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24 Feb 2003 @ 06:30, by sevenlamb

One of the most terrifying and agonizing things I've lived with throughout my life is the atrocity of animals, people and ecosystems (as well as my own life) being destroyed by machines, cars in particular. As a young child, seeing a dead animal in the road, or seeing an animal struck and killed by a car, was a moment of shock, disbelief, species-shame, and pain for me. It still is, though I've learned to back down some of the over-reaction, or perhaps, become cognitively desensitized by over-stimulation. Regardless...a deer recently struck by a car, was able to clearly communicate some things to me as it lay dying, and I touched its mind...of course, it doesn't use words, and it's hard to make words out of things humans have no metaphors for. One of those things is called 'the way of animals moving' or 'how an animal decides to move and then moves'. This is a sketch of my attempt to metaphy this conversation, I'll correct and reWork it over time...right now it's very raw and inaccurate, but I thought a few people might be interested in seeing the precursor to the more polished translation that will later accrue...

Deer: You are seeing us.
Me: I am smaller than you - loving, i adore you and your people as more than me or mine. Come live in me forever, please...I can't save you...
Deer: I am too broken, part will stay with you, the other part goes across...
Me: Why didn't you move.
Deer: I did.
Me: ?
Deer: Your people don't understand how we move.
Me: Teach me, I'll try to speak it to my people.
Deer: We use the 'mind touching toy' that is verySimple.
Me: Show me.
Deer: You move wrong.
Me: I believe you. Show me.
Deer: The reasons to smash into things are to kill, or frighten. Usually for (newChilds), food, or terrain. The thing you use to move doesn't obey this. It smashes into things -by the nature of its moving-. It is wrong-minded moving.

When we see it, we play the moving game, but it plays wrong. Moving-right creatures already 'know' how to move, but this thing you move in doesn't play correctly.

Our people realize this in a simple way, but there is no toy which fixes it.

What I did was this: I saw the thing, and knew it was a smashing-mover. So I touched the toy inside all beings to decide which way to move.

This toy never fails, and has nothing to do with eyes, except that seeing something coming towards me awakens it.

Usually, when I touch the toy, the toy touches the 'coming thing' and I know all the ways -not- to go, in a general sense.

Then I can go one of the ways which is not one of the ways not to go, instantly. But until the toy answers, I should remain where I am. That way the other may, should it desire, avoid smashing into me.

But this doesn't work. In fact, when I touch the toy, it is broken because of what it connects to inside the smashing-thing.

The smashing thing doesn't even know it is moving, and the toy finds 'nothing there' and it is broken in that finding. It is supposed to touch the coming thing, and tell where its intent of direction is focused.

I can't move without the toy, anyway, but the specific thing that breaks, makes the toy start 'acting faster and faster', trying to resolve the 'ways not to leap'.

If we can manage in the brief time to control the toy, it then touches the person in the smashing-thing. Normally, if the person knows what direction it will go, the toy will tell me what directions not to go, but this is very confusing.

The person, like the smashing-mover, -doesn't yet know what direction it will go in- and so the toy doesn't work because it -requires at least one of us to have some idea where we are going-> Since it is me which is attending your threat, my intentions of movement must be pre-empted by your going-ness. But I cannot respond, because the going-ness is not even generally aware of itself. This does not make sense, and breaks toys of seeing without eyes, which we all use to move.

So I do the most sensible thing. I stand still, so that the carPerson can, should you decide at some point to awaken from your strange going-sleep, move, without using your toy, which you are clearly not using - because when mine touches you there's no response on the toyChannel.

I stand stock still, so you can avoid me, even if both our toys are broken. Sometimes this works. Not this time.

Me: You're saying the migration toy is the same toy you use to take a single step?

Deer: Yes, moreso under threat or surprise.

Me: So it isn't the lights, or shock that 'freeze' you?

Deer: Correct, it is feedback on the moving toyChannel that makes the toy not work.

Me: You touch the car, it doesn't know where it's going, so you touch the driver, and find the same thing, and thus you cannot respond?

Deer: Yes, that's very close.

Me: May your spirit live and dream in every living eye for all the ages.

Deer: There is only one eye. Smiles. Departs.

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