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9 Feb 2003 @ 16:05, by Lydia Teo

We, the people of the Living Being, Earth decree:
We are here, now, to Makepeace in our time.
We, along with the Heavenly Host create Peace in our lives and our world.

In Australia there is a silent majority who do not support war with Iraq, certainly not without UN sanction. Throughout the whole world there is a silent majority who don’t generally join demonstrations.

Here is an alternative where individuals can effectively show how they feel without compromising their own values – without necessarily being associated with any particular group. Just going about normal lives and still sending out a positive message. There is no formal organization, placards or speeches - this is a chance for each individual to take responsibility for getting their message across to decision makers.

It entailes showing physically our manifestation of Peace in our lives.
Half a metre of light blue material - United Nations Peacekeeping blue – will cut into a couple of triangular scarves.
Write in white or silver across the corner the word:


The most effective message will be by a scarf across the mouth as a silent, ever present reminder that there are huge numbers of people who want peace.

Bandanas, neck scarves, armbands, pocket handkerchiefs in suits, car flags, letterbox flags, attached to workstation, briefcase or handbag will all get the peace message across.

Wear your peacekeeper scarf to draw attention to the wishes of the silent majority in support of United Nations peacekeeping efforts. Send a positive message supporting peace. Inundate our Australian and world leaders with a sea of light blue wherever they go. With the support of ordinary people every media report in the press and TV will show a peace message.

Please make it an urgent priority to wear your peace keeping colours and to network this message to your email contacts, sporting, business, recreation and special interest groups so that they can all pass information to members.

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9 Feb 2003 @ 16:21 by scotty : Bravo !
making peace by peaceful means and getting the message accross !
Wellcome aboard Lydia - look forward to hearing much more from you and to recieving your positive vibrations!  

10 Feb 2003 @ 15:54 by tdeane : Welcome, Lydia...
A bit of news in my mailbox this morning from your country: 700 women up through the age of 60 (if I remember correctly) formed the words "NO WAR" with their naked bodies yesterday in Australia. Profoundly peaceful, profoundly natural and beautiful!

Just found that I had not deleted it as I thought. Great idea!

12 Feb 2003 @ 03:06 by sevenlamb : Silencing: No!
Together is the only way we can retrieve our birthrights of voice, liberty, mutual rescue, and play!  

12 Feb 2003 @ 03:32 by istvan : with words one can argue.
With colors, no one can.
If the color of peace is the color of the stormless sky why not wear it.Good idea.  

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