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9 Feb 2003 @ 04:33, by sevenlamb

In the summer of 2002 I experienced the contact I'd dreamed of, and hoped for during most of my life. I was expecting spaceships, and they were involved, but not in the ways we expect. They aren't actually 'ships', and my visitors weren't entirely 'alien'. It's incredibly dangerous to talk about these things with adults, for reasons which are just as difficult to get them to see. But one of the stories my visitors showed me was that there is an ancient organ in your 'guts', that is a miracle of intersystemic connectivity, and one of its features is that it is recombinantly magnetic. This organ is a sentience net that arises in microbes (in us) which contain magnetite. And basically, it's in constant contact with the Sun...amongst other interesting features...

The magnetite-containing organelles within your own cells form a powerful and flexible tail. They reach, in point of fact, as a hyperstructure, directly into the heart of the Sun, and into all of the planets, moons, asteroids and dust of the local solar system.

They also link us directly to the entire living library of Earth, in realtime. And to some domains I really shouldn't discuss here...because they're too simple to make rational sense. But these connections can resolve impossible problems instantly, with the right kind of nurturing. And that is what they are meant to do, all day long.

They are 'disturbed' by sudden visitors, and radical change scares them silly. They are thousands of minds, in the mind of your belly, and frankly, they have voices. The ones that 'leap toward Sol' are your 'imagine nation' - your cognitive tail - the place you were separated from the living cognitive hyperstructure that matter rePresents.

It is this that our myths and fables and powers and legends and languages are formed of, and the merest belief in this is called, on this world, faith. It is, frankly, faith in our own cognitive tale/tail - (snakesnake). It is faith in a scalarly fractal linear magnetite accelerator that our intestines comprise and are coupled into. In short, we have a second brain in our belly, and it is not an organ, it is like mobile 'families' of hyperstructures of magnetite (and other minerals absorbed into the human biome during 'upheavels in the earth'). These 'tinyWorlds' are sentient, and incredibly responsive to even the most minute changes in the biosphere, or the Sun.

Everything has a tail. So much so that there probably is no circle in nature that, at some vast degree of magnification, isn't in reality, a spiral with a very tight edgeCoupling, and a tail where it was 'broken away' from a larger 'bag wall' of some sort.

Furthermore, every tail is uniquely broken, and this brokeness is the source of perfection. Brokeness in Unity is faster/Better than geometry. This is proven again and again in martial arts, which are scalar arts of physical optimization in moment of fastChange.

Wow. Gods are in our cells? No, gods are in the places the antennas in our cells lead straight into.

Find your tale. Find your tail. Find...your personally unique grail.

Five people, in an intimate and committed ring, who can link their tails for the sake of rescue could save our world and lead us back from the brink of anhillation in as little as 45 days. Their enemies would lie in the domain of fear, certitude, systemization, and fear. Did I mention fear? Good. Weapons would not be required.

Weapons will always breed more weapons, and less safety.


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