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21 Jul 2003 @ 06:13, by Lydia Teo

This is a copy of an email I received today, July 21 but regarded it important enough to place on this log, even though the first date has already been. Interestingly on the first activation day, Friday 18 July I was with my children visiting my mother who lives three hours away. So on a higher level I was actually participating in the feminine activation (without knowing it)
Do you remember what you were doing on this day? Were you also a part of the activation without being aware of it?

A Date With Destiny
A Note From Dr. Norma Milanovich

>Dear Friend:
>If you are a person who feels a deep longing for an inner connection
>with someone (or something) and have not been able to fulfill that
>emptiness in this lifetime, then this message is for you. Over the
>years, in all of my travels worldwide, hundreds of people have shared
>with me that they have experienced a loneliness so deep within, that it
>has even brought pain to their souls. Some have described it as the
>reunion with their Twin Flame and others with their Twin Ray. Others
>have stated that it is their separation from Source, and all there is.
>Even with prayer, these feelings have not been taken from them.
>Recent transmissions that I have received from Ascended Master Kuthumi
>are beginning to address this issue. If I am interpreting his writings
>correctly, these feelings are about to be lifted and released from our
>care. It appears that they have been a part of a cosmic Divine Plan and
>that the time is coming for us to embrace these feelings with love and
>collectively come forth to shape the future with our dreams. If hearing
>this sparks a ray of hope in your heart, then I urge you to read on,
>because my sense is that you may have a date with destiny to fulfill an
>important part of the sacred contract that was signed between lifetimes.
>Always remember, that collectively, we are unstoppable. United we
>stand, divided we fall. On behalf of the Ascended Masters, I put out a
>clarion call for humanity to unite and join with me in this cosmic event
>to create the dream destined to fulfill all perfected unions on the
>planet that are destined to align with Spirit to fulfill God's Divine
>Plan on Earth.
>In Kuthumi's recent transmissions, it was stated that three critical
>days are approaching that will serve to transform the world. These
>dates are July 18th, September 29th, and November 14th, 2003. Kuthumi
>has requested that I send out the call for LightWorkers worldwide to
>join with me on the interdimensional planes to complete work that will
>shift the grid 3 degrees in the etheric, allowing a cosmic alignment to
>come forth that will purify the rays of twin flame energies coming into
>the planet. These cosmic events will prepare the way for the Twin Ray
>energies to unite with humanity's DNA and hold the sacred Light codes of
>Please note that discipline and consequences are connected to one's
>participation, (read the message below) for everything must always be in
>balance. It is my experience, however, having worked with Kuthumi for
>over 14 years, that a few weeks or months of challenges are always worth
>the effort, for the rewards that come from winning the battles far
>outweigh the momentary discomforts endured to attain the blessings
>Since time is of the essence to organize before the first date of July
>18th, please hold a vigil of timeliness for the women of the world. If
>I had received this information earlier, I would have sent it out
>earlier, but it has just been given to me. Somehow, I know that there
>is perfection in this, too. Can we unite the women of the world in
>three weeks and pull this first part of the scenario together? Let us
>see how quickly we can organize. Perhaps this is a test, like a Civil
>Defense Test designed only for the purpose of measuring our emergency
>response time! Let the games begin!
>After reading this message, and if it resonates with you, I encourage
>you to share it with Light Workers worldwide.
>In the days to come, the Earth will undergo tremendous changes as the
>Light from above bathes the land and seas with the fragrance of the
>Christos. Many opportunities present themselves for completing work on
>the higher planes that will allow greater energetic waves to enter the
>planet's auric shields. To receive these energies of the Divine, three
>portals of energy must be activated on July 18th, September 29th, and
>November 14th, 2003, that are destined to complete the harmonization
>patterns that need to be integrated into the grid.
>Ultimately, the Earth's crystalline grid is preparing to receive the
>perfected force of the Twin Flame and Twin Ray energies as they pour
>forth from the Heavens into the souls of men and women alike. The
>flames shall burn the fragments of karmic residue that stand at the
>crossroads of each individual's destiny. The rays will bless the souls
>that struggle for union with the God of all there is. Human fragments
>and higher levels of consciousness must be prepared to receive these
>energies in the months that lie ahead, in order for the DNA to receive
>the coding necessary to hold the sacred geometric forms that will
>facilitate the re-unification that is assured. All this must manifest
>before the Winter Solstice of the year of our Lord, 2003. All this will
>be put in place before the first warm wind of change blows across the
>prairies of time/space, and opens up the portal for the divine union to
>be experienced on Earth.
