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 Sirius star malfunctioning from star to planet flickering! Please help?6 comments
category picture14 Apr 2012 @ 17:03
Please take a close look at this video I got last night. It may just be vapors off the planet... But when there was a clear view of the star it had some kind of rings on the star that moved. It was flickering red, white, blue & actually disappeared at certain times. Please look and help me figure what it is... My star walk on my iPad says it is sirus. Which was the brightest star in the south about 30 to 40 degrees... I posted the video publicly to YouTube. Look toward the end of the video where I spot two circles on the planet. YouTube Video of Sirius  More >

  It's All About Energy! (C)201025 comments
category picture13 Jun 2010 @ 01:00

It's All About Energy!
And Then You Find "Synergy", which is really Feelings...
And Then All Else Follows....
Happiness, Passion, Joy, Excitement, Hope, Satisfaction, Love & Security.

Don't be fooled by,
Anger, Annoyance, Criticism, guilt, rush, worry, fear & Hate.

And then and only then you will know what the TRUTH is......


Within..... So Without.....
There has to be a opposite!

But it's up to us to make the right choices
We Create what is right now.
Weather it's True or Not.

But what if you can't Leave a Situation or the negative is all around you?

There is just one answer for that....

Change, Move, Leave, Re-born, New Life, adapt differently.
Create NO MORE PROBLEMS. (Because it's a choice)

If you have the pain, they have the pain. (or Source)


Just simply Change The Subject.

There is no guarantee, so why not live in the NOW that you chose?

Peace, Love & Care.
Flow with Ease,
by Douglas A. Rohloff
It's A Sign (C) 2010  More >