Flaming Rainbow Moments: The great caca    
 The great caca
17 Dec 2002 @ 19:21, by Jean-michel Dubois


A reader responded to my previous article with the following subject line:

dogma, dogdo, and other poo poo

It made me think about how things get started. People try to warn you about things you're about to "fall into" so to speak. Two such popular phrases are:

-Wake up and smell the coffee. (refers to the use of coffee as aromatherapy to wake one up to his/her senses and help them start the day)

-Wake up and smell the roses. (this one, I have no idea why... it has nothing to do with waking up to your senses... since roses are most often used in relation to love and romance, it sounds more like an invitation to keep blinding yourself in the rose-coloured lenses of love)

So in my effort to remain ever true to meaning, I propose the following as a word of warning should the need arise to wake one up:

Hey, wake up and smell the shit beneath the roses!

...which, I believe is, as the above reader put it in her response, the sole purpose of the great caca in the first place - fertilizer!

But on a more serious note, you may have noted that my previous article was on friday 13. Now I have never understood it! My world NEVER falls apart on this date. Don't ask me to explain. I guess my energy matrix doesn't match the universal matrix... or something like that. But I find myself trying to help my friends along when this date arrives - because their worlds go to hell. I've got a roommate that was a passenger of a vehicle pulled over on that date. He was frisked, intensely searched, given a ticket, and generally harrassed ... mostly because he was black. The officer asked the occupants if they were carrying knives, or guns, or GRENADES. yeah, that's what I thought. Exactly *WHAT* profile does a white guy with long hair and a black guy fit into, especially since the reason they were pulled over was "because your *tag* light was out"? Hmmm?


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