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18 Mar 2003 @ 05:33, by Lydia Teo

the date this Thursday is 20 03 2003

Is this not a date of great significance?
We will never come across a date like this ever again.

Perhaps this date is the most significant date in our entire lifetimes.

Perhaps it is a doorway. Here in Australia it is also the autumn solstice. A fitting celebration considering the completion of the old way of thinking and reacting in world affairs.

The doorway of choice. Which way will humanity go?

My future reality is filled with an abundance of joy, peace and fun with my children and friends.
I am responsible for my own life and my own actions.

My life is like a glass of bubbly ~ light and joyous at all times. (and if I knew how to insert pictures I'd stick in a tall glass with lots of bubbles rising to the top!)

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