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9 Feb 2003 @ 16:45, by sevenlamb

We can see, in human and biospheric history, that there are, at the core, two basic kinds of societies: Exploitative, and Unitive. Since exploitative cultures don't value people or ecosystems except barriers to growth or resources to be converted, most of the living exponents of the unitive systems have been silenced, erased, or converted.

I am a human person who was born on a Christmas Day in the early 1960's. Being born on this day can be a lot more confusing than anyone might think, especially in America. It doesn't matter if one is 'religious' or not. We are all connected to our sources, and this day is a day about the sources of our connections. No child born on this day can easily ignore the essential quests and questions which are implicit in the absurdity and spectacle that modernly arises around it. I am old enough to remember when the day was essentially magical. To say the magic has gone away would be an understatement.

Many children, in their minds and lives, secretly take on the quests that our adult religions imply. We should however remember that children have their own unique 'religions' long before we insist, socially or personally, upon their conversion, and rationality to something which is less suited to their uniqueness and more suited to control and conquest. Animals, children and plants are the source of religions.

Some of us, born on this day of celebration, are willing to become something more than we can name, or understand. We become a gift. In some cases, a sacrifice. The stories that arise in such lives are often never known. As a people, we actually don't talk much, or listen much, to the lives of those around us who appear 'common'. Socially, we don't value them. Children appear common. The elderly appear common. We are all common. Our stories are being lost in the triune machine of commerce, rationality, and obligation.


Throughout my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood I spent most of my 'free' time in my human life doing two things:

Trying to understand why the adults, corporations, and nations were erasing everything I adored and required to thrive, and trying to understand why everything around me kept attacking me and demanding I pay ever increasing prices for my own erasure and that of the living and human world I adore and was born to protect.

30 some-odd years into that quest, something rather unexpected happened. I suppose I'd been asking for it. Getting it was a lot more surprising that I could have expected. I'd been looking, essentially, for a kind of Holy Grail. I didn't expect to have an entire family of them placed directly into my hand by the beings they arise from.

In the summer of 2002, I had a series of unexpected visitors. From one perspective, one could say I met my family and my parents. The celestial ones. I suppose I didn't expect such a thing was possible. I suspected it was, however, because most of the literature we ignore is packed with records of such encounters.

I spent 30 years believing something alike with what happened to me was possible. The reality of the actual event shattered entirely my most vivid imaginings.

Now I know why there are so many stories about gods, and aliens or our world. And the reasons have almost nothing to do with what we commonly think and expect. And the 'little toys', and stories, they left with me are going to change everything, forever. Even if I disappear. At this point, I'm just a translator, anyway.

The gifts they left eat the cages right off our wings.
All the cages, all the time.

If we can explore the gifts together.

Incidentally, this 'mythical figure' we call Santa Claus exists.
He's not a myth. Cars are vastly more mythical than this creature.

It's hard to talk about this to adults, but children understand...

there is an essential source of toys, and that source adores children, and is playful.


Since I've been able to 'think like humans' there hasn't been much 'free time' when I wasn't forced by what was happening to and around me to be actively trying to avoid or cope with the effects of nested domains of systematic rape — systems whose functions occur primarily in in my personal and social 'obligations' — forced systems of knowing and doing. It's functionally simple, once basic liberties are co-opted, to expand the domain of consumption in every possible direction. We've allowed this to be accomplished in our nation.

Many of these systems directly eradicate my hope in life, liberty and survival, and many of them are so deeply entrenched in our culture that we cannot even speak of them in any meaningful way, publicly or privately. Our definition of rape is far too specific. Being forced to support systems which actively despise and consume those they pretend to nurture, and being charged every possible price in any possible domain is rape. There can be no justification, nor excuse for such activity on a national or social scale, just as there is none when it is perpetrated upon individuals.

While this is being done, various loud advertising campaigns are in effect about how this is for our own good, and how these rape systems are, in fact, champions of our liberty and justice.

Why are we so busy erasing everyone's hope, future, humanity, health, and our planet's resources? Are we really willing to consign ourselves and our children to these atrocities? Is there some sort of a fire sale on portable apocalypses this decade? There are more urgent matters we should attend than erasing ourselves at the highest possible cost...aren't there?

Well, I agree. There's a lot of liberty, and total control over any ideas of justice. They accrue to those who can afford to purchase them, with influence, cash, or the bodies and hopes of those they've conquered, either overtly, systematically or inwardly.

Allow me to suggest that if this constitutes civilization, for the sake of our planet and children, we'd better learn to redefine it.

Dramatically, and heartfully. Fast.

