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18 Jun 2008 @ 04:43, by Anthony Marsh

Gov. Napolitano Approves
Prohibition On Real ID

From Arizona Senator Karen S. Johnson

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano signed a bill today that prohibits the implementation of the REAL ID in Arizona. SB2677 received a Final vote of approval in the House last week by an overwhelming margin of 51 to 1. Napolitano's signature was uncertain until today when she signed the bill into law.

The bill prohibits implementation of the REAL ID Act of 2005, which was passed by Congress as part of a supplemental spending bill for tsunami relief and the War on Terror. The bill did not receive a hearing in either the House or the Senate, and the public was largely unaware of it until it had already been signed into law.

"Everyone thinks that the REAL ID is just about protecting us against terrorism," said co-sponsor Senator Karen Johnson (R-18). "But it really represents a cash cow for technology companies as well as the birth of the National ID card, complete with all the biometric information that technology can handle ­ face recognition, fingerprints, etc."

"Corporations which specialize in selling identity cards stand to gain millions of dollars in profits if the Real ID Act is implemented," said Johnson, "so, of course, they're eager for everyone to be required to carry a National ID card everywhere they go." Two of those corporations are Digimarc ID Systems and L-1 ­ the Number 1 and Number 2 companies for the manufacture of state driver's licenses and identity cards. L-1 is considered the main driver behind the REAL ID and last year had nearly $100 million in federal contracts involving identity cards. Digimarc spent $350,000 in the first six months of 2007 lobbying Congress on the Real ID Act. Apparently the two companies are soon to be merged, resulting in a powerhouse corporation, pushing the "identification-as-security" concept to the maximum in order to increase company profits as they add more and more biometric features to state driver's licenses.

"It's misguided to think that identification equals security," says Johnson. "Identification is just identification ­ it doesn't prove intent and it doesn't stop terrorists. Indeed, terrorists will forge documents ­ as they always have ­ to obtain the identification they want to commit crimes. Making U.S. citizens carry identity papers to board a plane or enter a government building stinks," says Johnson. "It's odious, onerous, and a violation of our civil liberties."

"I refuse to be tagged and numbered," said Johnson. "Requiring people to carry papers takes away their freedom. There are other, better ways to stop terrorism and to protect us against criminals. The federal government needs to butt out and let the states handle driver licensing. It's not the business of the Dept. of Homeland Security to tell us how to run our state."

Real ID ­ SB2677
1. Proponents always claim that the sole purpose of the Real ID is to prevent another 9/11-type attack by disrupting terrorists travel. That is bogus. If the government really wanted to prevent such an attack, they would secure our borders, which would (1) cost less than implementing Real ID, (2) would be more effective at keeping terrorists out, and (3) would be less intrusive and less inconvenient for American citizens. Until the borders are secure, all the rosy pleas for the Real ID are just so much hogwash.
2. The Real ID will cost the states billions of dollars. The Dept. of Transportation estimates that in Arizona alone, it will cost $40 to $70 million to implement just in the first year, and $15 to $20 million in subsequent years. But they really don't have a clue ­ they don't know what the regulations are going to be yet. They are just estimating. It will depend on what the Rules say when they are finally issued.
They already do some things that will be part of the requirements. For example, they already check citizenship, or whether or not someone is legally authorized to be in the country. So that would not be an additional expense. But even factoring in that some things required by REAL ID are already being handled, the $40 to $70 million is over and above what we already do!!!
3. The Real ID is an invasion of privacy. Why should so much personal information be compiled on one place for so many people to have access to?

* medical history
* social security number
* insurance information

4. The Real ID increases the risk of Identity Theft. Identity theft is a major problem in Arizona already. Throwing everyone's personal information ­ including social security numbers, birth dates, medical information, driver's license and auto licensing information, etc. ­ into one massive data base just makes it easier for identity thieves to harvest identities for fraudulent purposes. The Real ID requires all Arizona driver's license information to be compiled with all the information for the other 49 states and the District of Columbia into one massive database that will be accessible by thousands of clerks and government employees throughout the country. This is a horrendous idea ­ an invitation to identity theft on a massive scale.

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18 Jun 2008 @ 05:35 by Catherine @ : RF tags in identity cards
Hello Karen,
I want to share with you the latest about wireless ID theft. Most folks haven't heard about the newest type of high tech ID theft....called wireless skimming, RFID phishing, or wireless pickpockets who steal from the RF tagged cards people carry. Most people don't know their debit and credit cards, door access cards, employee badges and the new REAL ID drivers' licenses all have RF tags in them. Now that it looks like the REAL ID Act is on hold (for now) did you know the Social Security Admin wants to issue new cards with RF tags in them too?

