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19 Feb 2012 @ 05:33, by Anthony Marsh

I feel this situation could be true. If it's true that the Mayan calendar predicts Ice Ages. If science is right that the Sun could possably stay at low or even no activity.

Science would in no way just come out and say either way that when the Sun sleeps it gets really cold around here. And what if it dosn't cause a minni Ice Age, what if it accually does cause a major Ice Age as many studies of the Mayan calendar shows has happened 5 times already?

It remains to be seen anyway, but heres some recent info if your interested.

Here is info on a recent study of the Suns activity.


Here is a youtube vid that explains the above link info really well.


You might have to scroll this page to the top once you open it.


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1 Oct 2012 @ 16:14 by jmarc : Well,
I suppose we could all move to Venus. I hear the weather there is just LOVEly during the ice ages.  

2 Oct 2012 @ 06:08 by bushman : Or
Canadians will become Eskamos and Americans will become Canadians and Mexicans will become Americans, it's all so confussing, lol. Move south young man will be the new go west?  

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