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12 Feb 2003 @ 01:33, by sevenlamb

On a living world, simulations are important. Especially when a race of creatures like humans becomes more fascinated with simulations than with survival. Yet there are certain elemental simulations that can pay off, when we can locate the right species of questions to inagurate our quests.

Here's a game we play all the time, without noticing it — or, some of us notice it in ways different than others.
It's the kind of a game that can save worlds, played hearfully.

It wold be fun to teach each other together again. With games of questions.

We used to be circles of circles...instead of a lot of agitated dots. At least, I remember circles of circles...of raindrops falling together into water...under a fascinating star...or a scalar blanket of them.

Scene I:

In a moment, you will be transported to a world with two children, a boy and a girl.

Essentially you can think of them as the only two human children on the world you’ll be taken to. They will become a planet of human children, living on a world much like preIndustrial Earth. In other words, paradise of complex living ecosystems in cognitive and highly charactered co-emergence.

You will have a few moments to offer each of them some advice, or a teaching. Your goal is to compose a brief message for the girl, one for the boy, and one for both of them.

You will have the option to inscribe what you've said in stone, in a way they can later decode, or not.

You will be the only ‘adult’ they will ever encounter. What you offer them will radically alter their universe, for they will wonder where you came from, and where you went. They will likely metaphy you as a god, and as yet, they have no such 'idea' at all.

For the time you are with them only, they will understand common concepts in English (or your native language) but not esoteric concepts such as religion, specific metaphors, etc — thus your gift of knowledge must be extremely general to be successfully communicated.

What will you offer them?
What is the most essential gift we can offer such children in our experiment?

Scene II:

How is each moment or instant of our own inner life different from this question? If it isn’t, or is even similar, what stories are we telling to the two children inside ourselves when we reach inward in any way at all?

Scene III:

How is each moment of our own activity as adults not alike with this question, as it relates to our own living children? Since we cannot ‘know’ we will ever return to their side, how are we answering this question with our moment to moment and day to day activities, as well as our tacit or implicit consent with the industrial and political momentums we exist within, emerge from, and influence?

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17 Feb 2003 @ 03:37 by tdeane : These interactive logs are great!...
I read this log several days ago, and quite honestly, I had to think long and hard about what I would want written in stone. I have no separate message for the boy and the girl, and really have only one message: We are the same, yet different, existing equally because our perfect Mother Earth and Father Universe love none of their children more or less than another.

In Scene II my inner voice tells me that good and evil exists in me in equal proportions, so I had better watch how great I contemplate wanting to be, whilst loving both equally. -- Stay centered between the two.

Scene III -- Since I believe that all children, young and old, of the world spiritually belong to all of us, I have devoted most of my life to stopping precedents from being set as I have experienced wrongs in my life. I do not have biological children, but I do have kitty cats who are my adopted children. We live in a world of total peace together, we learning from them, they learning from us, taking care of each other's emotional and spiritual needs. I guess what we are trying to say in doing this is that if we live in a world without peace, one can create a world with it even if it is on an individual family basis. I cannot comment on the world outside of my home, because I do not exist there any longer. Love ~ Tricia  

7 Jul 2009 @ 02:36 by geg @ : dseg  

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