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1 Mar 2008 @ 04:28, by Anthony Marsh

Heres a vid of a reporter getting hit by the non-lethal Ray Gun, probably on its lowest setting. I think this report will be on TVs 60 minets show tomarrow sunday.

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6 Mar 2008 @ 16:49 by vaxen : Yeah...
I think it was on 60 minutes the other night as well. What they aren't telling you is how many people died getting to the point of controllability nor exactly why this isn't being used in Iraq, or anywhere else in the wide world, and just what the future plans are for the citizens of this country when all hell breaks lose.

They aren't interested in the nerve damage this hitech piece of crap will casue and in a few years more there will be a mini model...set your phaser to stun...that will be deployed in every fascist police department on the new earth.

Yes, no mention of what the damned thing does on higer settings...

But we know. Eventually there will be an outcry, not before it is too late which it already is, for Congressional oversight of such 'soft weaponry' which is being readied for the American Revolution and this l;ittle piece of crap is just the very tip of the iceberg.

Total control...24/7 and if you step out of line you get zapped by the lazer guns mounted on the new sattelites orbitting a once free earth. The aliens have landed and they are governing the land and wiping out humans worldwide with little or no resistance. Viva Le France!  

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