Transmogrification.: How Reality Reflects States of Consciousness...    
 How Reality Reflects States of Consciousness...
picture5 Nov 2002 @ 15:59, by Eyes to the Skies UK


Today ( or yesterday as I write it's the 5-11-02 ) Monday 4-11-02 I was up early to go and visit my Therapist. I don't make a lot of money in my life and I'm on Social Security Benefits ( in the USA they call this welfare and I think you are very limited to how much the government will support you before it is withdrawn - if any one can let me know the exact situation here as it stands in the USA I would appreciate it). So the therapist I see is provided by the English National Health Service and it's basically 50mins in which you have a person who will put up with basically everything that you say, as long as it's not aggresive violence. Does it do any good? Well that is another story?

So I had this session and after it, because it was a clear blue sky day and I had just recieved my benefits I had a couple of things to do up in the West End of London. One was to check out how my guitar amplifier was doing, it had blown on the previous Monday and I had to take it in to the shop. Then after that I wanted to by a Hunting/shooting Computer game that I had seen in a shop a few days earlier.

Anyway I ended up walking past a Cinema (the Curzon - see the flyer posted)
I didn't
intended to see a film but as I passed I looked at the film ads and this film called "Donnie Darko" caught my eye, the poster looked interesting...well defying logic I just felt the attraction to see this film. So I went in and bought a ticket. May I remind you the last time I saw a Cinema film was "Lord of the Rings" Xmas 2001.

Now another film that was showing at this picture house was "Bowling for Columbine" and low and behold, I had set my Radio Alarm Clock this very morning and when I had woken had heard a radio interview with Michael which he stated that over 50% of Americans don't even know where Iraq is never mind what it's people look like. At that time I had no idea that I would latter be in this Cinema watching "Donnie Darko!".....when the film ended I thought "that didn't go the way I'd thought it would! But what was it all about?" I figured the basic theme but it didn't quite hit till the next morning 5-11-02.

When I awoke on Tuesday 5-11-02 "Donnie Darko" made sense at a higher level, and the combination of events, such as the "Bowling for Columbine" film all about America's ignorance and obssesion with personal arms made sense, even though I didn't see that film on that day. What I felt is that all these events which to the conscious/ego mind seem disconected, I felt all had combined to create a message from a Higher Lever, and this often happens for me and is accelerating on a personal level.

The basic feeling I have today is that America is in deep trauma with itself, the level of consciousness of the world around it is extremely limited and the powers of education in the country seem intent on keeping American People in the dark so that they will go to war and allow the killing of people from countries they are not taught about and infact have no real knowledge of...but are indoctrinated against those countries....for Gods sake it is about time we all realised that fundamentally we as Humans of whatever ethnic background are the same and we should stop killing each other and stop allowing those who wield the Presidency to manipulate common folks from fighting and killing other folks all in the name of some sinister plan!

The point I am making is that all these seemingly randow events all seem to function together to input a higher message to me, not only at this time but on many previous occasions. The question is just How and Why this happens? Because it must mean that a being or sytem of intelligence is orchestrating all these events to this communicate a higher message.

That means that as I type somebody unknown to me is creating a piece of art or communication medium that will strike spiritual chords in myself or others at a future date, that pops into lifes as if random coincidence.


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