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This is really awesoem post thanks for sharing this.
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vaxen: Wow...
great point sean. Yeah, right on. I see myself rather unconsciously doing this. No wonder with all the media barage, mind control, going on all the time. Yeah... thanks, man, for this. Even though thi..
lose sight in mind... invite the unkind- lose mind
a-d: NICE Articles!
..I will read them all, contemplate them...
lose sight in mind... invite the unkind- lose mind
poo face@ oh my!!!
wow that is a weird thing to write about but sure, you did a good job!!! i no wat u mean when you talk about stuff like that. I am a very strong christian you should no and the lord came to me and t..
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Zylman@ What is real or true
Parsing the real from the unreal often requires filters that do not exist in your physical senses. It requires a mind that uses rational thinking in order to see the truth through the perception of ou..
questioning existance
astrid: What have we done to our world?
... and how did we do it??? By remaining subserviantly complying and then really complaisant; happy with ourselves for being so "loving"; subdued. We don't need to take up Arms, other than the Arms at..
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jmarc: There is no better
place than here, and no better time than now.
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spiritseek: Sad
So sad and yet so true that we are loosing our most valuable asset. No wonder they say our oxygen level on earth is getting lower. Plant trees now would take between 10 and 20 yrs to mature. What have..
say goodbye
martha: nicely put
I especially like your last sentence. And I only watch the idiot box now and again. You miss life when the TV is on only I love the nature shows. Keep up the great writing. martha
The game
sapient: The Game
I have stopped watching the Idiot Box and I have noticed that that people in the US, at least,are like ant's repairing an ant hill run over by a lawn mower. Very few people take time to smell the f..
The game
spiritseek: Alot of wisdom
I read 3 of your weblogs and find wisdom within them. Keep them coming,love and light.
lose sight in mind... invite the unkind- lose mind
invictus: Struggle...
Yup, I think I hear you. I couldn't agree more as far as the spiritual existence aspect of life goes and how we ought to open our eyes to the world. A purely spiritual existence isn't much good to me ..
questioning existance
scotty: Great to see you here at last Sean
thank you for reminding us that we are all children of this planet (look forward to hearing more from you !)
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swan: Gaia's heart is strong...
The Ocean is like a portal, that brings me in contact with the soul of the earth. It is like the amniotic fluid of Earth that carries history and mystery of all that has gone before and all that i..
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