>This experience contains three parts to assure its perfection and
>completion: the activation of the feminine; the activation of the
>masculine; and the activation of the beloved union of masculine and
>feminine energies on Earth. The first of the portals should be
>activated over the ocean so the DNA coding can be aligned with the codes
>of both the emotional and the etheric bodies of wisdom. To successfully
>complete this step, only the feminine coding can participate. Thus,
>females of power (worldwide) are invited to participate in this
>memorable step for humanity's future evolution. The most ideal location
>is in an area of the world, where Earth's record keepers, the whales,
>are available to record the success of this venture. These magnificent
>mammals of honor and truth have the ability to connect with humanity's
>consciousness to hold the vision of unity that is necessary to bring the
>Twin Flame and Twin Ray energy together. These creatures of Light
>commit to holding the sacred codes in the future that will guarantee
>that these energies will indeed be reunified on Earth within the hearts
>and souls of humans everywhere.
>We shall rename July 18th as a new Mother's Day for the women of Earth,
>as we celebrate the success of the Divine Mother in this millennium with
>these creatures of power. Women are asked to meditate for one hour on
>that day, at an hour of their choosing, to hold the Light of the Divine
>Mother within their hearts and minds, for the purpose of signaling the
>Celestial Hosts that Earth is prepared to receive the power and glory of
>the feminine codes that are preparing to come to the planet. A figure 8
>must be held in the Third Eyes during this time surrounded by the purity
>of each heart's dream. The women are asked to be the dreamers of
>tomorrow, and to hold the perfected union in their hearts for this time
>on this sacred day.
>We then, shall work with the heavenly hosts to instill the keys and
>codes into the grid that must be completed before any other step may be
>fulfilled. By consciously connecting and braiding together the DNA of
>women everywhere, we shall jointly create a portal of Light that will
>equal the strength of the divine masculine that is destined to be
>created in September. Nine blessings shall pour forth for the women who
>come forward with pure hearts to participate. These blessings will
>encompass a fulfillment of their dreams encompassing nine areas of their
>lives. Their visions, however, MUST come forth from their connections
>to their Higher Selves, and not from their individual egos. This is a
>requirement that must be met for the Creator's Divine Plan to unfold in
>its highest form on Earth. The Earth's grid will record that what is
>delivered; and we shall work with the DNA of the Light codes and the
>whales of power to assure that the Feminine Will, combined with the Will
>of God, shall manifest on Earth.
>In September the males will then be called forth to complete the same
>ritual of distinction. This must be completed in the country of Mexico,
>where the warrior spirit still reigns. At this time, all males are
>called forth to reinstate truth and honor to the planet by accepting the
>right and privilege to activate the perfect vision for the world today.
>Since the sun is ruled by the Apollo energies, the gods of old are
>requested to put the feminine mystery into manifest form by giving life
>to their origins on the 29th of September. This will be accomplished in
>a thirty-minute segment of time, at a time of one's choosing, when the
>fire spirit of action unites with the mystical tone of inspiration to
>choose a destiny that will guarantee 1,000 years of peace will reign on
>Earth after the year 2012. A golden triangular tetrahedron must be set
>in the Third Eyes of each male engaged in the thirty-minute meditation.
>This will assure that balance and harmony will rule and that God's
>supreme wisdom will pour forth upon their brows.
>These men of dignity and honor will entwine their DNA to form a Rod of
>Power that will
>connect Adam Kadmon consciousness to humanity's etheric body on Earth.
>Three wishes will be granted to each who participates, along with the
>fulfillment of the dream that harmony and love will reign supreme within
>their beloved complement who yearns to bring peace to their souls.
>These are the promises that will be kept for all who thirst for this
>reunion to be complete. These are the gifts of Metatron himself, as he
>joins forces with the mighty souls on Earth to now shape Earth's destiny
>for the future.
>Then, in November, on the 14th of the month, a third activation must
>take place that will set the perfected vision of union into motion by
>installing it within the crystalline grid on the planet. At this time,
>both men and women of balance are called to step forward to participate
>in a segment of time, fifteen minutes in length, and visualize a golden
>Star of David that will assure that the perfect Twin Flame and Twin Ray
>energies will be received, surrounded only by stillness on the planet.
