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 The Godmen - In my Father's House there are many Mansions....2 comments
picture26 Oct 2003 @ 13:48, by living:stone

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His father is God and his mother is a mortal virgin. He is born in a cave or humble cow shed on the 25th of December before three shepherds. He offers his followers the chance to be born again through the rites of baptism. He miraculously turns water into wine at a marriage ceremony. He rides triumphantly into town on a donkey while people wave palm leaves to honour him. He dies at Easter time as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. After his death he descends to Hell, then on the third day he rises from the dead and ascends to heaven in glory. His followers await his return as the judge during the Last Days. His death and resurrection are celebrated by a ritual meal of bread and wine, which symbolize his body and blood. He ascended into heaven where he sits at the right hand of the Father judging the world.

Every culture, religion or mystical teaching seems to revolve around the concept of a Saviour-figure who will return to put the world to right. Why then is there so much reluctance to respect other versions of the same story? More to the point, why do we kill each other simply because we have different godmen? We emanate from one source. From the same 'God'. Therefore we are inextricably and divinely linked. We are ONE.

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6 Jul 2004 @ 06:24 by spiritseek : also
Each one of us are the savior we are waiting for. All warriors in some form or another. Lets make this world the world we want to see by starting with ourselves!  

30 Jan 2009 @ 03:55 by Ron M @ : In my Father's house.....
I have always believed that this passage speaks to the great diversity of people that God loves. I believe that there are Christian mansions, Muslim mansions, Buddhist mansions, Hindu mansions, and so forth. This simple belief would eliminate the need for strife.  

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