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 Dog Dreams.
picture26 Oct 2002 @ 01:19, by Eyes to the Skies UK

Rest in Peace Tyson...

I used to look after this dog when the owners went on Holiday and did this for about 5 years, though the dog himself was 13. Now the dog deterorated this year and had a cancerous growth on his face also could nor make it round the park towards the end. Anyway the owner had the dog put down at the Vets by injection as the dog was strugling to do the usual things though it could move around the house.

Anyway I rang the owner and in the conversation asked how's the dog and was told he'd been put down."When?" I asked "Oh this was on Saturday!" Suddenly I realised that I'd had a dream on that weekend, don't recall the exact day, but in the dream I recall there was the dog and it was on a fire. When I saw this I was freaked out as it was right in the coals. The owner was there and I looked at him concerned, then the dog came off the fire and I touched the back were he was burnt, and it was like red smouldering coal, but the dog showed know pain as I touched and this made me suprised. The animal in spite of being burned was happy.

Now I was told that after the dog died it was burned on a fire, yet it was a total suprise to me that the beast had been killed, I was not told until the middle of the week after the event.

A few days after I was told,was in meditation and saw the dog run up in my minds eye and I patted him and said Goodbye.

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