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category picture4 Jan 2005 @ 00:59
What can I do to help?

If you need a statesman/politician to elicit the dollar out of your pocket then keep it there.

This world is made of human beings, not dollar beings.

If you have a heart that is open and can feel with you will have the strength to put into physical manifestation an action that is just and helpful.

While searching on the net I came across this article which demonstrates what an ordinary person can do if they have love and compassion.

Actions speak louder than words.

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 Global Gratitude2 comments
category picture14 May 2003 @ 18:11
The start of Global Gratitude program in Australia is on this Friday, 16 May. It would be wonderful if you are able to join us.

Just find a place where you can be quiet for 7 minutes (more if you wish).

Read the first inspirational message in the Global Gratitude book, read it out aloud, feeling it and then close your eyes and feel the meaning of your words. Feel them for yourself, your children and future generations. Then focus on the family you have chosen.
Go to [link] to select a family and feel the message for that mother and child/ren and send them love. That's all.
When you have finished, tick the box and go on with your day.
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