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3 Mar 2004 @ 16:50, by sevenlamb

In heartful games of unity and exploration played by 3-5 participants — lie potentials of learning and mutual uplift that grant access to skills and abilities more profound than the sum of human storying...combined. Some of these games are stronger and faster than governments, nations...war, and 'school'. And they offer us the potential to be living on another world, not in 10 years - but in 12 months. Right here.

For thousands of years our ancestors were
attempting to piece together a way to speak
about a living riddle which they had constant
and direct experience of. This riddle had to do
with the source of Knowledge. and the meaning
of Light, Darkness, Life and Death.

Each of our cultures and their children of
science, philosophy or religion express a
different version as well as a modernized token
of their essential experience and understanding
— but there are ways of integrating the toys
they left us that lead to a startling experience:

Direct experiential contact with what they were making
stories about...

Something alive, at the core of spaceTime...

Organelle : Cognitive Activism : Toward Mutual Uplift

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