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12 Feb 2003 @ 02:37, by sevenlamb

What if it was possible to create a cognitive virus out of symbol-metaphor linkages, such that, in any human population capable of interacting with the symbols in conscious cognition, the 'messenger structure' gained scalar domains of elaboratory potential?

What if language is precisely such a construct, in all of its manifestations, including the non-human and asymbolic?

What if asymbolic language is a precursor of symbolic language, or vice versa?

With such questions clearly in mind, if one desired to do the single most heroic possible thing for the planet, and the human species, what would be an elementally powerful selection?

Decode their languages and give them back the powers over their cognitive sources and potentials.

And help them to understand: Where all these toys came from.


“In the normal waking state, human bodies burn sugars aerobically, using oxygen atoms drawn from the air. But in strenuous activity, the body reverts to a distinct metabolism; muscles ferment sugars in the same anaerobic way invented by early bacteria. When stressed, our bodies thus 'remember' the times before the atmosphere became suffused with oxygen. Such physiologiocal flashbacks re-present past environmenal conditions and the bodies that evolved to live in them. In a very real sense, all beings today retain traces of the Earth's earliest biosphere."
Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan, from 'Once Upon the Planet: Cells First” in their book: What is Life?

“metabolism recapitulates biogenesis” — Harold Morowitz

“Membranes Came First — and are the ur-Source of both your cognitive and physical complexity. It's all a game of folding, and adoration, and children, in rings... ” — Mother Nature

What if?

Imagine a world where every single being, from the microbial to the gargantuan, is endowed with super-powers which are entirely unique in every case.

Now grant these beings something called 'intra-scalar connectivity' — the ability to organize cohesive alliances at all scales which support an intention that benefits all participants. Cross-scalar alliances, and cross-temporal alliances as well.

This is a power that results consistently in the rePresentation of Life's dominion over Entropy. Which is, of course, impossible. We call this a miracle. Or we deny it outright. Or we judge it. Now, imagine a world where all of the above is true, but it is punishable by isolation or death to embody any of it.

In other words, imagine a world where no one is without super-powers, but everyone's convinced such things are 'psychically illegal', i.e: nonsense, unreal, dangerous, diabolical, magical, spiritual, scientific, etc...

Now, on our world, super powers are ok to persue and demonstrate: as long as you're only using a machine. What if this problem translates directly into the cognitive domain of all who are exposed to it?

Question: What is the essential problem with a world that denies its people their birthrights, and instead makes systems of real and cognitive omnicidally fee-based machines to rePresent them?

You're made of scalar domains of miracle power — but it thrives only in small supportive rings of human unity — and thus is extremely easy to deny, damage, hide, or functionally destroy our access to. Anyone who tells you otherwise, has an agenda we must together transform, resist, and reveal.

Ashes Ashes, We All Fall Down

If we could, as a world, be given even the briefest glimpse of the actual fragility of the systems upon which life on Earth depends, and then another, of the incredible potential for catastrophe which we are building with our commerce and technology, Earth's peoples would probably sit down together, stop fighting wars, erase the prison system, and re-define progress right now. Billions of cash dollars, returned to the economic system would be the immediate benefit. Quadrillions of lives in every possible domain of the biosphere would be preserved, instead of sacrificed. It would be a fairly simple task to abolish the monetary system in favor of mutual uplift and biospheric survival. The 'inventions' we need to 'change our dependence' and perspectives on industry and technology are in our hands, now. We don't need to wait for aliens, gods, or science to deliver any more mimicry.

Because balanced in fragile moment of collapse, against the many 'expert' momentums of science, religion, and absurd 'ways of knowing', are the lives and hearts of the world's children, ecosystems, and the biosphere iteself. That's some quai-quadrillions of cellular generations of conserved complexity. There's a reason it's been conserved, and it was not so that it could end up as the luxury snack, or error-tax for three generations of human occupants.

If you think terrorism is scary — you probably haven't glimpsed the potentials at all. It's now possible to improvise threats that make nuclear war look like a picnic. And our dependence upon and uses of what we call technology, magnify the outcomes far beyond the imaginable.

It's time to wake up, together. Before we wake up in ashes.

