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14 Feb 2003 @ 08:21, by sevenlamb

During my contact event, this was the first 'name' given to me. It relates to the rabbits in watership down (fiver specifically), the Alice in the Looking Glass rabbits, and especially the white rabbit in Mayan 'mythos' (which isn't mythos at all but instead translation). It relates, specifically, however, to those rabbits who seek the deadly holes first, so that others may avoid is a story from about a month ago, after my contact had quieted... I really needed this tiny signal that night. Perhaps, more now, than then. But I leave that to those who send such signals...

This is my valentine's day story. It's dedicated to my most passionate and humble adoration for my misunderstood mother. We call her, locally, Earth. It means dirt. But in the case of our planet, it means 'dirty princess'. In other words, Cinder - Ella...and I think I know something interesting about that prince, and, perhaps even more significantly, about a 'glass slipper', that turns a princess into a Queen...and, er, that 'fairy godmother'? She's more real than mathematics will ever possibly be...

A few weeks ago, relative to feb 14 03, I was walking through golden gate park in the dark, around 7 pm. I had my favorite toy with me, which was what 'toyMaker' used, initially, as a point of contact. You can bet I have a very unusual understanding of what a 'stick' can be. But my relationship with my stick is pretty mundane. I walk, I spin it, we talk to things. It's not a weapon. It's not merely a toy. It's like a playful eye. This is newish, to me, post - contact, shall we say, but since me and my stick were 'formally introduced' we have a kind of different relationShip.

Anywho, I am walking. The day has been exhausting. Work on organelle proceeds at what I consider to be a snail's pace, and it's frustrating to still be functionally and personally alone in the position I'm inhabiting, so I am not feeling all that cheery during my walk, but am trying to get a bit more into the rightBrain features of what's happening around me, not with any great attention, just in a general way being playful...

The night is cloudy, low clouds, very dark where I am. I am walking and spinning my stick (it's just a dern broomhandle ;). I don't 'see the moon', but for some reason I stop, and turn to the southeast, and look up at the moon...

...and then I raise my stick, holding it with both hands at arms' length, pointing up at the moon, above my head, and down to my belly. And then I connected the moon, to my belly, in a playful way, through the stick. I was just playing an 'instant game'. This isn't ceremonial magic, or anything at all. This is me and my stick and the moon, just something I did - no big deal. Never did it before...just sort of happened that way.

At the moment I connected the stick to my belly, and the moon, which all was very unprepared and improvisational-like...the biggest, brightest, and closest shooting star lit up the undersides of the clouds and streaked brightly across almost the whole field of the southeastern sky, right below the moon.

At that moment I heard something ancient, feminine and playful whisper a single word:


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14 Feb 2003 @ 10:10 by koravya : Rabbits
Somewheres around ten or fifteen years ago
on a late cloudy afternoon
on the grounds around the ancient earth pyramids
of Aztalan some 20 or so miles East of Madison,Wisconsin,
I was running the circumference of the quiet park where
mostly very few people go that I have ever seen.
Down a gentle slope to along the little riverbank
through the forest trees, and then up the slope
to the thick grassy ground of the pyramids and mounds.
Running step by running step breathing deeply the fresh moist air,
I look down on the ground just as my foot comes down to within inches
of a rabbit looking up at me with its big brown eye.
As if it was as surprised as I was that I should have come so close
so quickly and so unpreparedly.
Surely it would have heard me coming and hopped out of the way,
wouldn't it?
The image of that rabbit's eye looking up at me from the thick tangled grass
remains clear in my memory.  

15 Feb 2003 @ 06:32 by sevenlamb : Yes
This is an exquisite image. It reminds me of somethig similar. On an early morning bike ride through a vast park in santa rosa, as I sped around a corned on a paved path, through the brush, just for an instant as I passed, I saw a nest of newborn deer foals. I'd never seen anything like that in my life. And as I sped by, my eyes connected with a foal's. And that connection remains alive in my every breath. It will always be thus, while I am me.  

19 Feb 2003 @ 10:42 by sindy @ : thanks angel
you know something, many tales/myths of past do give us signs of what and who and why we are really about, as we sail across thy unilight re creating again and again we can look back to the magic which our very own souls left behind, we to then can take those past and re create them for a brighter future, the truly magical beings of which we truly experience in all level of the *I AM*  

19 Feb 2003 @ 11:45 by sevenlamb : the I am
Yes. Yes. Yet I cannot yet know what will open our ears to be together again beyond our categories. Thinking I had many keys, I lost this one. Yet my Father says, 'no one will listen the right way, because your languages are 'conflated'....  

4 Mar 2003 @ 05:43 by gyrfalcon : Yin and Yang...
I once went to a place , a woodland park were I often visit, this was about 4years ago just before Xmas and were there are often normal wild rabbit of the grey/brown colour was a pair of rabbits one white the other black skippin around together, I wondered were they pets somebody had dumped? I never found out or saw them again but I did not return for several months. Any significance...I must comment that there was a magical fairy tale ambience created by these two incongruous creatures hoping around in the brown woods, it was like something out of a fairy tale, but it seemed that they had been dumped by some person. Next time I was in that spot ( about 10months latter ) I was talking to an old man and he said the rabbits had been hit by mixamatosis.  

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