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8 Feb 2007 @ 01:46, by Anthony Marsh

On Coast to Coast show they talked about artifacts found in North American Indian Mounds.

Glenn Kinball's site:

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9 Feb 2007 @ 07:27 by rayon : Faking fossils?
yes the mounds too around St Louis are very interesting, and always wondered why there was not more spoken on them, and that most of them were just cleared away!!

Dear Bushman, you are aware of the trade and industry in fake historic artefacts are you not? No wishes whatever to spoil anyone's day here. Some famous people have turned the course of Human developmental history by "Faking Fossils", Pitdown Man was one by Teillard de Chardin, from Wiki

" Teilhard de Chardin has been alleged by some commentators to have been a participant in the Piltdown Man hoax. He did work at the site in 1913 on the dig at which the fraudulent items were "discovered," but the allegation of Teilhard's participation in this has been discredited by a number of historians."

But also please can I refer you to his entire entry in Wiki, as some interesting statements have been made since by people crediting his work to be the inspiration of several very modern and current ideas, of which I know you know.

You hold I know a certain view of things from his general department, but thats not my fault, please do not shoot the messenger here. Just backing up my suggestion re Faked Fossils with one example.

The reason, Bushman ( the best name at NCN ), for my inclination to this assertion of mine, is that each of the artefacts you depict very nicely in clear pictures, is centrally placed conveniently on each piece of stone or whatever. None are partially broken. Also they appear to made on the identical type of stone and also they could be works of two at the most different hands, being so similar in style too. If you see what I mean here.

We know, and sympathise, that the US would love to have direct connection to the ancient world. Huge new buziness opportunities here!!

And actually, there is no reason for the Egyptians not getting to America or being the original Native Americans, except through DNA. I do not think they are from Egypt. The Victorians changed the colour of Ancient Egyptians to be white because it was non PC to have clever forebears who were black!! this is official, but rarely referred to!! So you see what I am getting at here.

But I still agree that the Ancients could have got to America. More likely that the Hittittes or Dorians from an Indo European descent with trireme like boats got to the US (tanned with straight hair and fairly handsome and beautiful too) also with loin cloths and head bands. I have decided that the Greek statues of men with head bands were there to squash down the hair to hide incipient baldness (refer to statues and see).

So maybe someone else has a comment to make here? Meanwhile a direct link to Teillard De Chardin for all your hard work!!


A very interesting guy who sticks around, wonder what you think? What I wouldn't give to be near a mountain cave right now looking out at the view and drawing pics in the sand, and just chilling!! hoping to find a fossil or two.


9 Feb 2007 @ 13:12 by bushman : Yes,
And accually these finds, are contested, especialy this one, some of the pics on the show were from the "treasure trove in Illinios" But they are calling the carvings, tablets, not the same as the ica stones, deplicting man rideing dinosars. Pretty hard to fake gold statues and roman/phonician coinage. Thing is, if I was in charge, knowing, that a find like this might put too much presure on gov and the church. USA dosn't want to give up the colubus history. Like why the call our govs base, DC, district of columbia. It kind of tells me that there was a nation named columbia, who refound north america. We don't know what happened really to all those anciant nations, we just know that atlantis and lumeria were destroyed. We also know that its the navys that would survive world caticlisims, being out at sea and all. Still, just the hopi stories tell of this , and according to them, half went underground and half went with so called star people, when the last earth changes took place. Same deal, I had asked the question before, "if the anciants saw the comet we just saw, comet mc naught, how would they write/tell about it? Then also there is this 300 foot deep layering all over the earth, and in that layer seems to be where man had dug huge underground catacombs, you can go there and see, Italy, jordan, many places world wide, these underground cities are in the same layer of rock. Im more inclined to believe that there was a world wide trade going on, and it seems that past nations came to north america for copper and other metals, and traded for it. I still think the stuff I find out here are the remnants of the working class of that time, and then the survivors tribed up and this is the history we know, of how native american life was, after the earth change that took place. Our scientists, cant and wont believe that maybe the atlantic ocean opened up over night, and that in the time of atlantis, north america was so much closer to europe and the mediterainian sea. Then the India texts, are real in my book, and tell of the advacment of man way back when. I think it was as modern as it is now, and seems this is the time frame of human advancement, just when we got it all, the earth changes. Like now, you can go to any store and get some mass produced art/goods, whos to say that it wasnt the same back then? I have proof that there was one native american lady out here who made most the pottery here, even some of her stuff made it clear to canada, she was mass producing, the proof being finger prints in the clay. As far as DNA goes, I could say there was plenty of mixing going on way back when as it does today. One thing I find most facinating is the words and religious stuff the native americans use still today, it all crosses over to the people from India, thier words for stuff. The drawings of flying craft, and what we would do today, like, putting a millitary base in other lands, they did that here, and then go on to say that they had been building a huge city here, that got destroyed during construction by a big rock that fell out of the sky. The site was abandoned, but was still called Baboquivari, then was lost over time, yet the natives in the area, made it forbiden land and killed anyone that tryed to come here. Im thinking they had a refuling station here, just as they do today at the local airport for the millitary. Almost in the same spot. I got your cave, just getting into it without falling to your death is the hard part. But it can be done with proper gear and the right people, people who wont move anything or take it. I expect to find tools down there, the story says that the city was almost finished, so this tells me they never got the chance to clear out thier digging equipment, and as well its easy to see they were mineing something from here, in a grand scale, my guess it was mercury from gold deposits. Mercury is said to power the vermana craft that the India indians flew and is explained in the India texts, then put that with the purity of the so called lost dutchman gold, the purest gold ever found, the only way that could happen is if the gold was a by product of extracting the mercury. There is a petroglyph not far from here , telling of this place, and they got the entrance to the mine, marked with a scorpian, that suposedly means , bad air or poison gas, and the cave opening is coated with this black stuff, it could just be soot from a fire, or black mold, but its too uniform a coating to be black mold, so its more likly to be soot from consecutive camp fires, or its accualy mercury oxide, from the smelting of gold and recovery of the metalic mercury. If it was me, and my ship ran on mercury, and it was a millitary thing, all the smelting would take place in the mine, and then I would station my native gaurds around as a ruse to help hide the smoke plume by having small camps around makeing smoke too, they obviously wanted to keep this place a secret. So it became the myth, the jesuits found the gold, the spainiards tryed to find it, but never did. The lost cities of cibola, they used to suround a lake with a mountain that came up in the middle. I have found 2 of these so called golden cities, on the outskirts, they are very odd in that thy are built with a very sparkly gold sandstone, a stone that you just dont find in the red layers, and I still havent found where they got that peticular color stone from. But there is a map from spain that does show the lake and the cities. But its still shown as a mythical place on the map. Theres so much more puzzle pieces, but I think once I get into the cave, Ill find the rest of the pieces.
Pic of the map.

12 Feb 2007 @ 05:52 by skookum : within the sands of time
there are grains of truth  

13 Feb 2007 @ 15:45 by rayon : Yes, muchmore difficult
keeping track of the history of one place, influences from here and there. Always good to find something, means more than anything else. Take care in that cave expedition, sounds a bit risky to me.  

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