>If successfully completed, Earth's grid will shift 3 degrees in the
>etheric, and this movement will allow the elusive perfected rays to
>stream forth into the hearts and minds of people everywhere on Earth.
>At this time, one gift shall be bestowed upon each member who joins with
>the Hierarchy to create this ray of hope for the world. This gift shall
>present itself in a form of self-awareness and will come to each person
>within one month of completing this assignment for the world. Hearts
>will sing, souls will acquire patience, and the Light shall reign
>supreme within each breast that steps up to complete this higher form of
>work. This is a promise from Metatron himself. This is the way of the
>Success will constitute a celebration that has not been witnessed since
>the glorified days of Atlantis. Victory will be exalted everywhere and
>Metatron and the entire Celestial Hierarchy will be assured that another
>step of the process is complete in guaranteeing the higher form of the
>Divine Plan is installed on Earth. The men and women of Light who
>participate in this historical moment shall symbolically stand on Mount
>Olympus and have the privilege of holding, within their hearts, the
>vision of the one purified heart of all that has been cleansed in the
>flames of antiquity. This must be the vision held within the Star of
>David within the Third Eye during the sacred period of time on that day
>in November.
>The November activation must be conducted from within the heart and home
>of each and should reflect peace, harmony, balance, and perfection in
>all of its forms. The membership who serves in this capacity will
>participate in creating a collective DNA molecule that is destined to
>receive seven codes of creation for use during the next three years of
>Earth time. These codes will guarantee clarity of mind, steadfastness
>in purpose, courage to succeed, encouragement to learn, wisdom to see,
>ability to love, and a willingness to embrace all that is contained in
>the field of the beloved union.
>For those who choose to participate in this three-part experiment, know
>that during the next four months, each will also encounter challenges.
>These challenges will be delivered to provide opportunities for burning
>up humanity's karmic residue that keeps men and women in separation.
>Know also that for the first time since Atlantis, that select Celestial
>Masters have also agreed to take on these Twin Flame energies, for the
>purpose of assisting in purifying the karmic patterns that hold males
>and females in separation on Earth. Thus, for the first time in
>centuries, will the Celestial Realms will also be fully participate in
>the experience of clearing and cleansing all that no longer serves the
>highest purpose connected to evolution.
>Some will receive accelerated dosages because their sacred contracts
>have designated that they have agreed that this is so, not so much to
>service themselves, as in service to humanity. Always know that exiting
>these tests with easy and little effort can be accomplished, if the high
>road, and not the low road, is taken. Thus, victory can be easy and
>assured for those who live in honesty, truth, integrity, and courage.
>The Light shall always prevail when these factors are embraced.
>Following each of these dates and activations, I shall send through an
>understanding of not only what has been achieved by the group membership
>in each of the scenarios, but also what is important to understand
>regarding the next phase of the Divine Plan. On three separate
>occasions, I will provide guidance to the membership that will instruct
>each on how to prepare for the integration of these Twin Flame and Twin
>Ray energies within. This will be a process that will take two years to
>complete, and one that has only been dreamt of for eons of time.
>Instructions for you, Oh Daughter, regarding what your role will be and
>how you will facilitate as the liaison, must come forth seven days after
>the Summer Solstice has blessed the lands. At this time, we will begin
>the preparations for the oceans to receive, through the whales of Light,
>the greatest Light that has blessed the planet since the final days of
>Let us collectively energize the world now and move to total activation
>with ease and little effort, as we jointly prepare the way for the new
>tomorrow. Always remember that all good things come in small steps, for
>beauty and perfection are created with the passage of time. Look not
>with impatience on that which is not yet yours. Only give thanks for
>all that is soon to befall upon your hearts.
>Adonai in the Light of the Most Radiant One. I AM Kuthumi. Go in peace
>now to prepare the way for the peace that surpasses all understanding.
>Transmission received by Dr. Norma Milanovich in June, 2003.
>Kuthumi states that the first activation must be completed on July 18th
>and can only be completed with the feminine spirit, united with the
>intelligence of the whales. On this day, I will be completing a cruise
>from Washington to Alaska, and sailing over the ocean where many whales
>reside. I don't know why I was surprised that this assignment was added
>to my agenda in the last several days. All this time I thought the real
>reason I was going on this cruise was to teach a Feng Shui course to
>Light Workers, while enjoying a restful vacation at the same time!!!
>Silly me! I should have known better.
