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21 Feb 2003 @ 02:12, by Lydia Teo

RAIN...the breaking of the drought

What a blessing rain brings
how it can be taken for granted
until you realise that we can't exist without it

This is my tribute to the wonderous blessing of rain that we have been waiting for such a long time.

Rain is a cleanser not just physically but metaphorically aswell. Showers of blessings have always played a part in my life when important events have happened.
I feel this a great Earth Cleanse, the beginning of the change in direction by humanity's longing for Peace.

"The rain is raining all around
it falls on field and tree
it's raining on the umbrella's here
and on the ships at sea."

Blessed be the rain
that gently falls on my window pane
Bless the earth
with gentle mirth
Bless this day
as we play
Light, Light, Light be

Blessed rain, bringing gifts again
Gifts of Peace
Gifts of joy
Gifts of unity
Gifts of Love.
All abundantly flowing through me...

Blessed rain, blessed rain, blessed rain
Wash away the tears and pain
Wash away the hate and greed
Wash away judgement and domination
Wash away ignorance and pride
Wash through each being's heart, Love

Wash the path clean
for humanity's progress
Wash off the obstacles
Shine and glow for all to see
this within their own hearts


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21 Feb 2003 @ 04:27 by tdeane : Somehow...
observing Nature can bring complex problems down to their simplest forms and solutions. Love ~ Tricia  

22 Feb 2003 @ 13:31 by shawa : The rain ... falling now outside my window, too. :-)  

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