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picture2 Apr 2003 @ 14:25, by Danyel Seagan

Are you ready for a new Planetary Myth that can shift humanity toward a global vision?

Declaration of Interdependence

As we awaken to our own Journey of Life, we acknowledge that we are alive in an incredibly abundant and diversified world. An environment that hosts and maintains the Life of the living Earth.
We, the people of planet Earth, have become a force beyond realization, where free will and curiosity are pushing all boundaries. In this, our current Awareness antagonizes Nature. Healing is our Interdependency with everything this planet has to offer.
Because we are here, we honor and respect the beauty of all the cultures of this world. We understand and respect the freedom, thoughts, visions, and spirituality of every person, as we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Every human being must be treated equally and without discrimination based on gender, race, religion, nationality, age, mental ability, or political views. We offer unconditional aid to all life-forms, as we all breathe the same air.
We recognize our naivety as newcomers, and with compassion and open minds we become Responsible Beings in rebuilding our home, which others neglected. Peace is the presence of reform that warms the Heart and Soul into One Creative Being. As one people and one planet, we recognize the need for Universal Compassion for all sentient beings. May our children’s children rejoice in our meaningful existence, as we are reinventing the future in our present lifetime.
We, the human species, declare Interdependency with planet Earth and beyond, because our Awareness of Life is the Link to everything this Universe has to offer.

Those Who Agree (I AM, WE ARE)

Please NOTE: If you wish to download a free color copy of the Declaration of Interdependence, please visit the book Web site at www.astraltraveler.info.

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2 Apr 2003 @ 16:45 by newdawn : I'm ready
I live with compassion in my heart expressed through my daily interactions with Creation.  

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