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The following is a synopsis of a book titled Liquid Mind:

Are you ready for a new Planetary Myth that can shift humanity toward a global vision?

What is a human existence like when experienced through the Cosmic Consciousness of an astral traveler? To observe our Earth from the outside is to discover an entirely new world.

Inspired by a vision, Liquid Mind: A Dive into the Ocean of Consciousness is written from the perspective of an astral traveler who is experiencing life in another reality and decides to come and explore what it is like to have a human experience on Earth. This short, allegorical work is a parable for the Global Human.

Before coming to this planet, the voyager has access to all Universal knowledge. As the Earth plane is entered at birth, perspective begins to shift, and the confusion of the human species is revealed. This cosmic being realizes that humanity feels lonely and separate as a result of inherited convictions, passed down through countless generations. The visitor has never experienced fear, but must do so in order to understand the emotions and difficulties humans face on Earth.

The traveler attempts to understand why humanity created fears – as the UniVerse is One Verse and fear is unnecessary. As the story of the visitor’s earth excursion unfolds, the issues that caused humans to feel separate from the Creator are explored through common theology, New Thought spirituality, psychology, and science. If it can be recognized that human fears are the inherited thoughts of a primordial awareness, concepts can be redefined so that humans can understand why the visions of the ancients that became humanity’s great religions are incompatible with present reality.

Today we see growing evidence – through an explosion of multicultural societies around the globe – that spiritual humans are working toward a collective dream. This collective vision needs to become a reality if humanity is to live in peace, successfully explore deep space, and continue to grow spiritually. A united humanity will also begin to understand that life is as abundant in the Universe as it is on Earth, and the question of whether there is life elsewhere in the Universe will become obsolete.

Liquid Mind helps readers remember the essence of Life beyond Earth – in multidimensional realities. The way humans understand Consciousness is through a localized reality, and this book presents new perspectives and raises questions that can enable a person to be fearless when dealing with his or her own issues.

For more information please visit the book web site at www.astraltraveler.info

ISBN: 0-595-26957-5
Size: 6" x 9" (~15 x 23 cm)
Pages: 116
Format: Paperback
Publisher: iUniverse

Available online or to order wherever fine books are sold

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