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 New Ways of Knowing8 comments
picture19 Apr 2005 @ 07:49
Something we Overlook

Suppose there’s something essential about how our species relates with knowledge that we overlooked. Something so essential, that it would change what it means to be human very rapidly were we to discover this hidden thing. Say for example that the modes of relation we use with what we understand to be knowledge are only a tiny portion of what is actually accessible — and the modes we’re familiar with block access to these other potentials.

Since we’re being imaginative, let’s suppose there are two basic sorts of learning-ways. One way is very self-important, and likes to make endless copies of itself, which acquire the title ‘knowledge’. This way of knowing is the source of what we call machines.

Another way doesn’t care about itself at all, but instead actually serves as a transport — its mission is to lead those who interact with it to a direct experience of its sources, and then dissolve to make way for a far faster and useful transport to arise.

In other words, our toys of knowing will generally lead to ‘more knowledge’, or they will lead to ‘experiential access’ to new ways of direct experiential learning.

‘Access’ tends to enhance and celebrate our potentials of human unity. ‘Knowledge’ tends to accomplish the opposite, while pretending to be a unifier — in other words, our common form of knowledge is a predator masquerading as a hero.

I suggest that a different way of relating to knowledge is a big part of what is missing from our human lives and history, and the fact that it’s missing has been the primary source of human atrocity for over 5000 years. And it’s the primary source of terror, despair, suffering and peril in our own lives and families.

What would happen on our world if this other way was suddenly commonly accessible again?  More >

 A Child, an Angel, a Gift2 comments
category picture9 Sep 2003 @ 22:58
A call to unity, celebration, sanity, and survival...  More >

 Cepahlopods, Crop Circles, Infants, God2 comments
category picture25 Feb 2003 @ 19:36
We tend to believe our species 'advanced', but by any reasonable standard, a species infected with 'ways of knowing' which breed biospheric omnicide, in scalar waves of increasing velocity, such that it will erase its resource-base and potential in a geological heartbeart...cannot really be said to be advanced, especially when such a species cannot admit the problem, or the presence and activity of species which are -actually very advanced- right here next to's some further speculation on the topic. By the way, the animal after the 'beast like an eagle in flight', in the book of Revelation? It's a black octopus, with eyes before and behind, as the others, and with seven wings, filled with eyes. We are now moving from the phase of the last creature in Revelation, to the un-named (until now!) next creature. Each one is a model of our species' powers in the cognitive moment, and the conserved history, as well...but...that's another story...  More >

 Machines in the lifeRing: psybiocognitive disorder1 comment
category picture9 Feb 2003 @ 04:13
We believe ourselves to have arrived, at this point in our cognitive evolution, at a kind of a platform where we can survey our histories and perhaps even some of our potentials ‘from above’. The basic presumption is that we are ‘more clear’ now about some of our questions about history, evolution, science, the nature of the universe, our position in it, etc. Perhaps this illusion is enhanced by our addiction to ‘flat pictures’. For us, in the way this is real — it is deadly, even though, as we shall see, there are amazing and even useful purposes in such addictions.  More >