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category picture14 Feb 2003 @ 08:21
During my contact event, this was the first 'name' given to me. It relates to the rabbits in watership down (fiver specifically), the Alice in the Looking Glass rabbits, and especially the white rabbit in Mayan 'mythos' (which isn't mythos at all but instead translation). It relates, specifically, however, to those rabbits who seek the deadly holes first, so that others may avoid is a story from about a month ago, after my contact had quieted... I really needed this tiny signal that night. Perhaps, more now, than then. But I leave that to those who send such signals...

This is my valentine's day story. It's dedicated to my most passionate and humble adoration for my misunderstood mother. We call her, locally, Earth. It means dirt. But in the case of our planet, it means 'dirty princess'. In other words, Cinder - Ella...and I think I know something interesting about that prince, and, perhaps even more significantly, about a 'glass slipper', that turns a princess into a Queen...and, er, that 'fairy godmother'? She's more real than mathematics will ever possibly be...  More >