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picture26 Oct 2003 @ 05:00, by living:stone

an extract from article by entitled 'dedication and NO excuses'.

Regardless of what the world around thinks of you, whether you be a Holy Man or a Roadsweeper, you will have to answer to your own Self. We all should consider the duty (and need) to Honour that One, Great, Eternal Being who is the Master of your world - YOU.
By blaming the world around you for your 'misfortunes' severely sidesteps the main reason for what you have so far become. Each incident in our lives is a working within a complex and infinite universe. The universe that is you. Not me. Not anyone else.

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26 Oct 2003 @ 05:55 by shawa : You made my day!...
Thanks! ;-)--,--ยด---@  

26 Oct 2003 @ 07:11 by sindy @ : soul food
music to my entire being*, thanks for this warm message*  

26 Oct 2003 @ 08:03 by martha : well
I've been saying no excuses for quite awhile now. Every though and action we do is reflected out into our world. Change our energy, we change the world.  

23 Nov 2003 @ 11:27 by jstarrs : Came in late but...
...the post is still shining.
The site's (living stone) excellent, I'll call back to check it out again...  

23 Nov 2003 @ 15:01 by susannahbe : Yeah... me too!
Ditto to all of the comments above...excellent!  

26 Nov 2003 @ 12:45 by devic : Glad to be of some help....
Thank you all for your comments.
I hope the article helps in some small way or another.


26 Nov 2003 @ 12:59 by scotty : last but not least...

.. me too to all of the above !  

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