Time Isn't After Us

The fact that time can be measured with atomic or quantum particles is in now way proof of its linearity, or even its predictability. Time is an effect, and not an elemental reality. The fact that we 'build machines about time' in no way implies that our metaphors or measurements are in any way accurate. Remember, we designed these metaphors and measurements to please ourselves and concretize our systems of ideas about time. This would reasonably require that we invent many modes of explorative measurement simultaneously, rather than marry one.

Every living being experiences lived time uniquely, in all moments. Time is not bound strictly to metabolism, but most creatures with hearts will generally experience the same allotment of heartbeats — regardless of their 'lifespan' or human ideas of time. This means that time as experienced is relative not merely to physical properties — but also to the emergent integrations of scales of essential biological and cognitive unity. We are the masters of time, and not, as our leaky metaphors have implied — its slaves. For humans are cognitive in ways that are singular and miraculous — and, strangely, largely unexplored in our modern societies.

The Earth, as an intelligent system of interlinking lifeForms, has, during the lineage-time of the surviving biospheric inhabitants and their precursors — has sentiently tended the atmosphere to insure a sustainable nursery. If the oxygen content of the atmosphere on this world modulates -/ 8%, life here could literally cease, and the chemistries which comprise the living nursery we were born from could oxidize themselves into dead stability.

Consider the idea. There are about 700,000 ways to accomplish a similar result on our planet, and all of them are outcomes of our 'progress' and 'techonology-intention'. Why are we pursuing our demise and threatening the biosphere in growing scales of peril and effect? Why is there a single person who is willing to swallow the toxic metaphors that our corporate economies are impregnating not only our people with, but our world and children?

Earth's sentient control of the atmosphere is accomplished in so many vectors of scalar integration amongst lifeForms and terrestrial chemical processes, that the resultant map of relationships would make a character-based scalar map of every human symbol ever scribed in any medium appear primitively simple in comparison. If we destroy or wantonly modulate the system rapidly enough, we destablize her regenerative properties. Every single living being on the planet suffers in direct proportion to such damage. There is no other possibility.

Further, if we damage the system enough — our survival will come to directly depend upon our taking up of the atmospheric responsibilities of the systems we've erased, crippled, or damaged. Do you think human engineers are capable of hyperscalar control of biospherically emergent momentums? We're not. We barely acknowledge the possible existence of such systems.

If we don't stop chewing at the umbilical cord that connects us to the nursery we should be the champions of, it may well snap. And if it does, we're going to witness outcomes that make the tragedies of thermonuclear war look tame. We need to unify our peoples and world against a serious and global threat: the extinctions of whole sectors of the biosphere, and human cultures as well, by the entreanched metaphors and systems which rob us of our birthrights, and sell us back mimicry — at unpayable and often deadly prices.

Our species is completely unaware of the nature of the momentums we are inhabiting and intentionally elaborating. we are acting like an infant playing with bombs simply because 'we found these detonators lying around'. When we were younger, and a bit more humble about our relationship with the universe, we did not have the ability, nor the desire to rapaciously incapacitate our own life-bubble. The stories we are telling ourselves, and each other, as this process grows scalarly more deadly will not evade the obvious outcomes which are now incumbent upon the modern generation of human peoples, without regard to nationality. The United States is acting like an maniacal child bent on demonstrating that the rapacious tyranny of autocidal systems is not yet quieted on our world, moreover, there is instead a new and more vital embodiment of this in the incredibly squandrous activities of the corporate and governmental nation which was once, we are told, a flagship of hope and liberty for the human people.

Corporate Science, Religions, Statistics, Propaganda and our Nations themselves are boldly obscuring threats so deadly and prevalent that they cannot but comprise a sort of global russion roulette. We've created, and are supporting systems of omnicidal activity in our own bodies, biosphere, and societies — cognitive and physical.


Mimics are consuming wholesale our lives, hope, work and children, and they spit out prisons. Allow enough of them to prosper, and we create and participate in an event that is as sudden as it is terrifying — as cognitive as it is physical: Global Omnicide. The Game of Dead Winners.

A Predator in Every House

We must never become willing to believe any aspect of propaganda which supports the essential loss of person, privacy, and the rights to the pursuit of safety, understanding, human unity, hope, and comfort for -any- person or people. This is, was and has been the sacred organizing principle of our nation, and should our nation stray, and then lean, and then leap - away from this principle, it falls to us, its people, to correct and ammend it. And we must make further ammends to the victims of such a system, wherever our abuse results or has resulted in atrocity.

