Transmogrification.: Love is in the Air!!!???    
 Love is in the Air!!!???
9 Apr 2005 @ 11:53, by Eyes to the Skies UK

Hello people, here are some poems that I have written on the subject of love...hope you enjoy them!

Number 1.

Love is the glue that brings people together
Love is the third universal force which brings Fire and Water together
Thus love is the catalyst and love is a teacher
Look beyond the mask of romance through the illusions of desire
When love has cast it’s dice – it is not random, but guided by a higher purpose
Therefore is love God?
In the fickle farce of the glossy magazines, love is a marketing device to sell products and copy…..

Love is a drug like LSD makes you feel elated want to climb someone’s tree
Jump up and down like a crazy Zebedee
Love breaks your ego, makes you want to be a hero
Love is a chameleon, it can make you hate, green with envy, oh so desperate

But love is a teacher, the glue that brings people together
You’ve got to ask yourself – what is the lesson you need to learn, only you can know

For some love is the force that makes them bond and make a family
For others love will attract you to one you can never have!
But for all you love sick fools, realise love is wise and can provide valuable lessons…

Love is wise –
Love is a tool of God!
And love makes fools out of fools…


Number 2.
Love versus Ego.

Love versus ego – ego versus love
Love is energy that brings the universe together
And ego is the lens that colours it, the colour of love is like a rainbow…

Love is not vanity.
Love can be insanity…


By Michael N Mac aka Gyrfalcon - February 20th 2005

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