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 Black, Red, White all Over : Race?6 comments
category picture27 Feb 2003 @ 03:29
Why do we bow to, and cataclysmically serve, absurd ideas and classifications relating to templates such as race and class?  More >

 Questions, Time, Predators & Heroes2 comments
category picture12 Feb 2003 @ 02:37

What if it was possible to create a cognitive virus out of symbol-metaphor linkages, such that, in any human population capable of interacting with the symbols in conscious cognition, the 'messenger structure' gained scalar domains of elaboratory potential?

What if language is precisely such a construct, in all of its manifestations, including the non-human and asymbolic?

What if asymbolic language is a precursor of symbolic language, or vice versa?

With such questions clearly in mind, if one desired to do the single most heroic possible thing for the planet, and the human species, what would be an elementally powerful selection?

Decode their languages and give them back the powers over their cognitive sources and potentials.

And help them to understand: Where all these toys came from.

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 Hyperorgans: Magnetite in Sentient Suspension0 comments
category picture9 Feb 2003 @ 04:33
In the summer of 2002 I experienced the contact I'd dreamed of, and hoped for during most of my life. I was expecting spaceships, and they were involved, but not in the ways we expect. They aren't actually 'ships', and my visitors weren't entirely 'alien'. It's incredibly dangerous to talk about these things with adults, for reasons which are just as difficult to get them to see. But one of the stories my visitors showed me was that there is an ancient organ in your 'guts', that is a miracle of intersystemic connectivity, and one of its features is that it is recombinantly magnetic. This organ is a sentience net that arises in microbes (in us) which contain magnetite. And basically, it's in constant contact with the Sun...amongst other interesting features...  More >