These radio-frequency tags can be activated remotely with an antenna, and the information kept on those cards can then be captured cloned and stolen.

We've been on the TV news three times since we launched in Dec 2007.
Right after this one aired, we found out Chase bought their own RF shield company!




Please see our commercial...


Please contact me if you have any questions! We are working with the Gilbert P.D. to help demonstrate how easy this new type of theft is. I am trying to get Gov Napolitano to issue an "ID Theft Prevention Week" for Arizonans and am putting together a list of speakers, including the AG's office to talk about this issue. We would be delighted if you would join the list of speakers, since you are outspoken already on this issue! Thank you!  

18 Jun 2008 @ 05:42 by mortimer : there you go
you got the invite Bushman.

search engines pick up NCN posts super quick, you are already google ranked number 7 {http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Prohibition+On+Real+ID&btnG=Search}  

18 Jun 2008 @ 07:14 by bushman : Ya,
Thats why I posted it here, although the invite is for Karen, 1 of our senators. I dont think they want to hear from a gardener on the issue. I am totaly against any kind of citizen tracking though. And Im not too happy with the idea of digital TV conversion boxes that "might" be able to monitor your TV viewing habbits, I mean, thinking why it's manditory to end all TV UHF/VHF broadcasting and then the gov giving you a $40.00 discount card to buy a conversion box. :}  

18 Jun 2008 @ 13:43 by Laurent @ : Another point of view...

I am always glad to see both point of view, but it is interresting the way some against the REAL ID act just want to show us part of the facts. I would like to expose some others...

Yes, it cost to immplement the new ID program, and yes it is a "de facto" national ID card. And!? You are ALREADY tagged: SS#, IP address, credit cards (the worst!), your ADT billing... Those information are already tracking you, you are already a number for government, but you don't get any benefit from it!

There is a real issue for governability to know who you are governing. For citizen, it is important to have rights, also duties, and it is key for a citizen to be recognize as one: you want to vote? You want relief effort bonds to be spent equitaly in New Orleans or Iowa? To who the government is actually giving away tax money!?

When law enforcement is today looking for multiple rappest and killer in Miami Beach, Florida, and we just have few information and description from one poor lady who could escape (the only one), to have the national ID in place will be more than helpful to secure this crazy guy.

Johnson says "...terrorists will forge documents ­as they always have­ to obtain the identification they want to commit crimes." Yes, not only terrorists, criminals generaly speaking, but local and federal Goverment will be able to track them down through biometric information. With biometric, you don't need nor care about the alfanumeric information: what you seek is unicity in your database. That's the perfect way to protect our SS# for exemple!!! Everytime someone wants to acces a SS#, he must put is iris or fingerprint: only the right owner of the SS# can use the information and # ! ! ! Card is just the reflection of the central database, for persons to cary with them.

Just two little exemples in many for security.

Note that also the decrease in expenses done in social efforts, welfare, reliefs bonds, etc., will more than largely compensate the identification program. In fact, New York State was able to refund the expense in is biometric Welfare program in less than 6 months after implementation (started in 1999), just stoping fraud pays!!! And that is a permament saving for tax payers and State budget, year after year.

It makes me laught when I read: "Corporations which specialize in selling identity cards stand to gain millions of dollars in profits if the Real ID Act is implemented." Is it a joke!? Corporations which specialize in id cards already make them, and we secure some US jobs - because REAL ID act oblige to have everything in house. Also, today, taking advantage of the lack of security in identification, mafias make more than 2B$ (Interpol stats from 2007) thanks to id forge.

At the end, the only real issue is that Federal Govt is asking States Govt and citizens to pay a little more for the implementation of a better security system to secure the US... And our local legislator doesn't like to ask for money to their voters.


A French guy, who just admire and love the US  

18 Jun 2008 @ 14:19 by mortimer : you think were stupid?
""Just two little exemples in many for security.""

Your shallow attempt to down play things tells all.  

18 Jun 2008 @ 17:43 by bushman : Old Quot,
"Those that would give up freedoms for safety and security, deserve neither" This why we still have guns here in the USA. Real ID is way different than the SS card in that it can be scanned when you walk thru any doorway or sensor, maybe even by satlite, granted that if you carry a cellphone it can do the same thru GPS, its just none of the govs business what stores I go to or where I decide to drive to for a vacation. Since I dont have credit cards or bank accounts, or even use my SS#.

I pitty the fool who would try to steal my ID, lol.  

9 Jul 2008 @ 16:41 by skookum : no kidding
a gal near my own age at my reiki group.. couldn't see anything wrong with having a chip put in people ..

I was speechless... no way I could explain it, her blank, innocent expression told me all

very nice lady...too trusting..

part of me doesn't want a cell phone either.. like I want people to know where I am all the time????  

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