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 Prediction For A Major Hurricane to Pass Through the Tampabay/Clearwater area is6 comments
picture27 May 2008 @ 01:23, by Douglas Rohloff

Prediction For A Major Hurricane to Pass Through the Tampabay/Clearwater area (c)05/26/08
By Doug Rohloff

Why do I feel this is true?

I believe that the tree's and some plants know hurricanes are coming long before people or animals do. When a Tidal Wave, Earthquake or storm is coming animals either take shelter or head for the hills.

So what would a tree do before something happens?
Pollinate as much as possible.....

This pass spring I have had the worst case of allergies. People that never had allergies had them. It was unbelievable how many people had watery itchy eyes and sneezing!

The fall of 2007 had the most egg-corns drop from Oak trees at record amounts.
The squirrels don't even eat my bread.
Also this year the trees do not have full canopies like the past years.
Leaves only grew on the strongest branches!

Which leaves me to believe that they know something.

My prediction is a Major Category 5 Hurricane striking the West coat of Florida on August 19th, 2008

Not A Saddest.

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16 Jun 2008 @ 02:58 by energy : Could it be a true prediction?
The gulf of Mexico is really heating up!!!  

16 Jun 2008 @ 04:22 by bushman : Hmm,
spose its possable, but here is AZ far from huricanes, we have the same situation at least with the fruiting trees. Im thinking it has more to do with volcanic ash and the jet stream along with a solar minimum that seems to be more active than in past years. Maybe getting ready for a epic solar max in a few years, although from past expiriance with trees that flower, they usualy do make lots more fruit when they know they are going to die as well every 2 and 1/2 years they will produce a bumper crop. Still there is plenty of evidence that the planets volcanisim is on the rise, and they have a chart on our states air born metals content, blaming chemtrails for it this site is, but more likely we are dealing with space dust levels, or industrial smog blown in from China.
Anyway under sea volcanos could easily heat our oceans far faster than man and his pollution, and hot water deffinetly spawns huricanes..  

17 Aug 2008 @ 20:58 by energy : Fay what do you say? Catagory3
I wrote in my Journal the exact date of when this will happen....
August 19th.
My wife is freaking out right now that I got this prediction right.....
Time to go to Home Depot  

18 Aug 2008 @ 22:10 by a-d : Exact dates....
are so very difficult to pin down, so to speak... but even if a hurricane would hit within the next few weeks.... Not that I wish disasters on anybody...well... remains to be seen... Tomorrow is 19th and from there on we keep an eye on the Florida Gulf Coast...  

20 Aug 2008 @ 23:04 by a-d : Byyyy golly!.....
you just did it: pinned it down!... BULLS Eye!  

22 Aug 2008 @ 00:59 by istvan : Hurricane and the butterfly.
Yesterday afternoon walking outside to check the sky for signs of oncoming fury, I was greeted by a beautiful female Monarch butterfly. She flew a few circles around me and settled down for some minutes on an old rug on the ground. For a closer look I moved closer attracted by her beauty watched her take short flights, returning to the same spot again and again. With fluttering wings she looked intensely busy. At this, I moved closer, just had to see what's with that spot, but saw nothing. Than she stopped fluttering and spread her magnificent wings in their full glory for me to behold. I got carried away and now I wished to touch her, put my hand beside her. She did not fly away in horror instead gently crawled over my finger and returned to the her spot on the rug. In total awareness of her gentle touch I raised my eyes to the sky, perhaps to give thanks to the one supposed to reside there and may have granted this gift.
Than I saw the dark gathering clouds of the approaching hurricane and knew what she was doing. Perhaps she knew within a few hours her gentle body will be blown away by natures forces and she had to lay her eggs before that.
While the strength and location of this storm you missed. The date,and this statement you got exactly right: "Which leaves me to believe that they know something."
The storm is right overhead now and I still have light to post this.
Happy nostradamis-ing. When it comes to predicting, 50% is really not bad.  

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