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4 Aug 2004 @ 22:14, by Lydia Teo

but not a drop to drink...
Life in rural Australia is quite difficult. Living in a country/continent that is very dry and seems to be heading into further drought makes me wonder how life will end up.

This evening we have had some actual rain. I can hear it falling on the roof and going down the gutters finally collecting in the water tank. Everything here is so dry that it is no longer yellow but just without any colour. I find that really sad for the environment and for us aswell.

We have been inundated with kangaroos. They come in to the paddocks to eat what tufts of grass they can find and drink from the near dry dams. They are also coming further and further into the city. We counted 22 dead roos in an 8km stretch of road, some adult some young but all thin. It's very difficult for animals to survive in such harsh conditions even though this is the climate where they normally thrive.

The world environment is changing. Without water and air life can not be sustained on this planet. What responsible actions can we take so that we can all survive and thrive?

We need to use the resources we already have most efficiently. Conservation and recycling provide us with the answer and in doing so Nature responds by rejuvenating the resources available.

How do we conserve our most precious water?
There are many things an individual can do in the course of their daily life.
*have short showers or long baths
*collect the water that comes from the shower until it warms up into a bucket and then use that water to flush the toilet or use in you washing machine or water your favourite plants
*don't keep the tap running while cleaning your teeth
*when washing dishes in the sink save the water and pour into a bucket or large empty milk bottles and water your garden
*use a front loading washing machine instead of a top loading washer because it uses a lot less water and when you wash in it make sure you have a full load
*collect grey water from the washing machine in a tub and water your plants
*install a grey water filtration system for dishwasher and washing machine so that you can reuse the water in your garden or to wash the car
*only use the dishwasher when it is full
*if you have the space in your yard install a water tank to catch the water collected off your roof
*don't use harsh chemicals in your house or put poisons down the drain as this ends back up in our water systems
*use some form of recyclable biodynamic system or wormfarm to treat your own sewerage so that it can be used on your garden after it has been treated

Well, I'm out of ideas for now.

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4 Aug 2004 @ 22:47 by ov : Era of Conservation
Nice picture. Sure no loss of colour there.

It would be nice to move into a more conservation mode. Not just for water but for everything that is scarce. It just goes against the consumerist mode in which we have been programmed. It would be nice to have houses built for permanence and to be made as energy efficient as possible. That isn't a good strategy for those that sell energy and build houses.

For water, all lawns should be replaced with gardens. They might not use less water, but at least you're getting some food out of it. Also time to get rid of the golf courses for the collective good. Those that think it is a good idea to get out in the fresh air and take in some exercise can get a part time labour job, not so they have the money for a round of golf, but instead of playing a round of golf. Those things suck up so much water it is obscene, especially when they are in the middle of a desert.

the photo is not from here, I found it on the net then couldn't get it off as it wasn't the one I wanted to put up  

4 Aug 2004 @ 23:02 by newdawn : era of conservation
all programs can be broken by each individual if they are conscious of what is happening and choose to make a change  

4 Aug 2004 @ 23:45 by bushman : Hmm
There is lots of tech out there, desalinization tech in peticular. Now if its true that the gulf stream curents are slowing down or might come to a stop, they say this is due to all the fresh water melt. So the salt content is lower , so if they where to desalenat water on a large scale world wide, and then inject that salt back into the ocean where its needed, they might be able to keep the gulf stream flow going till things straiten out. There has been talk, of using reclaimed water for outdoor irrigation, out here all new golf corses must conect to recliamed water they have huge underground resivors, that are filled with reclimed water and rain runoff, these resivors also act as a retention ponds under the grass, almost a hybrid hydroponics set up but on a huge scale, so none of the fretilizers can escape as well. They even been talking about setting up new residental lots with grey water systems, free.  

5 Aug 2004 @ 01:18 by newdawn : that reminds me
residential areas with grey water systems have already been setup in Sydney in the 2000 Olympic village. This item was on our local news and the people living there have found that they can wash their cars, water their gardens and lawns with the grey water as opposed to the rest of Sydney (and elsewhere in Australia) where there are severe water restrictions even at present, during winter as the water in the dams has fallen to a critically low level.  

5 Aug 2004 @ 07:26 by spiritseek : automatic lawn sprinklers
this has seemed so stupid to me when they go off even when its raining, why don't they make sure they don't while its raining and preserve the water? Golf courses do use alot of water.  

5 Aug 2004 @ 08:06 by martha : golf courses also
use a lot of chemicals that wash into other areas.

I didn't realize you were in a drought newdawn. Southern California is also and I'm amazed we haven't had water restrictions though 70% of our water goes to the farmers and some of them waste it with old fashioned methods of watering.
enjoyed your article newdawn. I like hearing about life in Australia even if the roos are dying.  

6 Aug 2004 @ 04:59 by newdawn : it's the worst drought
since 1964. The ground is so dry that when it does rain the water just flows off. The artesian wells are drying up and the councils are now stopping farmers or anyone living in a rural area from sinking new bores. The river that flows through my property has totally dried up even though we have had some rain in the last few weeks. Australians have always liked to have a bit of a yard with a garden and grass but with the water restrictions the gardens are drying up except for the rather drought resistant plants that are surviving. Lawns are just drying up and get watered when it rains or by a hand held hose a couple of times a week, (when permited). A few months ago I went to a joinery shop that had a very tiny area of lawn at the side. As I came up I could smell the sweet smell of the freshly mown green grass. How wonderful it smelt and how beautiful that green grass looked.  

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