>The second activation, he says, must be completed September 29th, and
>must only involve the masculine energies. This activation will be
>facilitated in Mexico by me. I will be alone in Mexico, as this is not
>to be a group experience.
>The third activation must balance the feminine and masculine energies
>and must only be completed by going within on November 14th. This one I
>shall facilitate at home in Arizona.
>If you are called to join me in fulfilling this mission, for each
>session you join, please send a few strands of your hair (DNA) taped
>securely to a piece of paper with:
>1. Your name
>2. Your address
>3. Your phone, fax numbers
>4. Your email address
>5. A 6' x 9" self-addressed envelope (with appropriate postage as
>noted below) for EACH SESSION in which you wish to participate. Keep in
>mind that you have an option to participate in either one or two
>For mail within the United States - Please apply 60c postage to each
>For mail to Europe, including the UK and Ireland - Please place the
>amount of $1.60 (US funds only) in each self-addressed return envelope.
>For mail to Australia/New Zealand - Please place the amount of $1.70 (US
>funds only) in each self-addressed return envelope.
>For mail to Asia, Africa, or South America - Please place the amount of
>$1.55 (US funds only) in each self-addressed return envelope.
>6. If you have a photo, that would also be nice, but know that it
>is not
>necessary. If you send a photo, please put your name on the back.
>Mail this to:
>Dr. Norma Milanovich
>Athena Leadership Center
>11827 E. Cannon Drive
>Scottsdale, AZ 85259
>Over the years, I have come to realize just how important exchanging
>energy is for the success of any activity. I am sure that many of you
>have discovered this to be true, as well. It is a part of the Laws of
>the Universe and is not debatable.
>In reading the message above, I feel that the events described by
>Kuthumi will have a major impact on the world. Thus, in the spirit of
>exchange for a project of this magnitude, I am suggesting that a
>donation (gift, if you will) be sent with each envelope to fulfill this
>law. The number that comes to mind is $80 (US funds only) per return
>envelope (each session) since this is the number of Christ Consciousness
>and these activations will be responsible for shifting the Christ
>Consciousness grid 3 degrees in the etheric. This number also reflects
>the celebration and expression of victory that this event will fulfill.
>Please fill out the form below and include it with your envelope(s), DNA
>sample, and information. Make all payments to me, Dr. Norma Milanovich,
>in US funds only. Because this is a gift, I cannot accept credit cards.
>Please know that a portion of each gift will be donated to build the
>Temple of Love and Light.
>My promise to you is that I will take your etheric imprint with me to
>each activation, along with my promise to fulfill (as the liaison) all
>responsibilities required of me to accomplish each goal. Keep in mind I
>am destined to receive my instructions at the end of June. Following
>each experience, I will bring through a message and mail it out to you
>in your envelope, so you will know what was accomplished and how to
>participate in any follow-up exercises that Kuthumi may suggest.
>In July I must receive your mailing by the 9th, before I leave to board
>the ship.
>In September, I must receive your mailing by the 24th.
>In November, I can receive your mailing as late as the 13th.
>Because I must leave town for the first two activations, it is
>imperative that I receive your package before the dates stated for July
>and September.
>If you have questions, please go inward for your answers. We are only
>two people in this office, and are not equipped to handle the potential
>number of calls and/or emails that could result from this initiated
>effort. Please rely on your own mastery and connection for any answers
>you may believe that you need regarding this process.
>If you wish to join us on the cruise to Alaska to connect with the
>whales and learn more about Feng Shui, please call Cheri at Park Place
>Travel at 727-545-0613. I am only the invited presenter and this is not
>our event. Therefore, we would not be able to answer your questions
>regarding your participation.
>Please share this invitation with as many individuals as you think would
>benefit from this experience, and all those whom you believe will make a
>significant contribution to accomplishing the goals of this mission.
>Because of the timing, I am only sending this message through e-mail.
>You may share it via e-mail or in printed form. This will be a test to
>see how quickly we can respond.
>Dr. Norma Milanovich
>Gift of Energy
>Name: _________________________________________________________________
>City: __________________________ State/Province:
>Zip/Postal Code: _________________________ Country:
>Phone: ________________________________ Fax:
>I, ________________________________,
>do freely gift the amount of $_____________________________
> (US Funds Only - Enclosed),
>to Dr. Norma Milanovich,
>with love and Light in my heart, and without consideration.
>This exchange of energy has not been forced, in any way or by anyone.

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