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20 Feb 2003 @ 21:16, by Lydia Teo

to thine own self be true...

I am relatively new to NCN and have in the short time found many articles posted in the news logs both informative and interesting. It is truely wonderful that the internet has been able to allow for the meeting of minds and hearts of so many souls world(universe)wide. From what I sense here the members are those who are idealists and want the very best that can be for themselves, humanity and this wonderful planet that we all live on. The internet is a truely wonderful resource that we have access to, in the sharing of thoughts and linking of minds.

As with humanity, each individual is unique in their thoughts and experiences for each of us has a specific path that we have plotted for our selves with specific experiences that have a desired (leaning and)learning to achieve in this lifetime. We may each have similar experiences but view them in a different way.

The bottom line is we want the best for ourselves and as the co~creators of our experiences we have, through free choice the opportunity to experience the full range of experiences/emotions that we wish to incorporate into our unique lifesong. I have heard, as I have sung my own lifesong and I have heard others, those who suffer intensly through the complete denial of their human rights as women where women are not permitted to be treated respectfully or with any form of dignity. When I heard their song I too wanted to be with them as their song was just the most stirring song I had ever heard but, this was not part of the journey I am on this time.

What we as hu~man beings have forgotten is that every single one of us and every single thing that is visibly and non~visibly around us is a part of the same Creation. We all have the same God~force pulsing through as, we are each just like one drop in the ocean of the God~Source. So if we are each a piece of the God~Source then we should each treat each other respectfully regardless of our views.

To thine own self be true...yes, follow your heart in your life without belittleing others allow them the freedom to follow their own heart. Who is to say whether our judgement of circumstamces and events around the world is "correct" or "incorrect" or should be viewed in the light of it being just a part of the whole game of life as we had orchestrated for ourselves to play, before the beginning...


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21 Feb 2003 @ 04:00 by tdeane : Lydia, this is such a wonderful log...
and such a powerful statement because it is said in such a gentle, non-invasive way. It does not provoke my passions; its gentleness provokes my spirituality and compassion. The statement in your profile is something I go to over and over to remind myself because mine is the same goal as yours, and because it says it better than any words I myself have ever come up with ~ in our frenzied world it is sometimes difficult to remember. Love ~ Tricia  

22 Feb 2003 @ 13:27 by sharie : Beautiful Suggestions
Kindly stated.

Thank you  

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