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8 Jan 2003 @ 04:22, by Claudiu Andrei Sbarnea

Carpe Diem Proserco s.r.l proudly announces its latest internal project: SPER2E an Alternative energy Market for East Europe.

SPER2E approaches the Energy Market as a simulator and real-time transactions manager and is under continuous development.
The first deployment is being implemented for the Polytechnic University of Bucharest in a dedicated lab for Research and Optimizations. The specifications of our product meet the requirements dictated by the European Control Committee and PricewaterhouseCoopers’s analysis for the Romanian Government (by doing so, PricewaterhouseCoopers released a set of classified rules and conditions for the Energy Market). This program has an input module (the interface for collecting offers) and a server engine for computing those offers. An older version of the server engine is being used in simulation for 2 years by the Official Commercial Operator of Romania (OPCOM) and in the real situation with feedback from the existent units on the market for more then 10 months. The Romanian laws allow multiple Energy markets to compete and coexist (recommended by the UE).

We are looking for a partnership to facilitate: - Completing development, implementation and testing of the system
- Deployment and marketing
As a result, the two parts will share commissions according to the regulations set per Energy Market transaction volume.
Confidential information regarding the values for Energy transactions throughout SE Europe are available to us along with very important background information on the intentions of the government and the opportunity rising from the real activity in this field.
Contact us for o possible partnership.

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