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25 Feb 2003 @ 19:36, by sevenlamb

We tend to believe our species 'advanced', but by any reasonable standard, a species infected with 'ways of knowing' which breed biospheric omnicide, in scalar waves of increasing velocity, such that it will erase its resource-base and potential in a geological heartbeart...cannot really be said to be advanced, especially when such a species cannot admit the problem, or the presence and activity of species which are -actually very advanced- right here next to's some further speculation on the topic. By the way, the animal after the 'beast like an eagle in flight', in the book of Revelation? It's a black octopus, with eyes before and behind, as the others, and with seven wings, filled with eyes. We are now moving from the phase of the last creature in Revelation, to the un-named (until now!) next creature. Each one is a model of our species' powers in the cognitive moment, and the conserved history, as well...but...that's another story...

Here's the link to the extended-play version (pun intended):

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25 Feb 2003 @ 21:04 by tdeane : Ah, Sevenlamb...
This extended-play version is indeed a wonderful toy to play with! Thank you! Love ~ Tricia  

4 Dec 2015 @ 09:15 by wengdongdong @ : wengdongdong

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