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10 Aug 2004 @ 02:42, by Lydia Teo

When the expected norm for curing (or should I say, not curing) is not met and unorthodox methods cure a particular sickness without large pharmaceutical companies being involved and greatly profiting by their "orthodox" treatment the status quo is seen to be challenged and those in power/control are not happy chappies. But... the time that we are in now is bringing everything up to the surface, all that was once hidden, good or bad must be seen by all.

This is one such story, where a doctor has been quietly curing cancer patients in Western Australia since the seventies without large pharmaceutical companies involvement and with simple treatment. So, guess what happens? This information gets hushed and the man is shunned by his peers, who really do not deserve to be regarded as his peers as he has quietly outshone them all over the last 30years. Instead of being encouraged he was made to feel like he was in the wrong for curing cancer.
So, the question begs to be asked "just how warped is our civilisation, how much longer will we allow greed and power dominate us?????"
Read the story on this link [link]

Dr John Holt I wish you sunshine

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10 Aug 2004 @ 04:04 by jazzolog : Thank You For Another View, Lydia
I think what a lot of us, who have been diagnosed with some kind of cancer, want to know when we consider such a practitioner is what is his/her definition of cancer. Perhaps a more thorough investigation of Dr. Holt's work will reveal that, but do you know offhand? And why radio waves are helpful?  

10 Aug 2004 @ 04:23 by newdawn : diagnosis
no, Jaz I don't know why radio waves do the trick although intuitively what came to me was that the cancer manifests in the physical and something base and physical would dissipate it. I'm using the homeopathic formula of "like cures like" and radio waves vibrate relatively slowly so they have the ability to shake up a physical conglomeration. This is the way that I am seeing this and I am in no way a medical practitioner nor do I have any scientific background. I hope you understand what I have said and regard this a s my interpretation of something that works for certain cancers  

10 Aug 2004 @ 04:29 by jazzolog : Conglomerating
Many of us, around this site particularly, advance a spiritual connection to a cancer condition. Often there is guilt and blame involved with some bad way we lived. Some feel superiority if they don't have it. To some degree this is true about all kinds of illness. If everybody in the family or at work has a cold and you don't, you might feel it's because you're just so darned strong and healthy. However, I find a particularly enigmatic quality to cancer...but maybe I'm just a newbie at it.  

10 Aug 2004 @ 04:57 by newdawn : spiritual connection
to cancer condition, I would view it perhaps not only as a spiritual but an emotional condition. Allowing something to literally eat away at you, not releasing some judgement or criticism of yourself. Saying that I have also seen in those around me who have had cancer poor nutrition (junk food) therefor not giving the body the best materials to heal itself with. I have seen a cancer response to a spouses constant morbid thoughts and worries, which the children are now being affected by.
When I was doing a rather alternate naturopathy course cancer was seen in the light of non forgiveness of the self and allowing these morbid thoughts to infiltrate the subconscious. I also believe that there are karmic reasons for cancer but all of this can be released with a change of attidude to the self allowing love to overcome all. Think I've waffled on enough.  

10 Aug 2004 @ 08:31 by spiritseek : Newdawn
I believe your coming around to the real cause and cure for cancer. Sound waves in the form of music creates a vibration that can help. Getting in touch with myself and why I got cancer was the most important part of my recovery. Not allowing just one answer but many and with my own discernment of what my body needs was important also. It is a collective issue and needs a collective answer.
Detoxing the body is essential for health,plenty of clean water and sunshine along with better eating habits,also don't forget to forgive yourself and don't hold onto guilt.I have breast cancer and so far I've come up with these things that make me happier and healthier.  

11 Aug 2004 @ 00:22 by newdawn : blessings to you
thankyou for sharing a personal situation. Keep smiling, it washes away the tears and years.  

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