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23 Jun 2004 @ 21:44, by Lydia Teo

in this world we live in, regardless of what is happening in our lives or that of those around us it is vital that we, remember that we are indeed "a child of the Universe, no less than the trees or the stars, we have a right to be here..."

so, when the wind blows cold and hard or the sun beats down relentlessly and the rain stays away so the grass doesn't grow, seeds don't germinate and the water tanks run dry, it is still
"a beautiful world"
Thank you Max Ehrmann

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23 Jun 2004 @ 23:14 by skookum : That is a beautiful poem
thank you for sharing that. It is nice to meet you.


24 Jun 2004 @ 03:09 by newdawn : Marissa
it is lovely to meet you aswell. Desiderata is indeed a powerful affirmation of the wonderous side of life.  

24 Jun 2004 @ 05:51 by spiritseek : yes
We have two plaques hanging with the Desiderata and it doesn't matter when or how it was written, its still a wonderful way to live life. Love  

25 Jun 2004 @ 00:04 by ov : Timely message
Thanks for posting that Lydia, it takes me back 33 years ago to when I was living in my first room and board place away from home and me and the room-mate were able to talk the landlady into allowing us to put posters up on the wall, they were all the rage back then, and this was one of the ones in our room.

"He spent his life wrestling with the realities of making a living and following his personal calling to a life of poetry, literature, and thought."

Now that line was new to me and very relevant to my current situation, as was the following quote in the letters section of last weeks weekly newspaper.

"There's three things that we were born to do with the human being and that is to seek our creator, to serve humanity and to stand on our own legs." --Kerpal Singh  

25 Jun 2004 @ 05:18 by newdawn : for some reason
this poem has been going around in my head for some time, in particular "you are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars you have a right to be here and whether or not it is clear to you the Universe is unfolding as it should"...
Perhaps this is just my subconscious trying to let me know that everything is OK and on target what ever that may be and that as a child of the Universe I am in fact being looked after and all my needs and wants are being met so that I can continue my life to do that which I have come here to do.  

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