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 Deep sea of blue4 comments
picture12 Oct 2002 @ 22:14
There is so much to wonder when one gazes upon the sea. Like for instance, how many others have looked to the deep blue and sought their dreams in her majestical sparkling face, and from the depths of her heart she floods the mind with inspiration of unmeasurable possibilities, possibilities that have been brewing and recreating throughout all the time she has made her love with the oceans floor. Dreams of universes away, stir in our mothers heart and she neatly wraps them in a basket made of seashells and invites our hearts to search her with our love and ask for the presents in which she holds for us. And how cleverly she disguises herself when she comes and approaches to reveal her wonderfull gifts, She is the little child that wanders upon the dirt before your eyes and begins to ask you questions, you see, she is helping to releave you for a single moment of all the jumble of thought that roll consistantly in your head, and suddenly you realise this little child is a gardener in your mind, planting seeds of purity and pulling out the dead plants that you have been trying to bring back to life for time that we need not record. This innocent little child carries within its little being all of the majesty of this entire universe, just like you and I, but fortunetly and un fortunetly, we slowly began to not remember this fact as we grow in this contaminated soil, but you see, what a task that rests before us, we are in the midst and are priveledged to have the opportunity to fight the scum of our universe and bring our sick mother back to her old joyful healthy self and witness with our own beings, old universal costums re-instated and alive and in the presence of all and completely known and understood by all. This is our quest and we are accomplishing it at this very moment, and how amazing it is that we are the witnesses of the last billions upon billions of years that have evolved for our plain and pure amuzement.  More >