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picture13 Dec 2002 @ 10:52, by sean king

A friend recently informed me that as of some time next year, 90 some percent of the entire old growth forests will be enilated. It has always been known that they are rapidly dissapearing from the soil, but a statement as definite and in your face as what I was told, surely opens discussion in your mind as to what will be of a result to this.

It makes you wonder if we will evolve in some abstract way in order to survive the elemental structure of the time to come. What bothers me is the fact that protesting the future events are truely of no use and just a waste of energy that could be stored and composed for some better use, like wrapping your arms around the old bodies of the forests before their reign ceases to be. The fact that the people who care about our existance and the existance of every square inch of energy that composes our entire universal being, are not in control of the decisions and well being of our race ( that is to say politicaly, for it is well known the power and influence we have as a collective intelligance, and more and more rapidly this intelligence is smothering all the ignorance of our time like a blessed virus). But the problem is the unbalance that will come about if what I have heard is true. The truth is, I do not know much of the subject, and I can't really put the pieces together without the correct knowledge, so maybe someone out there will have some sort of understanding they could share, to bring a little light into such a dark subject.

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7 Jan 2003 @ 19:27 by spiritseek : Sad
So sad and yet so true that we are loosing our most valuable asset. No wonder they say our oxygen level on earth is getting lower. Plant trees now would take between 10 and 20 yrs to mature. What have we done to our world?  

8 Apr 2005 @ 02:40 by astrid : What have we done to our world?
... and how did we do it??? By remaining subserviantly complying and then really complaisant; happy with ourselves for being so "loving"; subdued. We don't need to take up Arms, other than the Arms attached to our torsos and Arms attached to our Spirit and use them to cut us loose from our complacancy over Advancements as a Civilisation! WHAT advancement is there when almost ALL we've done is destroying the very LIFE we depend on????
Here is a perfect example on one such "Advancement" that is now coming to bite our A.. People living in the area should NEVER be polite and adhere to what the rhetorics of the Gov Agent is demandding them, but get up and SHOUT OUT LOUD: "OF COURSE IT WILL DESTROY ... HELL NO, YOU'RE NOT DOING IT!" and then, just FLOOD the Politicians with ALL the LOVE & LIGHT we can muster! They WILL feel it. They HAVE to take SIDE! This is simply Laws of PHYSICS In ACTION!!!....
Yes, it WILL go throgh a LOT of TURBULENCE; not ALL of them are willing to give up their phu-phu lives!... but many, many MANY are secretly --and most likely desperately-- looking for that way out from their own shit that feels so dangerous fro them, brainwashed as they are from millenia to millenia that "if you try to leave "The Camp", we'll come after you and kill you or expose you as a crook and put your through public humiliation and hell ( Martha Stewart got this treatment for actions they ALL do, only in BIGGER scale than she ever did!)
The less the Earth destroying "goodies" are used by us, the less power they can assert on us. And for crying out loud, lets stop the REVERENCE of their IDIOTIC NONSENCE RHETORICS!!! When some one is obviously shoveling s..t by the "truckload" I ask them to stop pushing the s..t and SHUT UP!
I don't remain polite, for hours, listening to their justifications / rhetorics anymore, which would only direct MY LIFE ENRGY TO THEM ,me giving CREDENCE TO THEIR NONSENSE!
I much rather go my own merry way and just flood them with Love & Light and they never know what hit them! MANY of them will use that energy-surge to take all the risks that go with braking loose from their guilded Prison. BUT THEY CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT THAT ADDED ENERGY FROM US!!!
The next Big Thing I need to do is to focus on / ENVISION nothing but HEAVEN on EARTH! That IS the Reality I choose every moment of the day 24/7.
I have informed myself ( as well as all of you, my friends) of all the FALSITIES handed to Mankind for the last .......years and I don't fall prey to their glamour, nor threats, anymore!
THE LAWS OF PHYSICS ARE IMMUTABLE and equal to all and I know it!
Drive down our County ( =55 miles /h )Mountain road in 65 > 70>miles / hour and you will NOT make it to the Grocery Store! That's because of the Laws of (just plain Newtonian) Physics!!!
Brake the Laws of Quantum Physic and you "fry" yourself SOMEHOW ( depending on what stupidity you chose to play ou;, what law you "challenged" ) Brake the Laws of Metaphysics and.....
The Laws of Metaphysics tell me to STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT I WANT TO MANIFEST!!! I choose HEAVEN ON EARTH!  

3 Feb 2009 @ 17:43 by poo face @ : oh my!!!
wow that is a weird thing to write about but sure, you did a good job!!!
i no wat u mean when you talk about stuff like that. I am a very strong christian you should no and the lord came to me and told me nearly all of what you have just said so well done!!!  

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