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9 Feb 2003 @ 04:13, by sevenlamb

We believe ourselves to have arrived, at this point in our cognitive evolution, at a kind of a platform where we can survey our histories and perhaps even some of our potentials ‘from above’. The basic presumption is that we are ‘more clear’ now about some of our questions about history, evolution, science, the nature of the universe, our position in it, etc. Perhaps this illusion is enhanced by our addiction to ‘flat pictures’. For us, in the way this is real — it is deadly, even though, as we shall see, there are amazing and even useful purposes in such addictions.


In a universe as majestic as ours there’s a kind of cognitive rule that masters of ‘not getting hit’ understand: flex, get small (change size rapidly) or you will get hurt.

Another useful thing to understand very generally, is that, in a universe with sources, the sources are conserved, in everything that proceed from them. A kind of ‘as above, so below’ rule, which turns out in experience to be extremely different from what mere speculation may imply.

It is, well, universal.

It's scalar domains of co-emergence.


Our ‘view from above’ is entirely false, and it’s dangerously crafted, intentionally, to be misleading. Our paradigms, activity, and general confusion-oriented consumption is clear evidence that the ‘aboveness’ we think we’ve achieved is a fantasy, at best. This is made more painfully clear by our insatiable urge to erase the living and cultural diversity of our biosphere as rapidly as our technologies will allow. We don’t tend to notice that our essential cognitive diversity, and health goes instantly with it.

We are not looking from above, but instead flattening our understandings into shapes that serve our immediate goals rather than those which would naturally emerge from an integrated mastery and understanding of histories, linkages, and communities. Humans are not a separate momentum on a dead island. Psybiocognitively, we are instead participants in scalar networks of co-evolution, co-sentience, and co-elaboration. As we ‘gloriously’ erase the other participants with wholesale fervor, we are erasing our own history, bodies, futures, elaborations, personhood, and perhaps most significantly minds.

Unfortunately, our species has been, in so much as an entire biosphere of complex cognitives can be, ‘insane’ for a very long time, at least, from any reasonable terrestrial perspective. We are acting very similarly to a mechanical AIDS virus in the biosphere. Unfortunately, our activity has a feedback mechanism which causes us to deny it more overtly, and speed up the process, should we even glance in this direction, directly. It has, fundamentally, a lot to do with fear. Fear of what precisely is a bit more difficult to address, but not impossible. Stated simply, we're terrified of our old ideas about our sources, and we're just as terrified of our new ones. We're terrified there are no miracles beyond science, and we're just as terrified that there are.

For over 4000 years our species has been at war with itself in cognitive terms, at any possible level of scrutiny. Thus, each person and culture, at the next scale up, suffer similarly. Our insanity has some rather simple (in basis) and obvious causes however, which we may now be in a position to freely name and directly address. The suffering and devastation, which have thus far and will continue to arise from our disEase are cataclysmic in effect, as well as distribution. But they are answerable, directly, actively, and rather concisely.

How is it we demand biological and cognitive separation where none can be reasonably existing? Why would we sacrifice our an entire world of sentiently elaborative animalian and ecological progenitors and child-species, and thus our own future for a ‘luxury snack decade’ of 21st century commerce? Why would we not, as a people and a biosphere, intervene in this circus of auto-atrocity?

Biospheres work for millions of years to generate the necessary complexity that will guarantee their ability to survive radical change. Part of that work results in the cognitive complexity we enjoy, directly.

Really radical change may come to a biosphere at any moment without much preamble at all. The diversity, quantity, and complexity of living systems comprise the only possible treasure on a living world. Any other model is and has been omnicidal.

When millions of thousands of millions of such generations of co-evolutionary endeavor are eliminated by a few of generations of a single animal, it is, in biospheric terms, extremely similar to acquired immune deficiency syndrome. And it is a psybiocognitive problem which has instantaneous, and severe repercussions in the biosphere.

Consider this simple model:

A world evolves similarly to a ‘single animal’ such as a human. We, even as individuals, comprise a complex integration of ‘ecosystems’ or ‘lifeToyTools’ which, during long cycles of time, sought a more stable equilibrium in their medium, which was Earth’s environment. That seeking resulted in character, integration, scalar connectivity, and mutually co-emergent ‘evolution potential’. That potential isn’t a toy. It has a set of extremely important purposes on living planets. They’re cogent to the goals of life itself, and, not unsurprisingly, of our human hearts, as well.

