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15 Mar 2003 @ 02:29, by Lydia Teo

For me, leaving behind old thought forms and patterns has been scary. I know the best is yet to come and I have to still keep remembering this as I still slog through the muck that I am leaving behind as I move into the light before me.
Inspiration and living in a new thought is what I am after. Trying to put the fears and old ways of behaving, responding and reacting to issues such as health into a new perspective and heart~intelligent response is my last hurdle to overcome as I remember my Self.
This article is a key for me and may be the same for you.

Create Out of Nothing

In the last few years, your science has proven that Human consciousness changes matter. If you believe this, do you think that it would be possible for Human consciousness to create matter? Well, the answer is yes, it always could! It can create something, seemingly out of nothing. Impossible, you say? The avatars did it. The masters of old did it. You can do it, too. So why don't you create something that's completely and totally apart from your four-dimensional existence? This is really alchemy, and we've told you before that it's simply changing energy. Here is how it's done.

Every day, create thought engrams. [Kryon's definition of engrams are thoughts that remain in your memory as energy.] These engrams are more than just idle visualizations.
Engrams are sacred energy thought-groups.

How do you create them?
Use remembrance.
Enhance what you've seen or experienced.
All of you have experienced laughter. So emboss this joy into yourselves based on the model that's real that you remember.

All of you have had youth. So emboss this remembered vitality into your mind.

These engrams will eventually create a new reality within you, which will slowly pull you out of 4-D and into something higher. You may not understand what that means, but in 4-D you're in a box. Use your 4-D experience to climb the walls of the box and prepare to use what you're given... but not necessarily understand it. "What?" you might say. "That makes no sense at all. We need to study a process and understand it in order to use it. That's just basic logic." Really? Do you understand intuition? Can you define how to use it? No. But you use it, don't you? Do you understand gravity? No. But you work with it daily. Get used to concepts that you work with but cannot explain.


What is predisposed in your body? What disease are you going to get because your brother got one or your sister or your cousin? This is plain talk. Why don't you eliminate that? This information is about self-empowerment.
It's about asking yourself, the Divine-Self, questions about God. Use the power of your own Human consciousness in what you've called intent, every day of your life. Talk to your cellular structure. Maybe it's time you stopped talking to Spirit for a while and instead talk to the Higher-Self within? Do you know that there are trillions of cells waiting for the boss to talk to them?

Some of you have never even addressed your cellular structure, and you wonder why it's out of balance! Have you ever sat down and had a meeting with your body? Perhaps this is something to do alone and not around your friends [good advice]. Then after you've healed yourself and balanced yourself and enabled yourself, they might notice. "Whatever happened to that problem you used to have?" they might say. And you could say, "Well, I had a meeting. with my cells, and boy, were they glad to hear from me! Because I had never talked to them before. I've been alive all these years, and never knew I could. You won't believe what they were going to do on their own!

So I rewrote their schedule.

I created something - a longer life."

Now perhaps you'll also start understanding how peace is created in you and what happens when a number of people create peace in themselves. It's catchy, you know. [Smile]

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15 Mar 2003 @ 11:10 by spiritseek : What you think...
is true is true.I believe in maintaining good thoughts on peace world wide, its not always easy given the news lately. Believeing the good versus the bad in all things is very important, what you think creates your reality.  

15 Mar 2003 @ 18:07 by nemue : Go Within,,,,,
Lydia, wonderful article....Heal thyself....Take back our POWER. :)  

16 Mar 2003 @ 01:34 by vaxen : Nice...
thankyou very, very, much for this inspiring little article! I've been using these techniques for some years, now, and I really appreciate seeing it written down, like this, so that others may start to peruse these lines of thought. Happy meetings on the old 'cell' block! ;)  

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