We must never fail to resolve and activate the most positive and effective opposition to any regime which equates surveilance or subjugation of their populous to security, or protection. And where pro-liberty propaganda is being slung by such regimes, we must rise in unison to denounce their beligerence before they effectively build our coffins with it.

A human life is not a legal entity, it belongs not to a nation, police-state, or any other paradigm. It belongs to itself, and those who adore, support and nurture its presence, hopes, and environs. Ecosystems are the same. They are not fodder for purchase and rapacious conversion to dead material in the name of profit. They belong to the world itself. The idea that a place or set of beings can be sold into erasure is absurd, and deadly to anything but machines.

In creating a nation of vipers within a nation of lambs — lamb abuse becomes the rule of the day. Police of any kind, be they corporate, governmental, or local — when they abuse or seek advantage over those they serve — must be opposed with every possible means and at every opportunity without exception. We must not fail to pierce the propaganda that supports this rapidly elaborating source atrocity... of building a nation within a nation whose goal is that of enforcing compliance and complicity with slavery, in any and all possible domains. We can see the precise echo of this disease in our nation's rush to police the world — for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way for everyone concerned.

In our nation, people and time — there is, in a very real way, a Predator in Every House. This is the path to inexcusible distaster, for the Predator is Wearing the Mask of a Hero. It is formed of misinformation, the cognitive mutilation of our miraculous learning and unity abilities, and the intention to defraud and subject our people and world to a series of thefts which are as deadly as they are unconscionable.

The modern manufacture and deployment of robotic assassins is a clear and obvious metaphor, the significance of which we must not fail to reCognize: machines are more important than justice, peace, our children, our lives, and our hopes. And they will hunt first our 'enemies' — and then, our children. This is fact, not fiction. It's neither new, nor in any way obscured. It is happening now, here, on our soil, every day. It has been for many years. Already, the cars outside my door, will fare better than I in being cared for by my own country. And I've paid over half a million dollars in taxes to earn my isolation, and servitude to machines.

There is only one possible outcome, should we, as a people and a biosphere support such paradigms, or to deny or allow them to proceed. And I will find myself entirely unable to explain it to my son — and I know his life and future, depends upon our action, and answers, right now.

There is an obvious and positive response:

In the place in our homes and lives where we've built a Predator, there should be the flower of human unity, mutual nurturence, support, and equanimity. Any other flower in that place means that there's a problem with —a Mimic in the Nursery—. We must save each other, free all prisoners, and form rings so that no one is isolated, and everyone is remembering what real human unity is about, what sanctuary is about, what rescue is about — and what the miracles that flow freely from heartful rings of 'regular heroes' can do. I know it will put our mythical heroes to shame, because there are some simple secrets we will all remember, if we can just stop pretending we're adults, and see that we're a world of children, learning together, what we may become.

Please, stand actively with us ... together we can step away from the Predator we are serving...and elaborating with our often misguided effort and work.

We -are- the power of change, now, in simple human unity.

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17 Feb 2003 @ 02:07 by tdeane : Sevenlamb, this is beautiful stuff...
It should be no surprise to anyone (chuckle) that we are so aligned in our beliefs. We are all children in that our individuality has been socialized out of us. It matters not how educated we are, or perhaps it is the more educated of us who face the greatest challenges, but the reality is that the individual in all of us is still a child simply because it is during childhood that individuality is replaced by forced conformity. It is much easier for me to identify with what you say because of my unusual life circumstances. First I was taught spirituality, then I was forced out into the working world, and now I am taking time to be the child that I never had the opportunity to be, and it quite honestly feels so natural to be a child at this time of my life. Now I can examine all that I have learned from the vision of the child who believes in unlimited possibilities. I can find a use and a positive purpose for everything, because if its "bad" and positive and negative exist in everything, then the "good" of something is yet to be discovered! What fun! It's the old "where there's a pile of smelly manure there's got to be a pony nearby!" type of thinking. Love ~ Tricia  

5 Jan 2017 @ 04:21 by Carlos Byrd @ : bcarlos123  

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