Imagine that this animal we call Earth, alike with humans, but on a vaster scale, manages to evolve a ‘semi intelligent protector’ — one that can detect and respond to threats with participants or natures the planet ‘herself’ is in no way capable of detecting or responding to ‘with systemic intention’. For example, Earth can modify her relationships in certain domains with the absorption of sunlight — with slight modulations in chemistry and coloration amongst various scales of microbial and vegetative organisms.*(lovelock, Gaia)

In our 'storyworld', alike with our own ‘immune system’, Earth develops humans to deal with certain threats which her ‘highly generalizing’ ecosystems are not capable of responding to directly. For this to become a reality, she will need a creature capable of symbolic comparisons. And more, she will need one who is insatiably curious. Let’s just suppose that she ‘prays’ inwardly, in whatever way a planet might, for a ‘knight in shining armor’ to ‘protect her many children, especially the young ones, the weak ones, the simple ones’.

Now let us further imagine that, this protector arises, but has a kind of a curse. It keeps forgetting certain elements of its own history, purpose, connectivities and natures. This happens because it fears certain types of reflections. Instead of protecting the children, or understanding its mission, the protector-species, in an insane dance of confused ‘purpose-loss’, begins eating the world it was born to inhabit and protect faster than most of the threats it was designed to respond to.

One of the threats this protector was designed to respond to is that of radical shifts in the biomagnetic natures of the planet, or the local heliosphere, which occur regularly, as well as sporadically in any planet’s evolution. Such shifts are the law, rather than a rare occurrence, but there are degrees of shift which can threaten the entirety of terrestrial life, very rapidly. They can definitely threaten complex animalian species with total or near total extinction. Unfortunately, the protector’s curse tends to drive it even further into insanity when such shifts begin, or occur.

Let’s say this protector-species becomes materialistically industrial. It converts irreplaceable ‘chunks’ of ecosystemic participants and networks into ‘machines’, which then ‘make more machines’. It begins systematically erasing the children it was born to co-prosper in protection of. Fear and crystallized dogmas of relation create eating of self. Our protector-species, a cognitive miracle, is destroying the womb of its own mind, along with that of the planet, and literally billions of irreplaceable millennia of cellular effort and co-evolution. This is happening, comparatively, in a fraction of a geological second. A tiny modern instant. Machines have only been openly bioinvasive for some 250 years at most, though our species’ history of omnicide arose in far older places and situations.

Thus, Earth’s ‘miracle child’ becomes her malfunctioning immune system. The child who was supposed to protect the entire biosphere’s participants by establishing a sustainable culture, and then taking themselves, as well as ecosystems offplanet, and to the stars — instead, consumes whole nurseries of diverse complexity wholesale, replacing them with machines; and while this process continues, Earth herself, as an ‘animal’ is weakened, because, alike with a human who is affected by an HIV infection — all the systems in all the webs are suddenly compromised. Cognitively, she is compromised, and thus, so to are the remaining children. Especially the more complex amongst them. So we get a feedback loop, where the mechanization of the biosphere affects a similar cognitive mechanization. And humans, contrary to popular belief, cannot inhabit machines.

Then, something interesting happens as a direct result of this feedback. A reflection of this process appears within the protector-species. Earth’s problem child is also ‘advanced’ enough evolutionarily to have produced scalar domains of internal biocognitive networks that act as an ‘immune system’. In simple terms, the task of such sentient biologies is the detection, reCognition, and active opposition to certain types of threats, the nature of which would destabilize or destroy the entire ‘person’ prematurely (death, after all, is programmatically expected).

While the protector ‘becomes an immunity problem’ in the biosphere, it’s own immune system responds in precise synchronization with the ‘world’ outside. We get viruses which ‘attack the protectors’ just as the protectors are ‘attacking the biosphere (themselves)’.

Our model is hypothetical. But it is a highly adaptive, realistic, and flexible model. And, contrary to appearances, it isn’t based in metaphysics. In fact, it’s based in something far simpler than math, science, religion or philosophy. Simpler even than language. It's based on the emergent covalence of shape across domains of cognitive and physical scale.

Since the first time a human being noticed this, it has been a curse. Science denies and punishes it. Religions and metaphysics co-opt it. No where are we able to directly and personally touch our histories, lineages and sources. No where are we taught to be the mapmakers we were born to be, but instead mere readers of the maps of 'distant experts'.

If our species and planet are to survive, our very brokenness and isolation must become a wing. A wing, as in the biblical version of revelation, ‘filled with eyes’. In order to accomplish that, we are going to have to embrace some entirely new ways of knowing, and of mutual support, rescue, and uplift. They aren't so new as we might imagine, nor so alien — our infant children play with them all the time, right beneath our noses.

A link regarding a biorecombinant and magnetically hyperconnective 'mind' in the human gut:


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