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 The new dawn3 comments
picture25 May 2005 @ 11:42
Identifying Trends In Thought

A leading social scientist, Clare W. Graves, identified the historical phases of civilization and social progress to the point where he came to the realization that, today, mankind is preparing for a momentous leap. This leap, he said, would be a mega-change in society which would dwarf all previous changes.  More >

 CURE FOR CANCER6 comments
category picture10 Aug 2004 @ 02:42
When the expected norm for curing (or should I say, not curing) is not met and unorthodox methods cure a particular sickness without large pharmaceutical companies being involved and greatly profiting by their "orthodox" treatment the status quo is seen to be challenged and those in power/control are not happy chappies. But... the time that we are in now is bringing everything up to the surface, all that was once hidden, good or bad must be seen by all.  More >

 Sunday article5 comments
category picture21 Jun 2004 @ 06:41
I just could not help myself and had to put this little "newsworthy article" up on my blog. Happy reading!
Follow the link[link] text  More >

 Makepeace4 comments
category picture9 Feb 2003 @ 16:05
We, the people of the Living Being, Earth decree:
We are here, now, to Makepeace in our time.
We, along with the Heavenly Host create Peace in our lives and our world.  More >