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14 May 2003 @ 01:52, by Lydia Teo

Can we perform a random act of kindness?

The Nigerian supreme court has upheld the death sentence for a woman,
Amina Lawal. The method of her execution? To be buried up to her neck
and stoned, yes that's stoned with rocks, until her head is no more than
an oozing biomass sinking in to the soil! What's her crime? Mass murder?
Genocide? Building weapons of mass destruction? Hardly. It was for having
a baby while divorced (adultery in Sharia law). Executing someone is
barbaric enough of an act, but this is barbarism in the extreme. The court,
in it's infinite compassion, has postponed her death until 3rd June so that
she can continue to nurse her baby. Doesn't that make you all warm and
fuzzy inside and proud to be a human?

There is time to do something if you haven't already done so. Amina's
case is being handled by the Spanish branch of Amnesty International,
which is attempting to put together enough signatures to make the
Nigerian court rescind her death sentence. A similar campaign saved
another Nigerian woman, Safiya, condemned under similar circumstances.
The petition has so far amassed over 4 million signatures. It will take you
only two minutes to sign Amnesty's online petition, pass this on and help
amass 4 million more, maybe even save a life.

Go to the web page: [link] and enter your first name
(in the space marked "Nombre"), last name ("Apellidos"), province or
region/town ("Provincia"), and country (Estados Unidos for US). Then click
on "Seguir" and go to the second page. There you have the option of
entering your email address if you wish to receive follow-up information.
In any case, be sure then to click on "Aceptar" to have your name added
to the list. Please sign the petition if you might possibly feel you would like to help a fellow human being...

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14 May 2003 @ 06:29 by shawa : Done.

14 May 2003 @ 08:25 by jazzolog : Thank You Lydia

14 May 2003 @ 09:29 by invictus : Yes...

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