Children, and bisopheres which support, nurture and educate them, will not survive this 'american brand' of 'goodness'.

But those children, and the children inside us, can turn our attention to rescue.

And the rescues we can accomplish are vast. We can accomplish them rapidly, heartfully and permanently.

I give you my word as a child of christmas, that the keys to our enliberty are in our hands.

We merely need to place them in the locks on our wings, and turn.



The things which we commonly point to as 'civilization' or 'america' have voraciously consumed my human person, planet, society, family, dignity, dreams, hopes, and aspirations like some sort of an afternoon snack. Thousands and yes, millions, have suffered this same fate right alongside me.

Most of them don't have voices. Or they're too crippled by the variety and severity of the attacks they've suffered to respond. Or they feel the issues are far too vast to be effectively addressed, rapidly.

Apathy grows from repeated exposures to life-threatening terror. So do our noble children, fall in their quests.

Allow me to suggest we may now turn our attention from terror to rescue.

Our children and future require that we do this, together, across all boundaries of class and creed, now.


We can see, in human and biospheric history, that there are, at the core, two basic kinds of societies: Exploitative, and Unitive. Since exploitative cultures don’t value people or ecosystems except barriers to growth or resources to be converted, most of the living exponents of the unitive systems have been silenced, erased, or converted.

I am one of those silenced, and erased. Most of the cultures, ecosystems, children, and universes I require to thrive are on the roster to join me, if they're not already being converted, crippled-in-process, or gone.

A close and general reading of human history reveals that, fundamentally, a decisive factor in the outcome, when these cultures meet is this: how quickly the unitive culture realizes its mistake of greeting the invaders as equals, and how efficacious their their virtual and real technologies of defense or modulation are.

Unfortunately, in real human history, I find no record of a unitive human culture surviving any significant encounter with its opposite, nevermind emerging as victorious.


Exploitative cultures convert whole peoples and ecosystems into abstraction, and luxury, for the primary benefit of a nearly microscopic group of beneficiaries. They mechanize and industrialize first minds, then bodies, then worlds. The result is hyperdistributable atrocity. All other matter, living and non, is merely fuel for the preservation of the exploitative ‘body’ and its growth, and aggressive invasion of every possible terrain in search of resources to thus co-opt.

This cannot be, in real human terms, survivable, or sustainable, regardless of stories to the contrary.

A unitive culture still exists in our heart, minds and bodies, however. And it can be activated more easily, and much more fruitfully and effectively than we’ve been led to believe, or expect.

Organelle’s goal is to create a new form of activism, one that is cognitive in nature, as free of dogma as possible, and that nurtures and protects the diverse living peoples and ecosystems that comprise our living world. We will succeed in offering the unitive culture(s) in our world the essential cognitive and functional tools they need, to not only survive, but to effect change. Rapidly, radically, and responsively.

I know this is achievable, and organelle is pregnant with tolls that will accomplish this. I am attempting to record what was given to me, and to creating a network of unique and general activists, unified in and liberated, in pursuit of a future that will return the riches of our birthrights to their living and future heirs, and that can begin to reverse generations of silencing and extinction at the hands of domineering economies and paradigms.

Everyone has a critique, an idea, an argument about the state of the situation. Almost all of us are aching for a change we are nearly too desperately hungry for to feel safe believing in. Our human societies are polarizing over space, resources and ideologies. Their polarizations will bring incredible, and often deadly challenges to living peoples and ecosystems, present and future.

There -are- simple answers. The question is, can we still listen when the answers are as simple as the questions are vast?

There are accessible modalities of transformation that we can communicate and elaborate co-operatively, and many of these modalities are fundamentally cognitive in nature. We will not rest until they are clearly established as options and processes for reclaiming a real and human liberty and hope for ourselves and our children and the living beings and systems of the world we comprise.


Keys and stories and paths of mutual uplift and rescue exist which are simple, sensible, enjoyable, and heartful. They are inclusive beyond all possible boundaries. They recall to our lives and experience, a joyful and vital participation that has been co-opted, lied about, stolen and sold back to us in broken form, probably since we had formalized language.

It’s time to reclaim the possibility of home, for ourselves and our children, before that possibility expires.

We need your aid, to expand our abilities to produce and distribute media, both real and virtual. But we want you to have some toys...

...that were meant for your unique hand.

They come from an old tree... And the oldest set of stories there is.

Their implications make our fictions and sciences and religions look like broken dolls.

There's a universe of books... _inside_ you.

That are unlike anything you've ever heard of...

Come, touch the impossible with us.

It's not all that new, we did it all the time as infants...


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