Fearless Peace and Skillful Action : Truth behind War & 9-11    
 Truth behind War & 9-11
10 Oct 2002 @ 19:23, by S Barua

Have you ever wondered why the world is still mired in famine, war, poverty, corporate greed, corruption at the highest level of governments, media, international banks and so on...despite the goodness of ordinary men,women & children everywhere?

There is plenty of food, resources, and wealth in our planet to meet the basic survival needs of all. Why so much of every nation's resources rich & poor goes to support the so-called defense or war machinery? What are the fears that are perpetuated everyday by political-religious demigods through the media so that we start believing in their fear-mongering tactics and start feeling powerless? Unless we are aware of our own fears, we will continue to be manipulated by few that utilizes that fear for carrying their propaganda and agenda.

There are many new information coming out that are not discussed in mainstream media, yet worthy of careful attention of every concerned citizen.

Here are a few links for this group to explore & discuss. Some of these may seem absurd or far-fetched! But one has to ask what if this is true?

War is a racket

The Truth behind September 11

War in Afghanistan: A $28 Billion Racket

I recently read the book "Rule By Secrecy" Jim Marrs which attempts to connect deeper forces historically. It has many loose ends and imperfect logic, but certainly thought provoking and mind stretching. Also those who wish to explore more can read some of David Icke's books in his site.

Each of us has to take responsibility about what we come to accept and believe in our consciousness without questioning!

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