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 Misdefining ‘Normal’: A Cause of Atrocity4 comments
category picture23 Jul 2004 @ 11:22
There are some terms whose function belies their appearance as ‘regular concepts’. Consider the term and concept ‘separation’. Without this concept — there are no terms, or concepts.

For human beings, one of the most deadly terms ever invented is ‘normal’. Without this term, we would not be able to endlessly invent utterly fictitious reasons to attack each other and our world. What could such a term possibly mean?  More >

 A Game that Saves Worlds2 comments
category picture3 Mar 2004 @ 16:50
In heartful games of unity and exploration played by 3-5 participants — lie potentials of learning and mutual uplift that grant access to skills and abilities more profound than the sum of human storying...combined. Some of these games are stronger and faster than governments, nations...war, and 'school'. And they offer us the potential to be living on another world, not in 10 years - but in 12 months. Right here.  More >

 Deer in the Headlights: A new perspective0 comments
category picture24 Feb 2003 @ 06:30
One of the most terrifying and agonizing things I've lived with throughout my life is the atrocity of animals, people and ecosystems (as well as my own life) being destroyed by machines, cars in particular. As a young child, seeing a dead animal in the road, or seeing an animal struck and killed by a car, was a moment of shock, disbelief, species-shame, and pain for me. It still is, though I've learned to back down some of the over-reaction, or perhaps, become cognitively desensitized by over-stimulation. Regardless...a deer recently struck by a car, was able to clearly communicate some things to me as it lay dying, and I touched its mind...of course, it doesn't use words, and it's hard to make words out of things humans have no metaphors for. One of those things is called 'the way of animals moving' or 'how an animal decides to move and then moves'. This is a sketch of my attempt to metaphy this conversation, I'll correct and reWork it over time...right now it's very raw and inaccurate, but I thought a few people might be interested in seeing the precursor to the more polished translation that will later accrue...  More >

 We, the Children of a Sentient Planet...2 comments
category picture8 Feb 2003 @ 01:09
We can and must, as a human people get outside our stories and realize that there are now some 50 serious threats which will easily serve to replace war entirely and unite humanity in pursuit of mutual and biospheric survival and uplift. We can admit our error, and act upon it immediately, for should we now choose to continue to ignore, deny, and generally allow their expansion, these threats will permanently sabotage our human and biospheric future, right now. We can now honestly acknowledge, together, that many of the most serious threats to biospheric and human survival are created by our own industry, and our insistence on commerce in punishment, biocide, and murder.  More >