.27.2012. See the fbi's own ... NOTICE Sosbee: KISS MY ASS YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH!!!!! Free Speech. Submitted by J.
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GERAL SOSBEE writes on may 3, 2015:

At no time did I write the above quoted material and the fbi uses Google to misrepresent my reports online, my language & my frame of mind; indeed the most filthy language online is written by fbi’s own agents and operatives such as J. Robert Upton, aka Monique Abdul Jamal, aka ‘geral is tiresome’, aka James Duval, etc. The words quoted above in item # 2 were written by the fbi operative. The statement about “hearing voices” relates to my reports on the effects of DEW and related technology used against me and others. In any event why does the fbi use high tech to torture and try to kill this American war vet and why do not the congress and the people demand to know exactly the type of such weaponry employed against many of us by our government!

The fbi uses every possible trick and criminal method to attempt to discredit, threaten and possibly try to arrest

The fbi also manipulates Google search results so as to also reduce the actual global references and reports of GERAL SOSBEE online. Additionally, the fbi takes over Yahoo and Bing search results at will, planting false images in references to

Other crimes by the fbi are referenced in my affidavit and include suppression of evidence and fabrication of evidence in criminal and civil cases:


fbi suppresses and manufactures evidence:


* fbi manufactures evidence:

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 Sosbee inadvertently sends fbi to H E L L
category picture27 Apr 2015 @ 04:11
Give'em hell,  Geral ( in Harry ' s words), but I'm not trying to send  them to  hell. I just tell the truth about  the torturers and assassins of the fbi and then, as the world listens, the fbi  thinks that they are in hell.

Report from my dear friend, Barbara Hartwell :


 federal burro of investigation plants a virus
category picture11 Oct 2010 @ 19:09
Recently one of the members of 'fbi/cia ARE TERRORISTS' posted a report on methods of harassment used by the perpetrators. I responded with a comment and a few links. When the member checked one of my links, his computer received a virus alert. Here is the link which the fbi used to implant a virus in the member's computer:


I often comment with links on the reports posted on this forum and now I encourage all members here to take precautions accordingly. I always check the links before and after I send them; however, if the thugs & criminals of the *fbi want to harm anyone's computer, no restraints prevent them from doing so.

Finally, the fbi destroys any computer that I buy, so I use public libraries for all of my work. As many members know the fbi recently attempted to find a way to unlawfully prevent me from using the library computer here in Harlingen, Texas. Here are the links to the fraudulent criminal investigation started against me by the fbi in order to shut me down and/or to imprison me.:


See Also:

Thank you.


PS: It's not a bunch of girl scouts we are up against.


It's the *federal burro of investigation


 Condoleeeezzza pleeeeazza
category picture1 Feb 2008 @ 22:12
The uSA is now the most serious threat to Humanity ever, due in part to the brutal killing spree that characterizes its global political posture for the past 100 years. The leaders of the uNITED sTATES reflect in their absurd speeches and comments the decadence of the country that seeks to rule the world and dominate the universe: the united states of america.


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says today that al-Qaida is "the most brutal and bankrupt of movements".*

Sosbee asks, just how brutal and bankrupt are Americans in their invasion, plunder, killing and rape campaigns in the Middle East? Just how brutal would Americans become if , say, the Chinese attacked our land with atomic laser guns and bombs (outdoing our own arsenal) and killed and plundered here as we do 'over there'. Well, Condoleeeezzza, you and little King george will never know (nor could you two imagine the answer to this) because you are not on the front line of any conflict, foreign or domestic, and because you are both Mental Dwarfs as defined at [link]

So, spare us your silly rhetoric which simply tends to further synch your place in history and as an incompetent fool.
*"If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy"
James Madison (1751-1836)
Fourth President of the United States
In a rare moment of honesty, Rice (the really racist highroller) admits to her bigotry and her mental illness, depression, as she states:
""I have lamented that I can go into a meeting at the Department of State -- and as a matter fact I can go into a whole day of meetings at the Department of State -- and actually rarely see somebody who looks like me. And that is just not acceptable," :
Note that Rice approved usa torture and must stand trial alongside her heinous homicidal Handlers for war crimes:

 possible misleading ads on the web
category picture20 Jan 2008 @ 22:44
Popular search engines continue to inappropriately in my opinion associate commercial images under the name geral sosbee; especially interesting in this regard are products which, by linking their image with sosbee's name, may intimate to some uninformed viewers that geral sosbee uses, approves, or endorses such items as displayed on the web.
So, for the record:
*geral sosbee endorces no product, approves no ad in association with his name, and disclaims any support for any product so displayed by the search engines under sosbee's name. Finally, any product (or producer/advertiser) that pretends to market any product with sosbee's approval is thereby misrepresenting the facts to the extent that such ad states or intentionally implies sosbee's endorsement.
*geral sosbee hereby reserves all legal and equitable rights against any person who uses geral sosbee's name or his likeness for commercial purposes without sosbee's express prior written consent.

On March 18, 2008, I reported to the Google 'Abuse and Spam' office that the fbi (or its supporters) are using the Google image search engine to plant obscene or suggestive material which is offensive; the material contains a preposterous image which is then linked to a question which is also planted for the purpose of posing outrageous ideas subliminally.