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 shake rattle & roll2 comments
category picture8 Oct 2005 @ 11:39
well, it is quite clear that the earth changes continue everywhere at all times.

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 The science of the Antahkarana62 comments
picture9 Aug 2005 @ 04:11
The Antahkarana.
by Benjamin Creme

A discussion of the "rainbow bridge" built by the man/woman in incarnation between the lower and higher self as part of personal spiritual evolution.  More >

 The Third Secret9 comments
category picture12 Jan 2005 @ 06:16

The Third Secret presented at Fatima to Sr Lucia by Our Lady.


Timely reading.

Take from this what resonates with you at this time.  More >

 water water everywhere7 comments
picture4 Aug 2004 @ 22:14
but not a drop to drink...
Life in rural Australia is quite difficult. Living in a country/continent that is very dry and seems to be heading into further drought makes me wonder how life will end up.

This evening we have had some actual rain. I can hear it falling on the roof and going down the gutters finally collecting in the water tank. Everything here is so dry that it is no longer yellow but just without any colour. I find that really sad for the environment and for us aswell.

We have been inundated with kangaroos. They come in to the paddocks to eat what tufts of grass they can find and drink from the near dry dams. They are also coming further and further into the city. We counted 22 dead roos in an 8km stretch of road, some adult some young but all thin. It's very difficult for animals to survive in such harsh conditions even though this is the climate where they normally thrive.  More >

 Oracle of Delphi8 comments
category picture27 May 2003 @ 05:09
I am looking for accurate information about the Oracle of Delphi and have not been having a great deal of success. Any information or links would be greatly appreciated.  More >

 tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree6 comments
category picture13 May 2003 @ 05:46
Not too long ago I remember reading on someone's blog about "tying a yellow ribbon around a tree" in welcome for the returning service men from Iraq and querying what this was about.

Tonight while watching the idiot box there was a documentary about the festival of Beltane celebrated on the first of May or the beginning of the spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It turns out that this strange ritual has to do with wishes and Druid traditions.  More >

 What do the numbers say?1 comment
category picture18 Mar 2003 @ 05:33
the date this Thursday is 20 03 2003

Is this not a date of great significance?
We will never come across a date like this ever again.

Perhaps this date is the most significant date in our entire lifetimes.

Perhaps it is a doorway. Here in Australia it is also the autumn solstice. A fitting celebration considering the completion of the old way of thinking and reacting in world affairs.

The doorway of choice. Which way will humanity go?  More >