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 skyHook: an intra-order uplift paradigm2 comments
picture28 Dec 2009 @ 09:53
“To the small terrestrial ambush-predator known as the preying mantis, the reasonably terrifying sight of a human finger descending from the sky occasionally represents a novel opportunity: direct physical contact with a more advanced order of intelligence. During such encounters, an intrepid mantis may do something that appears reckless: it boards the transport of contact.

This response has unpredictable results, and might seem suicidal on the mantid’s part, if only for the difference in size of the participants. Needless to say, it sometimes ends badly for the mantis.

Yet in other cases, that gesture of trust sets in motion a sequence of events in which multiple orders (and lineages) of biocognitive awareness and time come together benevolently, changing the local meaning and character of both — often radically.

Let me be clear: this event, in which two ‘distinct’ orders of anciently evolved terrestrial intelligence come together, warps time. I suspect we shall also discover that it creates light of a kind we are not yet equipped to understand. Nonetheless, many other creatures on Earth are profoundly aware of this warp time / create light game, even if they do not make science or language about it. Some of them even know where it leads...

With a thunderous hubris too shocking to admit were we not the source of it, human cultures strive to generate and sustain circumstances in which time cannot warp. Functionally, the outcome is simple: beings cannot meet.

To get beings meeting, time has to warp/light must be made - period.

As experienced time-travellers who are actively interested in making direct contact with other orders of intelligence, mantids are aware that interacting with other organisms modifies their relationship to temporality. Success in this endeavor often results in uncommon rewards.

Though few can admit it, these and related opportunities have long been forbidden to us by various authorities who would have us believe many nonsensical ideas; including that time cannot warp, that other orders of intelligence do not exist, or that even if they do we have no access to them.

Ideas such as these are the result in part of cryptic damage to survival-critical root elements which comprise the very foundations of our representational intelligence. These elements must be repaired.

Even insects know better than this.”

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 Updates at Organelle6 comments
picture9 Aug 2003 @ 14:46

I've been off the air for a while, working to recapitulate what I learned when my visitors were present with me more clearly and carefully.

Organelle has been largely re-written, and is still undergoing constant revision, as I get closer to a cohesive and useful presentation.

I welcome your questions, interest and participation. If you enjoy Organelle, please check back often — i'ts changing inside, all day long :)


Cognitive Activism for Sentient Rescue

all blessings to you and those you adore,

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 It is Light4 comments
category picture20 Feb 2003 @ 00:57
The very -source- of terrorism - at last revealed!  More >

 timeSigns : Sf today3 comments
category picture16 Feb 2003 @ 21:23
Here's some inspiring and creative expressions of unityProtest from San Francisco, courtesy of an attentive activist...they are the signs from our
local day of unity for mutual uplift.  More >